Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Golden State Warriors NBA Highlights

The Los Angeles Lakers take on the defending NBA champions, Golden State Warriors in a game with historic significance. It’s a tale of two teams, with the floundering Lakers hoping to gain some traction going against the hottest — and most unstoppable — squad in the league.

For the Warriors, this is a chance to put themselves in the record books, as a win would make them 16-0 and give them the best start in league history. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are sure to be locked in with that kind of notoriety at stake.

Forย the Lakers, losers of their last three and 2-11 overall, Tuesday’s nationally televised matchup has to feel something like a public execution. They are expected to go to Oakland and play the role of the Washington Generals, giving just enough resistance to allow the talented and exciting Warriors to put on a show. It’s going to be an excellent test of the young Lakers resolve; if they can maintain their composure in the face of such overwhelming odds, they just may surprise some people.

For the past two games, the young trio of D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle have done much of the heavy lifting for Los Angeles. Russell in particular has been improving every game, and after taking on Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday, he will have to raise his game once more to deal with reigning-MVP Steph Curry.

The Warriors may be the heavy favorite, but the Lakers will surely relish the opportunity to play spoiler in front of a national audience. Check out the highlights below:

If the lakers win wouldn’t that be something, I have a funny feeling we will prevail.

  • Congratulations, Warriors on the win and 16-0 record to start the season! Hopefully BS gets fired after tonight’s loss.

  • Hahahahahaha! for the love of our Lakers I accept , show me your odds. and whatever it is where on!

  • Not! but have to admit Byron is on a roll , ok lets not count tonights game.

  • Not necessarily losing to GS, just the pitiful 2-12 record and the general direction of the team. Who knows, when we lose by 50+ it might actually happen.

  • A more fair bet would be whether the Lakers lose by over or under 30 points

  • Upshaw looks real bad. I certainly bought into the hype. The D-League certainly is not catered to his style of play, but I can’t see him getting in the NBA for a few years, if at all. He’s still better than Sacre though, but that isn’t saying much.

  • On a side note, watching the Bulls vs Portland game. What a diff between the Bulls perimeter def and LAL. Night and Day.

  • His struggles in D-league have been surprising. Still he’s an interesting project, and he may have been worth it (or maybe not).

  • LA’s spread is +17-+18 , 10 points is good but predictions show LA losing 13 or more points.

  • I have faith , if we were to loose , probably 12 to 15 , say final score 97 to 110. But I’m still looking for an upset ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What the Hawks did to Boston will be worst than what the Warriors will do to LA

  • New NBA rule: First basket wins the game. The Lakers have a chance.
    Edit: Nevermind.

  • This ain’t going to be pretty, someone let me know when it’s all over….

  • Shout out to all the real LAL fans. Watching a 2-11 LAL team play a 15-0 team.

  • Are you guys watching the pregame show on TNT? I mean I know the Lakers aren’t going to win, but these guys are some f***ing tools. Talk about a circlejerk lmao.

  • Man, the guys on TNT specially Barkley are having fun with us. I’m sure we will win another championship before Barkley because he will not win any ring.

  • I recall oh so vividly how Barkley was bashing the Lakers back in the 07-08 season saying the same things how the Lakers sucked, then Bynum emerged and not long after that the Lakers traded for Gasol…. the rest was history.

  • He’s not. He’s a good player who can be a good piece in a championship team.

  • I don’t think we ever had a chance. It was over before the tipoff.

  • Yeah, that’s why Indy was so willing to get rid of him. He’s soft in the post, can’t rebound.

  • Whatever. He’s a 7 footer who grabs 6 rebounds a game, and has no post game. He’s weak.

  • Keys to competing.
    1. We have to contest every three point shot they take.
    2. Play tight man to man defense,
    3. if you have to give up 2’s ok but not 3’s
    4. We must out rebound them by 10+ rebounds.

  • & that’s why JC isn’t a PG. We need a back up. Idk if there’s an actual offense even set

  • You are no dumb, my friend. Indiana let him go because they wanna run more.

  • I’m glad this is happening lakers nation needs to see the talent gap between Russell and clarkson, he looks completely shook on this stage.

  • They rotate so well. Even when you have a mismatch, it’s impossible to get a good look.

  • So BS will keep this line up in and when we are down my 40 he might change it. Remember MAN UP team.

  • Thank somebody with some intelligence, JC is a horrible pg looks so unsure out there

  • Russel seemed confident early in the game, and Byron tooked him out. Why?

  • Warriors arent even playing outstanding defense right now tbh. Theyre just letting us kill ourselves

  • There should have been a big sign up at every Laker practice. NEVER LEAVE CURRY!

  • Fire Byron Scott! Too much ISO from everybody, Kobe to Brandon Bass. Never seen an ISO for Bass in the NBA before this season. So ugly

  • You said he’s a back up right? Clarkson needs to run the pg? Now you see

  • Wrong. They let him go because they didn’t wanna overpay a guy who is soft and weak. Do your research before you call someone names.

  • Klay was getting good look after good look. He would find a rhythm and then kill us.

  • No defense whatsoever. I really hope they’d fire Byron after this game, it’ll be so frustrating watching this team with him at the HC position for another 60 games.

  • We don’t appear to have a offensive scheme or the players are not following it. We do not look like we know what we are doing. Kobe wants to take them on by himself but he can’t , We are not attacking with strategy nor are we being aggressive , we seem lost or scared.

  • They need to get rid of Scott ASAP. The longer they wait the more he is going to hurt Russell.

  • Been saying this everybody just calls me a fanboy. It’s obvious JC isn’t a pg, it’s obvious there’s a difference between being selected 46th and 2nd.

  • Embarrassing. Brandon Bass is an idiot. December 15th can’t come quick enough.

  • He’s not being utilized properly like half the fvcking team! Guess whose fault is that?

  • I been saying that for so long. But people here been saying he’s a better PG than Russell. Idk why Scott benched him

  • Sit Kobe for the rest of the game so we don’t see any more fade chucks at the 3pt line. He can’t run with these young guns

  • Just play the young players… bench everyone else… We are not looking to win anyways

  • Actually Bass has had a solid bench career as a PF Not a Fing center BS is an idiot to put him there

  • Run Sacre at the point, the Warriors won’t have any idea what to do, it’s a master class move.

  • So Bustell can put a little effort in his play when they are on national tv yet any other time he looks slow and bored. Bunch of clowns deserve all the slander they will get after this game.

  • Remember last season when we were expecting trades to be made and nothing happened. Well, expect the same this season…

  • How is byron saying that we are getting beat by the little things? No Byron, we are getting beat on everything.

  • They went and signed 4 PFs and only have one true PG on the team. Mitch better make some trades.

  • This game and every game. JC is clearly better. Look around and wake up, everyone calls the kid a bust. Face facts that he sucks.

  • At this stage Kobe should run the point cause he can’t shoot anymore and Bustell sucks at getting the offense going.

  • Their second unit is better than our first. That’s how far we are from the Warriors today.

  • Also this team will improve on offense even though defense will still suck

  • Lmao you’re a joke and a groupie. Maybe Bustell should guard Curry since you know, he is the PG. Clarkson is the leading scorer and best player on this team along with having to guard Bustells man every night cause fat boy is too slow footed to guard ANYONE.

  • It’s obvious the FO planned to try to keep this top-three protected pick.

  • I just hope the the Sixers had a harder schedule for the reason they been losing all their games

  • After today Ben Simmons looks like the best #1 role player since Anthony Bennett.

  • Sixers lineup will look unstoppable

    C: Okafor
    PF: Embiid
    SF: Noel
    SG: Simmons

  • If we get Simmons through the next draft, our future first unit could be made up of drafted players except for the center position. Things change, guys.

  • Funny that GS having Curry on the floor chose to attack Russell and not use Curry to attack JC. Clearly that means Russell is the better defender, NOT

  • *You’re is the word you are looking for and that’s rich coming from a guy hating on JC who is currently our best player. Clown. Bustell gets laughed at by the entire league so you shouldn’t start talking about JC. Only fake fans pit players against each-other.

  • Wow ! We are even getting schooled by Livingston, they are on a basketball high.

  • Klay has been bad all year and it has nothing to do with Bustells bad defense.

  • So what? Get out the past. It’s 2015 and they are better than the Lakers by a longshot

  • Just like the Lakers this game, quit living in the past, you weren’t alive to see 16 of those rings

  • With the way Lakers FO handling things, I’ll bet the Spurs or Bulls would catch us in ring count. This is going to be a long championship drought

  • Is not the past. Is history.. And our last title was in 2010. Not so long ago

  • history is the past wtf you talking about? By definition history IS the past

  • Its a joke dude, point is watch out for a long drought. 10 years maybe

  • Forget the past. Move on. Look at the present. No excuse. Lakers are garbage right now.

    You really going to attend an NBA game and say, who cares, we still got 16 rings. Let’s celebrate. lol

  • That’s a lot of trade assets though. And this is not joke. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Our young core are all bad defenders. I don’t think we can have a mediocre defense with those three on the floor, no matter who we get.

  • A Bustell groupie talking about JC is bad. Oh the hilarity.

  • Just one game I know. I hear the same LBJ Tmac and LO. I hope the hype is justified

  • Simmons is a good defender and Roy is decent but we find a better defender than Roy that would be sweet

  • He was a PG last year, his rookie season and was MUCH BETTER than Bustell is.

  • I think we do….Pelicans beat the Rockets so they are above us if we are tie

  • Seems like Russel is being aggressive but his playmaking is not on display

  • One thing i hate most on this blog is when guys here starting to go against each other and hate our players. Call Russel of “bustell” is insane. The kid is showing talent righ now

  • That’s what I want to see as well. His scoring has started to grow, but not his facilitating.

  • That’s cuz Hibbert is stepping up to pick up the guards who are breaking down Laker guards. No help the helper

  • D’Angeslow Bustell actually resembles an NBA player today.

  • ok, Russel is legit PG, if you can’t tell kobe is holding him back, you are all blind..

  • Lou Williams, Russell, Clarkson, Randle, Hibbert need bigger minutes plus Kobe, Nance next….maybe Nick , we shouldn’t play any other player until we throw in the towel .

  • Thank you same dude saying that thinks I hate clarkson because I don’t think he’s a natural pg

  • Come JC gotta give us something tonight. I wanna see one of the Lakers get a hard foul & get a technical. Maybe they play better that way

  • Yes he was. He was also rookie of the month and first team all rookie, two honors that Bustell will not receive.

  • This is straight up painful to watch – weak screens if there are any – ZERO playmaking from Russell or any of our PGs – Kobe looks like he isnt strong enough to make his shots anymore – we always make the wrong switches on defense – roy hibbert is a tree – why byron puts Lou Will at the PG is beyond me – just a disaster

  • Randle is improving his shot, he has more arc to his shot. It is very encouraging to see.

  • Well Kobe has just blown two wide open Russell passes. So he can only do one side of things.

  • Kobe 1-9 shots. At this point if he stays healthy and plays 81 games, his career FG% would sink to 43%

  • See, even the Warriors can miss their shots with no ball movement and mediocre spacing.

  • BS playbook Play #4 — have Bass who cant play center because he is a PF hold the ball at the top of the key for 15 sec then get it to Kobe to jack up another miss 3

  • Lakers FO and the Buss family should read all the media news about the Lakers, the troll attacks on Lakers fans, and how Barkely smashes the Lakers on national television. Than maybe they will understand us fans.

    At this point Lakers tickets should be sold for 15 bucks….

  • Yeah, on the bright side though is the fact that he never makes comments

  • Can’t even be mad at clarkson today, Scott trying to use him like true pg smh

  • Two things to say.

    1 – People have to calm down at judge players. When a team is bad, players look. When a team is good, players look good.
    2 – Not bad second quarter. We win…

  • His legs are toast. No lift on none of his jumpers, and that easy layup he would make 10/10 times.

  • The worst thing about this game is that the Warriors are playing horrible and still winning by 16. Eventually those wide open shots are going to start to fall. I’d like to see Russell free of having Kobe Bryant playing with him, he has now blown two wide open shots from Russell ‘assists’. One, a freaking layup.

  • The money they don’t or can’t spend on elite players should sure be used to lower ticket prices

  • Oh, I know. I’m just wondering some Lakers fans in here thinking he’s gonna somehow get better during the season.

  • They need to play how they are playing in the 2nd quarter but since they started slow they need to start this 3rd aggressively and smart because one wrong move and the GSW will just run away with the W.

  • At this point in the season Russell needs to shake off people like Kobe demanding for the ball as soon as he crosses the line and just run the show so he can test his metal

  • Yep. But they greedy. “Oh we the Lakers we got 16 rings” that would be $300 bucks for front court seats? Oh you want to sit on Jack Nicholson’s seat? 1,000 bucks sir

  • if you take Kobe & Hibbert out, this is a very fast pace team, let Russel take over the team….

  • I know but you said you can’t wait like you were happy about it.

  • Agree with all of y’all. Russel needs to deny Kobe the ball. I understand he earned his privilege to take bad shots but soon he will earn his privilelage on being denied the ball because he is shooting the ball like if he was blindfolded.

  • I saw the exact same show almost three years ago in New Orleans at half time

  • Even when he doesn’t play, people here blame him. So yes, justified indeed

  • No you don’t. Anyone can take a bad shot, but if it’s Kobe, oh f*ck Kobe

  • For losing a game he doesn’t play? No….

    They will bring up his poor performance from another night tho

  • Seems we want to go in a diff direction with Russell. Doubt he’s a LAL next year.

  • If the Lakers want to show they’re committed to winning, Kobe should be waived – now, at halftime.

  • Other than Kobe, Williams is the only other shot bricker. But he can draw FTs

  • A few bad shots and no one would care. After about the 10th people get pissed.

  • People’s problem if they show no respect to the legacy of a Laker legend. I mean, don’t make me wrong, I don’t like what he achieves this season but hate him?

  • Agree the difference when Young takes a bad shot and when Kobe does is, Young gets hot and lands 3 consecutive 3s, but Kobe stinks up to 12 games lol

  • Idk games like this make me think they will just make the decision based on how he plays with Russell

  • Agreed better to trade him instead of letting him walk. Still it’s a dumb move since he proved himself.

  • You can’t trade for value since dollars have to match sign and trade after the season

  • We don’t hate Kobe we grew up idolizing him. Now he’s just painful to watch. He begs for the ball at all times just to miss it. I want him in full facilitator mode from now on. He’s such a great passer but he rather shoot bad shots now.

  • I think everyone respects Kobe’s legacy, however extremely disappointed and sad to see him perform now.

  • He’s 1-9, taken more shots than anyone else what exactly is there to love about him? This is Lakers Nation, not Kobe Nation.

  • We should really consider trading Russell instead. No defense = no championship, why waste time going down that road.

  • You almost have to include JC if you trade young or Lou B/c teams are trying to shed salaries and contracts

  • I just can’t see him as a championship caliber player as starter. He will be fine in this league, put numbers year after year. But i can’t build a champp team with him as a key piece

  • You can hate someone you like, but I wouldn’t say Lakers fans hate him as a whole, Kobe will get the cheers when his jersey is hanged along with Kareem, West, Magic, Shaq’s jersey etc.

    Right now its frustration to see him play

  • so painful to watch lakers play like a shxt…BS really terrible as a coach…..

  • As a third option you don’t see him? Remember you got to play d to with champ and he will end up being the best def of the three.

  • Everyone is aware that he’s old and sucks now, but seriously this is just seems like hate on this site. Exactly, I know this is LakersNation, yet only comments dissing Kobe. Whatever, Kobe’s fault every game, I don’t care

  • Wow! Let the kid grow. Based on your way of thinking, why should the Warriors have kept Curry?!

  • Kobe bad shots always lead to long rebounds & the opponents always go on fast breaks

  • IDK why you guys want to rid him. Keep him, he has star potential

  • Did anyone hear Luke Walton talking to his team in the huddle on TNT? He said, we are getting some wide open looks, but it’s still seeming slightly selfish. Can you imagine him trying to coach this team of selfish ball hogs and shot jackers.

  • Even when Cousins put out great numbers, the Kings lose. What’s the obsession with Cousin?! The only big guy I’d make a crazy trade for is Davis.

  • Nah they want to get something valuable for him. A lot of teams would want him, but I would keep Clarkson.

  • Seems like the FO is on Russell’s nuts so you kind of have to move him.

  • And that’s why people get on Kobe. You have a 7 footer on you, but you shoot a 3 and airball it?

  • Does Kobe ever wake up and say “wow, I’m hurting my stat sheet” or does he not care about those numbers?

  • What is this talk about trading Clarkson? Yall are crazy. They need to gain chemistry.
    Next year Russell should be able to attack more, Randle has added a jumpshot, Clarkson has refined his skills…we’ll be fine. IMO Lakers should take Ingram over Simmons. We need a knock down shooter to space the floor.

  • LOL sarcasm? If Kobe didn’t suck or took a lessor role the sh*t talking wouldn’t be here.

  • They are actually daring Kobe to shoot now, that’s when you know it’s over.

  • Kobe doesn’t even care no more. Sit him down Scott. Better yet, sit him out for the season. This is painful to watch.

  • Only way ti ensure we kkep that pick is if we finish with the worst record in the league. And how could we be worse than the tanking, rookie-filled Sixers?

  • Last year Lakers beat Warriors and lost a close 2nd game. What is the difference in this year Lakers?

  • I don’t understand your comment? Warrior out hustle everyone….

  • The Sparks would give the Warriors a better game – and that is NOT a joke.

  • Sixers had a harder schedule though, and as of now we’re the 2nd worst

  • Kobe should retire, this is embarrassing for him. Shooting 7 percent.

  • I could do a better job then Kobe is today. This is not his best game, by far.

    What bothers me is that he knows it and he is taking stupid shots, move in to the post, post people up, shoot your fadaway, and jump shots and lay-up , not 20 ft shots, or 23 fts shots. Do not force what is not working.

  • when a team has a huge lead, and still playing harder than us.. then you know what is wrong with the picture.

  • The people saying trade Clarkson must have read that article on Bleacher Report about every teams best trade assets

  • True, but as of right now they will be number 1 and we will be number 2.

    So at worst we might move down by 1 and still keep or pick if another team leaps frog us
    We keep the 2nd pick and select someone else other than Simmons
    The best thing to happen we one up the 76ers and get Simmons

    But as of now, our pick is safe

  • If Byron Scott is still our head coach at the end of the week, I’m done watching games this season.

  • I wonder when the players will stop playing for Scott just like what happen in Denver to Shaw

  • Exactly! They have a huge lead because they play harder than us, also the other team is trying to make history, and on top of that the losing team getting beat by 20 plus points would feel discouraged. So I really don’t get it…

  • Let them stay, Curry is on my Fantasy team and I need him to rack up some assist.

  • He’s a joke now. Hate to even say that about an All Time Great, but this is just too painful to watch.

  • Last year Lakers beat the Warriors one game and came close a second time. What changed?

  • Anyone notice that the Warriors are actually giving Kobe all the room in the world and daring him to shoot? If Luke Walton has recommended that, he is quite the tactician.

  • Bass is garbage. We’re developing. Bring in AB, Nance, & black. Let’s develop sacre so we don’t see Bass anymore

  • I have no idea why Bass is in there. At least BS should put Nance in.

  • if you are down, you suppose to play harder.. not waving the white flag…..I guess they can still sit by the court side like Sacre and collecting checks…Just another L to them..

  • Trey, BS will be our coach until the end of this season. All we can win this season is a top pick. But if BS is still our head coach next season, I’ll be done watching the Lakers with you.

  • Jordan didn’t even sucked this bad, check out Jordan’s stats on the Wiz. He averaged 45%. Kobe’s career average is 45% lol

  • when facing top tier team, your offence will struggle, now we can see what JC can do when the team take away his shots..

  • I want to feel bad for Kobe but ok, 4 shots were shot clock bail outs. But still you would be 1 for 10 these are bad shots kob, what are you thinking man??

  • When they played without Bass and Bryant, they were actually rallying with the younger squad

  • They are not running any plays for him. He’s probably the #4 option on the offense.

  • Lmao, the TNT crew isn’t even breaking down the game and talking about it. They are just fooling around. A 2hr Shaqtin A’Fool would’ve been more entertaining than watching JC and Kobes brickfest right now

  • lmao, i think Sacre might be a better defensive option.Lets throw in the towel and put Huertas, Brown, MWP, Nance, Black.

  • You’re not wrong, but basic psychology would say that what you are seeing from the enemy is demoralizing

  • Ben Simmons went 20-20 the last game he played. But under Byron, he’d be riding the pine because he hasnt earned any “privileges”

  • nick young is the most consistent player we have this season and has only 9 minutes on the court while kobe is the worst player and he’s playing 35 minutes a game. goos job scott

  • lakers, let’s try to cut the deficit down to 18~20 before end of the game

  • Really comparing him to MJ really? He hasn’t even done much compared to Kobe or Bron

  • When they became the NBA champs who are on a mission to dethrone the Bulls for the best NBA season record

  • And the saddest thing is that some people in here think that just changing player rotations for the Lakers will make a difference.

  • what do you care shouldn’t you be more worried about why lin is warming up kemba’s seat?

  • Um, they’re talking about shooting. And yes, Curry is a way better shooter than MJ. It’s not even close.

  • Thank you. I know he’s the NBA’s golden boy right now, but let’s not get crazy lol.

  • Byron PLAY THE KIDS. We have no chance of being competitive. Call up Brown and Upshaw, trade Bass and Lou for a solid pg & draft pick, and play Black.

    Russell/ pg

  • No need to play Kobe anymore this game. Let Russell lead the rest of the game.

  • This offense is so dumb it just involves 5 passes a screen that results in a ISO, Scott your times is up!

  • Jordan wasn’t even a 3pt specialist. I don’t think we can compare the two. Curry is like the more advance Steve Nash when it comes to 3pt shots.

    I bet Curry can out shoot 3s in a game of horse against prime Ray Allen

  • please gm mitch fire him byron scott because he not serious on coach job anymore please do not want see losing la lakers games

  • I want to see Russell, Clarkson, Young, Nance and Randle close this game out for the whole 12

  • Upshaw is not on the team and have you seen how bad he has played for the D-fenders.

  • Disgraceful performances tonight from the boys especially Kobe. If you can’t play anymore then retire. Its getting pathetic. 1-15 is just sad

  • Yep Clakson’s FG% and 3pt% has been great this season. Glad to see this kid show up, but tonight he is struggling

  • Curry is the best shooter even. They were comparing him in terms of greatness.

  • So all in all, you don’t see the FO offer a contract to JC? Most of you see him on the trade block? What about a five-year, 50M deal?

  • We need those numbers on this team, reminds me of Lebron. Scoring and passing as a foward with intense athleticism

  • I love Curry’s game. But let me be clear here. Lebron James still the best player in the game.

  • Just in general, how the analysts talk about him. Maybe it’s different for me cause I live in the bay and hear it all the time, but it’s ridiculous how some of these guys are.

  • That is a very reasonable contract. The problem is another team will most likely give him a max (4yr, 57mil).

  • He’s done better than Bass. I think he could learn from Hibbert and Metta. This kid only needs to play solid defense and rebound.

  • mind your own business, if you want lin fans coming here talking ish thats on you I’m more than willing to have a smack off with them

  • And some Laker fans really think KD or any other big time FA wants to come to this mess right now? SMH

  • He’s UFA after this season. Sorry, RFA, my bad. No qualifying offer though?

  • He’s the hottest thing going in the NBA on the best team. The Media and Analyst are gonna eat it up until someone does something about it, or he cools off.

  • I don’t know this year’s Lebron isn’t the best Lebron compare to a few years ago. Lebron is slowly going down the peak. But obviously hes’ still great

  • I think if we offer him that he will just accept a max offer from someone else.

  • hes a RFA after this season and with the cap going up they don’t want to go over $10 per so he “might” have to be traded to acquire a guy like Boogie….. but thats one of the few guys I would trade JC for….

  • No way LJ’s better than Curry offensively. Overall, I agree. Curry’s carrying the torch now for the league.

  • Last year’s team wasn’t great, but they were a group of vets superior to what the Lakers have now.

  • why aren’t all the kids out there in this blowout getting playing time??? effe BS I’m officially on the he needs to go train…

  • So you think Lebron is still in his peak? No….He’s still great, just like Kobe was great in 2011 and 2012 but 2011 and 2012 wasn’t Kobe’s peak years. Think of a bell curve

  • Ok, I know there’s a HUGE difference in talent level between these two teams, but losing a game in the first quarter is unacceptable. #FireByronScott #Please

  • When Nick young is your best perimeter defender that’s how you know why this team struggles

  • I hope he doesn’t for his sake. No disrespect to the Lakers, but we are yrs awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • preaching defense = no defense, preaching ball movement = iso… great coaching Byron

  • Duhhh who didn’t. Lebron had good rebounds and assist but shot poorly. Prime Lebron exceled in FG%, assist, and rebounding. I’m starting to think that you don’t understand what “peak year” means.

    The Lebron that beated the Spurs and Thunders in the Final was a true beast, better than the current Lebron

  • RA is still the #1 Lin fan here, he is always the one to bring Lin’s name up..

  • Yes, we saw him shoot 38% and 35 shots to get 38 points. If this was Kobe, he would of gotten killed for that.

  • If only we could get Everyone to stop going to and watching games until this happens

  • we have talents, Russell & Randell both are all-star talents, nance jr can be a great utility player if we have the right coach to develop these young kids

  • is this what its come to for lin fans? celebrating laker losses cuz lin doesn’t give you anything to cheer about?

  • I already know what Byron is going to say post-game: ‘We need to play hard.’

  • I read an article at this point that NBA executives would rather chose Anthony Davis or Step Curry as their franchise superstar over Lebron currently. Even in Fantasy Draft Lebron is ranked 4th

  • Guys wanna win right now. We’ll get some 2nd or 3rd tier FA’s, but won’t be enough to turn this mess around.

  • Black > Bass, Sacre, Kelly

    Our Bigs Rotation should be Randle, Hibbert, Nance, Black.

  • You look at Kobe at the end of the bench not talking to anyone with that smug look, like he’s done anything. Time to retire bro been a great 20 years, not even sure your really trying to teach our young players anything.

  • You’d think they’d be able to make the deficit a little more respectable. But nope, it only grows.

  • there is no Hornets game tonight, I’m here to cheer for my buddies Ultimate and RA..

  • for all you idiots that cant tell this dude is trolling you, he’s a pathetic lintard

  • I’m taking a 22 yr old Davis over a bad back 31 yr old Lebron as well. He has played more basketball in the last 35 yrs than anyone. He’s still good, but on the downside of his career.

  • Said it since 2014, they need starting depth aside of better shooters. The end of next season can’t come fast enough which = Mitch’s end as GM (future VP tho).

  • Lakers will only get 5 wins this season to go along with Kobe’s 5 rings. I said it before this season began and so far it looks accurate.

  • He’s slowing down on regular season. Preserving his body to the playoffs

  • You said it man. No one is saying Lebron isn’t a superstar anymore, its just that Lebron WAS better, especially in his late years with the Cavs to him wining rings with the Heat

  • that’s what they wanted, tanking for another high draft picks..
    and Kobe will finally gone after this season, no more 1-14 night..

  • Things could be worse though, we could be following the Charlotte Hornets lol.

  • I think Mark Madsen would be great in the FO. Maybe the head of Basketball Operations…

  • Anybody else notice Black is giving us better numbers in a few minutes then Bass in a whole game

  • cause I went to check the Lakers score and laughed and had to go here to laugh again

  • these idiots celebrate when laker and rockets lose, next year you can add the hornets to that list

  • no its the truth kobe is not good enough to carry a team anymore and this team needs him to do so. hes not good enough for that he should just fake an injury and retire

  • hornet fans dont even like you, I’ve read their comments on the hive didn’t they kick you out?

  • Lakers FO doesn’t know how to set up and pair their roster with the right coach. Dwight, Pau, and Kobe would have been perfect for Phil. Lin and the current Lakers would be better with D’Antoni

  • If Lin leaves the Hornets, but if he doesn’t then Hornets won’t be on that list

  • FO wanted Phil, but Kobe wanted D’Antoni, Kobe won since he runs the Lakers.

  • Bass can’t catch, defend, shoot, or block. Kobe can’t shoot anymore. Scott can’t coach

  • I agree with you there. It’s painful watching him out there now. He looks likes he doesn’t care no more.

  • Rockets fired McHale with a decent record, how come Lakers haven’t fired Byron at 2-12? Not defending McHale in anyway. Just baffled at how slow Lakers FO is.

  • i dont really think he does care anymore. i still stand by him being a nba player on a great team but thats not this lakers

  • Nope it’s 100% right, Kobe also told TNT that he would get more playing time under D’Antoni.

  • They didn’t have a good record, that’s why they fired him. They were supposed to Contenders again this year, but they look like 6th or 7th seed right now.

  • ya but I don’t really stalk individuals here. I just like to post stuff to all the Lakers fans who doubted Lin.

  • You must have pulled your pants down and saw in between your legs. Don’t worry I would have laughed too.

  • Trevor’s Lane’s Vine uploads are slowing the F out of this page. Best to roll with those vine’s that activate when one toggles (w/mouse) towards posted Vine. That’s with 6 GB’s of memory.

  • Get use to it. Of course they will beat some good teams during the long NBA season, but there will be a lot of nights like this as well.

  • The young guys should be playing this, but of course Byron is beyond retarded.

  • Kupchak and Jim Buss have equal blame putting together this ridiculous roster. I wanted to hold out some hope that they saw something in Russell that nobody else saw, but this kid is just too slow. You can’t rely on a pick every time you want to try and drive to the basket. That’s just ridiculous, even for a rookie.

  • The D-League is a player graveyard. 99% of the players they send down to the d-league never get any better.

  • I can’t wait until Lin and the Hornets play against Lakers this season. I bet Kobe will sit out just to save himself from being embarrassed by Lin.

    Either way, Lin will embarrass Byron Scott.

  • ya but Byron Scott is 2-12. I guess Lakers FO is tanking again so they will keep Byron for one more season.

  • Warriors’ highlights right? We don’t have any after getting our a**es handed to us

  • It’s a hard pill to swallow with all the options the Lakers had available to them with the #2 pick. If nobody sets a pick for Russell he won’t even try to drive to the basket.

  • Dodgers made the postseasons yet they still fired Don Mattingly, Lakers had the worst season in the team history, yet Scott is still coaching..

  • this season will be worse than last season. And the only fault is Byron coaching and Lakers losing their 4 top players from last season.

  • I saw him playing good D too, but I honestly don’t believe Curry was trying all that hard out there. He could have shook Russell and reached the basket pretty easily if he wanted to.

    The problem I have with Russell now is his unwillingness to try and drive without someone setting a pick for him. He relies on a pick EVERYTIME he wants to try and drive. It’s ridiculous. There’s no upside to a guy who has to use picks like that.

  • Kemba saved the game in 4th but Lin won it in OT. And the 22 pt deficit had nothing to do with Lin. He wasn’t playing in 3rd qtr.

  • Smh if only the CP3 trade went through the Lakers, CP3 finally would have won a ring

  • This Lakers team will make anyone look like garbage. Lou was 6th man of the year just LAST year and now he’s shooting 33% from the field. That’s all Byron Scott.

  • The West is slowly declining. If the Lakers can develop the young 3, and possibly add another in this year’s draft it won’t be that far.

  • Lin fans or not, We are all here to talk about the Lakers, why you have to bring Lin’s name up?

  • I said it last season when some of you guys were rooting to tank for picks while I was hoping Byron would play Lin and Ed Davis more to turn the season over. Tanking will not help your team in the short run. Did your new pick Russell turn the team around? No.

    The only thing that will save the Lakers is if good veteran players actually want to play for your team. And you also need team chemistry and a good coach. Lin was the glue for the Lakers last season but Byron used him sparingly.

  • Man you aren’t here to talk about the Lakers, you are here to gloat and for schadenfreude reasons, just like how you go on to the Rockets site when they lose.

  • *the head of the snake
    I though Scott likes Price a lot, why Lakers didn’t get him back? Sun signed him for less than $1M

  • the problem was that we did have good talent last season. Fans here were not acknowledging it though but rather blamed players instead of blaming the coach. I blamed the coach pretty early last season. In fact, I knew Byron sucked starting preseason of last season.

    I was optimistic about Lin and other players like Ed Davis running the team but it never was allowed. Too much politics in Laker land.

  • Nope. but speaking of Rockets, man they are really bad now.. looks like D12 will opt out again after this season.

  • Lakers last year were fun to watch at least, they didn’t win a lot but they lost in close games, and the bench always out score opp. teams benchs..

  • Yes, last season was a crap sandwich with slices of ham and cheese, this season the ham and cheese is replaced with anchovies and broccoli.

  • They are clearly tanking again, Rockets started the year 5-7 and they fired McHale right away, I don’t understand why Scott is still coaching..

  • maybe they need to start investing their money into a good coach instead of tanking for picks.

  • Btw you should also change your username. This also isn’t going to happen.

  • Saric-Ingram-Noel-Embiid-Okafor presenting the ultimate BIG BALL will beat the gsw small ball by 50 pts lol hahahhah

  • The Rockets have higher expectations coming off a WCF appearance. There roster is better also, unfortunately Byron isn’t going anywhere that would mean the Lakers FO made another mistake. Also they can’t fire there own it would go against Laker pride. Sucks we as fans just have to ride this out I guess.

  • A few mysteries:

    Given Lin is gone, why
    1) are Lakers still soft, if not softer?
    2) are Lakers even worse?
    3) are guys still criticizing our great coach in Scott and our greatest of the greats, I thought those were Lin fans?

  • Kobe needs to retire, it’s just plain to see, and I’ve always liked Kobe. Waive Sacre, he doesn’t play anyway, and trade Nick Young for draft picks, Bring up Holmes, Frazier, and Upshaw to fill the spots. If we’re going to develop, develop.

  • Lin became the scapegoat last year by some delusional fans in here plain and simple

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