Lakers Vs. Raptors Preview: L.A. Continues Road Trip In Toronto

After suffering a 111-91 blowout loss to the Detroit Pistons, the Los Angeles Lakers travel to face the Toronto Raptors on the second night of a back-to-back.

While Kobe Bryant (gastroenteritis) did not play in the fourth quarter, he is expected to play as his farewell tour continues. In addition, Nick Young will not be suspended for his altercation with Anthony Tolliver yesterday after receiving a Flagrant-2.

With the Lakers facing the Raptors, the two teams previously met on Nov. 20 at Staples Center. Julius Randle had a double-double and the Lakers stayed competitive, but eventually fell short in the fourth quarter.


Since Jonas Valanciunas suffered a broken hand against the Lakers, the Raptors have relied on a committee that features Bismack Biyombo and Lucas Nogueira. While Roy Hibbert and Julius Randle should control their matchups, the Lakers need to be aware of DeMarre Carroll. Although he is primarily known as a lockdown defender, Carroll can be a threat offensively and had 12 points in the first matchup in Los Angeles.


Raptors have one of the best backcourts in the entire league with Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. In the 112-109 loss to the Warriors, Lowry had a career-high night with 41 points to go along with three rebounds and seven assists. Following a 5-for-19 shooting game, DeRozan looks to rebound against his hometown team.

Keys to Victory:

Defend the Three: In the first meeting in Los Angeles, the difference in the game were three-pointers. While stats were even for the most part, the Raptors converted 15 threes on 45.5 percent shooting from beyond the arc. While the Raptors are not among the league leaders in three-point attempts, the Lakers will need to force long twos.

Ball Movement is Good: Despite having two facilitators in D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson, ball movement has been a constant issue this season. In the loss to the Pistons, the Lakers did not register their first assist until the second quarter. For the Lakers to have a chance in Toronto, ball movement has to be a priority.

Los Angeles Lakers (3-17) Vs. Toronto Raptors (12-9)
4:30 PM PST, December 7, 2015
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada
TV: TWC SportsNet
Radio: 710 ESPN (English) / 1330 ESPN (Spanish)

Raptors Projected Starting Lineup:
PG: Kyle Lowry
SG: DeMar DeRozan
SF: DeMarre Carroll
PF: Luis Scola
C: Bismack Biyombo

Key Reserves: PG: Cory Joseph, SF: Terrence Ross, PF: Patrick Patterson

Lakers Projected Starting Lineup:
PG: Jordan Clarkson
SG: Lou Williams
SF: Kobe Bryant
PF: Larry Nance Jr.
C: Roy Hibbert

Key Reserves: PG: D’Angelo Russell, PF: Julius Randle, PF: Brandon Bass

if la lakers keep better to make trades deal now and also i hope consider to fire byron scott now after this game

  • Isn’t it obvious that these slow starts are partially because the team is adjusting to Kobe, who doesn’t practice with them? And isn’t it obvious that if Kobe’s minutes were lowered down to 20-25 mins, then he would have more energy and be more efficient? Isn’t it obvious that if he didn’t need to rest so much then he would be able to participate a little more in practice? Isn’t it obvious that crowds on Kobe’s farewell tour would be just as happy with 20 mins as 35 mins? And isn’t it obvious that we all would rather see a well rested more efficient Kobe in his final season rather than the one we’re seeing now? Isn’t it obvious that this all obvious to everyone except B Scott?!? GEEZ!!

  • how about +25 for the Lakers 😉

    at least on my book the lakers is going to get a W 😀

  • I’m hating Kobe right now. I love him for all he he did, but now i hope he stop to play soon as possible. He already did all in his career, just don’t mess with our young core. Please

  • we did lose. no big deal like you just said we need to continue to improve.
    Kobe didn’t steal the show its still about the team basketball.
    I hope we keep getting better at running our offensive plays and defense too.
    Go Lakers!

  • I just losed my hope in Kobe Bryant. He’s playing for the fans and don’t give a damn for the team… The young kids are frustrated because of that, they just show that in their body language.
    But well. I’m excited for D’angelo and Randle.

  • I’m reduced to checking the box score. Went shopping instead of watching the Lakers get blown out again yesterday. I see Randle and Russell shot well but that’s about where the positives stop.

  • Are you really that excited for Russell? I mean he shot well I’ll give him that. But when are we going to start to see his assist numbers go up. Looks like he just focusing on scoring. Lakers took him 2 overall for his court vision and passing. When are we going to see improvement in that area?

  • It’s a matter of timing to me. BS should be fired in March so we start sending positive signals to free agents and we have 55% chance of keeping our pick.

  • It’s not like the player Russel passes the ball most did not have the worst field goal percentage in the league for a starter!

  • That’s exactly why I wanted Russel to play for the second unit at the begining of season. So he could be given more responsabilities, be forced to try to make the right decisions, etc. That’s what point guards do. Russel seems like Kobe’s pet in the first unit. And don’t tell me it’s instructive to play alongside a legend when all that legend is obsessed with is pleasing the crowd and enjoying his farewell tour instead of competing.

  • BS, play Kobe 5 min. If he bricks his first 3-4 shots sub him out, if he’s on then let him play. Rest of team looks hesitant to pass because ball sticks with Kobe, then they stand around looking disinterested while he dances around trying to get off an impossible shot.
    Young shoots 40+% & BS benches him – Kobe shoots under 30% & plays 35 min a game? What a coach!!

  • It’s clear this Laker team is tanking and using Kobe’s farewell to lessen blow. We can try to dissect their season, we can try to make sense out of it, every time I watch a game and see wrong coaching decisions made lead to one thing. So guys as a Laker Fan all we can do is sit back and see what unfolds next year or the months to come (in case someone wakes up) because this season is over. I just hope it was worth it because I’ve never seen basketball played this way, it’s sad how one of our great is going out this way , its sad he is allowing himself to be remembered this way or maybe thats the grand plan.

  • What is Scott doing? Love Kobe but he needs to be the one benched so AB can play. Randle & Russell been playing. JC been struggling so letting him play with Kobe isn’t helping him either. Maybe Scott will let Nick play & Russell’s assist will go up.

  • No hate here but I told folks the Kobe farewell tour is hindering the youth, and Scott is the ringmaster directing this circus.

  • This piece of **** Byron Scott needs to fired right NOW. Just why is he benching Russell and Randle? Even Russell himself said he was just starting to figure things out. This is sad and pathetic. I can’t even articulate how much I cannot stand BS right now.

    I honestly don’t know if I can keep supporting this organization if this is how things are going to continue. Everyone needs to sign the petition that’s up and get #FireByronScott trending on twitter.

  • Barely started watching, but from the rest of the comments I see BS continues to be an idiot.

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