Lamar to Refs: Where Normal Happens, Not Amazing

After each of their first five technical fouls, players and coaches will be charged $2,000. Increments follow after technicals 6-10 and 11-15, $3,000 and $4,000, respectively. Once a player reaches the dreaded technical No. 16, they’re suspended one game for every two technicals, along with a $5,000 fine for each.

While the players may have a harder time embracing the new rule, several coaches including Lakers coach Phil Jackson, didn’t think it was at all mal-intentioned.

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson yells at the referees during the first quarter against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center in Chicago on December 15, 2009. UPI/Brian Kersey Photo via Newscom

“I’d really like to see them clean up the post-foul activity by players,” Jackson said post-practice Friday. “I think it’s the right sentiment. Go on with it, rather than try to bargain or protest or create crowd sympathy by their activities. So I’m in concurrence with it.”

The behavior rarely gets them anywhere, changed calls only happen when during a combination of player reaction and replay availability—clock-based situations, buzzer beaters, out-of-bounds calls and the occasional meeting-of-the-minds between officials to decide on block/charge calls.

Baseball players understand there are things you don’t argue about with umpires, mainly called strikes and balls. There are also actions, like drawing the lines within the strike-zone over home-plate, generally accepted throughout the league as big no-no’s when it comes to challenging calls. Most players will grit their teeth or give the umpire a split-second glare before running the risk of getting tossed. Just the same they adjust, as NBA players will have to do barring the referees at least remain consistent with their technical calls.

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