Law and Order: Jackson v. Van Gundy Edition
Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy yells instructions to his team as they play the Toronto Raptors during first half NBA basketball action in Orlando, Florida November 12, 2010. REUTERS/Kevin Kolczynski (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

In 2005 then coach, Van Gundy was in a similar situation. After an 11-10 start to the season he abruptly retired stating the contrived line of wanting “to spend more time with his family.” Now this workaholic coach up and decided one day he had had enough and wanted to throw the ball around with his kids and go antiquing with his wife? I’m sure Riley’s comments during that summer of wanting to “take a little bit more of an active participation” with the team had nothing to do with it. Riley would go on to coach the team to its first championship.

So the idea that everyone in the media has speculated about but perhaps hadn’t verbally expressed it as Jackson did doesn’t make it ignorant as Van Gundy stated. Van Gundy has been victim to it before. Why wouldn’t it make sense to think that Riley is chomping at the bit to get his hands on this talented, yet disjointed, team and work his magic again to a championship? Riley’s ego demands it. If he pushed a seasoned coach like Van Gundy out of the way what chance would a young coach like Spoelstra stand?

I don’t know how much Van Gundy was compensated to get out of the way then and keep his mouth shut but it must’ve been a hefty amount. Now he’s defending his old organization against the common thoughts of common sense. There are no more whispers about the possibility of replacing the coach with Riles. It’s out in the open thanks to Jackson making waves like only he knows how; with blunt candor, either by design or habit, but someone has to react.

Stan Van Gundy took the bait and he’s guilty again. Case closed. “dun DUN”

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