Lakers News: LeBron James Agrees With Tracy McGrady That Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant Are More Skilled Than Him & Dwyane Wade
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With the Los Angeles Lakers season over, LeBron James has had plenty of time to check out the start of the NBA playoffs. The game of the weekend, and possibly the performance of the weekend, came from Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving as he and Kevin Durant had a thriller of a contest with the Boston Celtics.

Irving was absolutely unreal and although the Nets came up just short thanks to a Celtics buzzer-beater, the performance of him and Durant led to many wondering just where the duo stacks up to some of the others we have seen in the NBA. Obviously they don’t have the accolades of other great NBA duos, but in terms of pure skill level, there are few who can match them and as far as Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady is concerned, no one does.

In an appearance on the Club Shay Shay Podcast, McGrady says that neither Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen or LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are matching the skill of Durant and Irving:

“Without a doubt. Without a shadow of a doubt. I haven’t seen a pair, a duo that skilled since Mike and Pip? […] There’s no other dynamic duo that compares to KD and Kyrie. Even if you look at what LeBron and D-Wade was, skill-wise they still not touching them two boys.”

While that may lead to a debate amongst many, it won’t come from LeBron and Wade themselves as both took to Twitter to agree with McGrady’s declaration:

It is hard to disagree with this take as both Durant and Irving are truly one-of-a-kind players. Many would agree that Irving has not only the best handle of all time but also is the best below-the-rim finisher ever in addition to being a great 3-point shooter as well. Combined with Durant’s unbelievable shot-making ability and handle, but at seven feet tall, and it is truly a duo unlike any other in terms of pure basketball skill.

LeBron and Wade at their peak with the Miami Heat were unbelievable, but much of that also had to do with their otherworldly athleticism. And as McGrady and Shannon Sharpe discussed, Pippen’s offensive game is great, but not at the level of the other three.

James may believe he is the greatest player ever, but he has no problem recognizing the greatness of his peers as well. LeBron knows more than most how good Kyrie is so in this case his word holds plenty of weight.

James hints at Manningcast-style NBA show with Kyle Kuzma

James has been getting a lot of attention for his regular commentary since the NBA playoffs have kicked off and someone else who has been a regular on social media is his former Lakers teammate and NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma.

A Twitter user made a joke comparing LeBron and Kuzma to Peyton and Eli Manning whose Manning-cast during Monday Night Football this season quickly became one of the most popular viewing experiences. An NBA version would make a ton of sense and James and Kuzma both sounded open to the possibility.

Both LeBron and Kuzma reacted positively to that idea and considering James does own his own media company, it is something that he and his people could put together.

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