LeBron James Shouts Out Manti Te’o After Watching Netflix Documentary
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LeBron James is no stranger to the sports media world as he has been at the front of several impressive pieces of film and entertainment.

However, sports fans were recently given a closer look at the story of Manti Te’o, who was the victim of a catfishing incident. The two-part documentary titled “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” revisits the fiasco and how Te’o was impacted, namely how it placed a halt on his NFL career.

The two-hour documentary is well worth the watch, and James shouted out Te’o after viewing the program via his Twitter account:

Te’o was a well-decorated linebacker for Notre Dame who looked well on his way to a successful NFL career. However, that was all derailed after the tragic passing of his grandmother as well as his supposed girlfriend on the same day. Te’o was thrown for a loop before things came crashing down when he later found out that his girlfriend didn’t exist and instead had been catfished by someone pretending to be her.

At the time, some believed Te’o was in on the hoax though “Untold” debunks that theory and has made him a much more sympathetic figure in the public eye. James is just one of a mass following that has come out in support of Te’o since the documentary was released and for good reason considering just how wild the story evolved.

If there’s anything to take away from Te’o’s story, it’s that anyone can be a victim of a catfishing scandal when you’re not careful. The widespread support that’s come through, though, is encouraging to see, and hopefully, Te’o has been able to fully move on with his side of the story brought to light.

Jeanie Buss says LeBron James extension gives Lakers opportunity to contend

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While some might be skeptical about L.A.’s title hopes, Laker governor Jeanie Buss believes that James being around for the foreseeable future gives them a chance to truly contend for another championship.

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