Longtime Lakers’ Fan Honors “The Jersey” Through Artwork

Having grown up and lived in Southern California for his entire life, Morrison embodies every aspect of a Los Angeles artist. Not only seen through his undying love for the Lakers, but through his unique vision and style.

“The Los Angeles culture is awesome,” said Morrsion. “I’m an LA kid, I grew up surfing Malibu, and I’ve always been on the coast, so I’m all about the Lakers and the West Coast.”

While his appreciation for the Los Angeles culture plays a strong role in shaping his work, his roots in Los Angeles can be traced even through his college days, where he studied at Otis College of Art and Design (formerly located near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, Calif.).

“I’ve been painting for a long time,” Morrison said. “Back in the day, I went to the one in MacArthur Park, which was where the other school used to be. You could go to New York, Paris or LA during your four years, but I chose to stay here and that’s worked out really well and it has paid off being here.”

His “priceless” Lakers’ artwork has been on display at the Bo Bridges Gallery in Hermosa Beach, Calif. Bo Bridges, the gallery’s owner, has been kind enough to allow Morrison to showcase his work in the gallery.

If your interested in more of Rich Morrison’s artwork, e-mail him at rqmdesign@hotmail.com. Additionally, Bo Bridges Gallery is located at 1246 Hermosa Ave in Hermosa Beach, Calif. For more information on Bo and his gallery, visit www.bobridges.com.

– Photos Courtesy of Mackenzie O’Keefe

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