Los Angeles Lakers 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

The new year has finally arrived and the Los Angeles Lakers are preparing for another gruleing year of basketball.  The Lakers entered 2011 as two-time defending champions, but they still have a lot to improve apon.

Glancing back at NBA history, only a few teams have ever achieved the covated “three peat.” Many things must fall in place and a whole lot of luck is needed. The Lakers’ nucleus is in tact, but their bench has a totally different complexion.   The team still has many flaws to fix, and the chemistry has been on-and-off.

As the Lakers embark on the year 2011, they have many issues that must be addressed.  Nearly every person comes up with “New Year’s Resolutions” every year staring on January 1st.  Although most people end up failing , those who stand by their commitments end up being very successful.

In order for the Lakers to win their third-consecutive championship they must complete their “New Year’s Resolutions.” If the Lakers are successful, a parade down Figueroa is inevitable.

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my god, who the hell taught you how to write? you dont support anything that you say in your article, they’re just statements that arent backed up with any facts,why dont you tell us what needs to fall in place or what needs to be fixed, or who else had a three-peat and lastly why not do some research and look for what they’re new years resolutions are, most likely they posted it on twitter or said it in an article, you have no future in journalism

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