Los Angeles Lakers 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Bring the Energy and Effort

The Lakers started 2011 the same way they ended 2010.  The games were set up the regular way, thousands of fans, two teams, 10 players on the court and three referees. However, one thing was missing— Laker energy.

The Lakers have been criticized multiple times this season for lacking intensity during games.  The Lakers would suit up for the game, but their minds would seem to be somewhere else.  Although it is important to look ahead in the future, the Lakers have to pay attention to their current opponent.

The Lakers cannot expect to waltz through the season; the opposing teams will play with 100% energy and focus whenever they play the defending champions.  Any team can play with passion, and the Lakers have done it many times before.

Even if the Lakers are not shooting the ball well, their energy can bring them back into the game.  Like the old saying goes, “Hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard.”

Take the loss to the Grizzlies as an example. The Grizzlies do not match up with the Lakers talent wise, but their energy won them the game.  Looking at the roster side-by-side, the Lakers should have easily won the game.  If the Lake Show plays every game like it’s their last, not many teams will be able to beat them

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