Los Angeles Lakers 2020-21 Regular Season Schedule & Results

The NBA still feels the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, resulting in the 2020-21 campaign consisting of just 72 regular-season games. The league could also release only the first half of the 2020-21 schedule, accounting for the possibility of games being rescheduled due to coronavirus outbreaks.

Nevertheless, the season is promising to be an exhilarating marathon with the Lakers hoping to defend the hard-fought title they hoisted in the Orlando bubble. And they will begin their quest to repeat on a high note, facing the L.A. Clippers on Opening Night in a long-overdue showdown.

Only three days later, Luka Doncic and his Dallas Mavericks will visit Staples Center to battle it out in one of the highlights of this year’s Christmas Day schedule.

Of the 22 games the Lakers will play in front of a national audience, many will come in January. L.A. will face the New Orleans Pelicans on Jan. 15 (ESPN); the Golden State Warriors on Jan. 18, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (TNT); the Milwaukee Bucks on Jan. 21 (TNT); and the Boston Celtics on Jan. 30 (ABC).

Meanwhile, an NBA Finals rematch with the Miami Heat will come on Feb 20 in Los Angeles.

During the first half of the schedule, the Lakers will conclude their regular-season series with the San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Chicago Bulls.

Interestingly, the Lakers will face many of their rivals in back-to-back matchups with the NBA aiming to cut down on travel during the pandemic.

That is the case in their road trips to San Antonio (Dec. 30 and Jan. 1), Memphis (Jan. 3 and 5) and Houston (Jan. 10 and 12) as well as a home pairing with Oklahoma City (Feb. 8 and 10).

The hectic schedule also means the Lakers will not have more than two days off between games at any point during the first half of the season due to the condensed nature of the season.

The second half of the Lakers’ schedule begins Friday, March 12, which is nearly one week after LeBron James will participate in the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. That stretch of days off will be key for James and the Lakers, who have recently struggled.

However, the Lakers have eight back-to-backs and respective road trips of seven and four games. Though, the seven-game trip starts with only heading up to Sacramento followed by a matchup with the Clippers.

First and second halves of Lakers 2020-21 schedule

DayDateOpponentTime (PT)Result
TuesdayDecember 22vs. Clippers7 p.m.L, 116-109
FridayDecember 25vs. Mavericks5 p.m.W, 138-115
SundayDecember 27vs. Timberwolves7 p.m.W, 127-91
MondayDecember 28vs. Trail Blazers7 p.m.L, 115-97
WednesdayDecember 30@ Spurs5:30 p.m.W, 121-107
FridayJanuary 1@ Spurs5 p.m.W, 109-103
SundayJanuary 3@ Grizzlies3 p.m.W, 108-94
TuesdayJanuary 5@ Grizzlies5 p.m.W, 94-92
ThursdayJanuary 7vs. Spurs7 p.m.L, 118-109
FridayJanuary 8vs. Bulls7 p.m.W, 117-115
SundayJanuary 10@ Rockets4 p.m.W, 120-102
TuesdayJanuary 12@ Rockets5 p.m.W, 117-100
WednesdayJanuary 13@ Thunder5 p.m.W, 128-99
FridayJanuary 15vs. Pelicans7:30 p.m.W, 112-95
MondayJanuary 18vs. Warriors7 p.m.L, 115-113
ThursdayJanuary 21@ Bucks4:30 p.m.W, 113-106
SaturdayJanuary 23@ Bulls5 p.m.W, 101-90
MondayJanuary 25@ Cavaliers4:30 p.m.W, 115-108
WednesdayJanuary 27@ 76ers4:30 p.m.L, 107-106
ThursdayJanuary 28@ Pistons4 p.m.L, 107-92
SaturdayJanuary 30@ Celtics5:30 p.m.W, 96-95
MondayFebruary 1@ Hawks4:30 p.m.W, 107-99
ThursdayFebruary 4vs. Nuggets7 p.m.W, 114-93
SaturdayFebruary 6vs. Pistons7 p.m.W, 135-129 (2OT)
MondayFebruary 8vs. Thunder7 p.m.W, 119-112 (OT)
WednesdayFebruary 10vs. Thunder7 p.m.W, 114-113 (OT)
FridayFebruary 12vs. Grizzlies7 p.m.W, 115-105
SundayFebruary 14@ Nuggets4:30 p.m.L, 122-105
TuesdayFebruary 16@ Timberwolves5 p.m.W, 112-104
ThursdayFebruary 18vs. Nets7 p.m.L, 109-98
SaturdayFebruary 20vs. Heat5:30 p.m.L, 96-94
MondayFebruary 22vs. Wizards7 p.m.L, 127-124 (OT)
WednesdayFebruary 24@ Jazz7 p.m.L, 114-98
FridayFebruary 26vs. Trail Blazers7 p.m.W, 102-93
SundayFebruary 28vs. Warriors5 p.m.W, 117-91
TuesdayMarch 2vs. Suns7 p.m.L, 114-104
WednesdayMarch 3@ Kings7 p.m.L, 123-120
FridayMarch 12vs. Pacers7:30 p.m.W, 105-100
MondayMarch 15@ Warriors7:30 p.m.W, 128-97
TuesdayMarch 16vs. Timberwolves7:30 p.m.W, 137-121
ThursdayMarch 18vs. Hornets7:30 p.m.W, 116-105
SaturdayMarch 20vs. Hawks12:30 p.m.L, 99-94
SundayMarch 21@ Suns7 p.m.L, 111-94
TuesdayMarch 23@ Pelicans4:30 p.m.L, 128-111
ThursdayMarch 25vs. 76ers7 p.m.L, 109-101
FridayMarch 26vs. Cavaliers7:30 p.m.W, 100-86
SundayMarch 28vs. Magic7 p.m.W, 96-93
WednesdayMarch 31vs. Bucks7 p.m.L, 112-97
FridayApril 2@ Kings7 p.m.W, 115-94
SundayApril 4@ Clippers12:30 p.m.L, 104-86
TuesdayApril 6@ Raptors4:30 p.m.W, 110-101
ThursdayApril 8@ Heat4:30 p.m.L, 110-104
SaaturdayApril 10@ Nets5:30 p.m.W, 126-101
MondayApril 12@ Knicks4:30 p.m.L, 111-96
TuesdayApril 13@ Hornets5 p.m.W, 101-93
ThursdayApril 15vs. Celtics7 p.m.L, 121-113
SaturdayApril 17vs. Jazz1:30 p.m.W, 127-115 (OT)
MondayApril 19vs. Jazz7 p.m.L, 111-97
ThursdayApril 22@ Mavericks6:30 p.m.L, 115-110
SaturdayApril 24@ Mavericks5:30 p.m.L, 108-93
MondayApril 26@ Magic4 p.m.W, 114-103
WednesdayApril 28@ Wizards4 p.m.L, 116-107
FridayApril 30vs. Kings7:30 p.m.L, 110-106
SundayMay 2vs. Raptors7 p.m.L, 121-114
MondayMay 3vs. Nuggets7 p.m.W, 93-89
ThursdayMay 6@ Clippers7 p.m.L, 118-94
FridayMay 7@ Trail Blazers7 p.m.L, 106-101
SundayMay 9vs. Suns7 p.m.W, 123-110
TuesdayMay 11vs. Knicks7:30 p.m.W, 101-99 (OT)
WednesdayMay 12vs. Rockets7:30 p.m.W, 124-122
SaturdayMay 15@ Pacers10 a.m.W, 122-115
SundayMay 16@ Pelicans6 p.m.W, 110-98
WednesdayMay 19vs. Warriors7 p.m.W, 103-100
SundayMay 23@ Suns12:30 p.m.L, 99-90
TuesdayMay 25@ Suns7 p.m.W, 109-102
ThursdayMay 27vs. Suns7 p.m.W, 109-95
SundayMay 30vs. Suns12:30 p.m.L, 100-92
TuesdayJune 1@ Suns7 p.m.L, 115-85
ThursdayJune 3vs. Suns7:30 p.m.L, 113-100