Los Angeles Lakers Birthdays For The Month Of January

Los Angeles Lakers’ past and present birthdays for the month of January include JaVale McGee on January 19th (32), Ron Harper on January 20th (56), and Mychal Thompson on January 30th (65).

Full List:

Travis Grant 01 January
Slick Leonard 01 January
Irving Thomas 02 January
Darius Morris 03 January
Joe Kleine 04 January
Corie Blount 04 January
Kevin McKenna 08 January
Mario Bennett 08 January
Joe Cooper 09 January
Michael Beasley 09 January
Earl Jones 13 January
Ronny Turiaf 13 January
Mike Bloom 14 January
David Nwaba 14 January
Nate Hawthorne 15 January
Ernie DiGregorio 15 January
C.J. Kupec 16 January
Donnie Forman 17 January
Earl Clark 17 January
JaVale McGee 19 January
Ron Harper 20 January
David Rivers 20 January
Ira Newble 20 January
Ed Beach 25 January
Walt Wesley 25 January
Josh Powell 25 January
Reggie Jordan 26 January
MarShon Brooks 26 January
Jack Haley 27 January
Mark Madsen 28 January
Marv Roberts 29 January
Eddie Jordan 29 January
Mychal Thompson 30 January
Johnny Egan 31 January
Dick Garrett 31 January
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