Los Angeles Lakers Vs. New York Knicks NBA Highlights

After their first win of the season, the Los Angeles take on the New York Knicks. While all the attention will be on Kobe Bryant and what may be his final game at Madison Square Garden, there is an intriguing matchup between Julius Randle and Kristaps Porzingis. With Randle playing well, D’Angelo Russell also looks to build on his best performance of the young season.

Check out the highlights below:


Not much energy on either team. Maybe they need some morning coffee

  • Let’s Go Lakers !!! Kobe Bryant & Metta World Peace vs Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher and Sasha Vujacic, ” the Machine ” .

  • We gotta beat the knicks! If Byron Scott makes the right adjustment and guys make shots

  • What a boring game. Lakers needs a commanding PG to lead the team. Russell is not doing the job Byron needs his PG to do.

  • Kobe vs Carmelo
    Sasha vs Clarkson
    Porzingis vs Randle
    Russel vs Calderon
    Hibbert vs Lopez

    All interesting matchup for various reason’s, Kobe vs Carmelo, like to old dogs dooking it out, just like old times.

  • Dang, very cool seeing Kobe go on three made baskets for distance. 22 ft,16ft, 23ft. His stroke is looking better in this game, thus far.

  • Byron’s game needs a commanding pass first PG. Someone like Kidd or Paul to make plays. He’s never good with Xes and Os. Russell must have been a disappointment for him as he fails to play that role. Not sure what adjustments he is capable of making. It’s all up to the players’ skills to win this one.

  • Yeah, Russel does need to do more. It certainly not Byron Scott’s fault that D’Angelo is not being aggresive to score, or commanding the attention of the team, or getting other players involved or not getting assist.

  • Seraphin is a lot bigger / heavier than i thought he was. He looks a little slow.

  • Really nice play by Randle even if Young missed it. Like that decision making!

  • While it’s not Byron’s fault Russell is not playing well but I do think Byron is not the right coach for the Lakers. In my book, he ranks pretty low, almost at the bottom.

  • I really like seing Tarik Black and Larry Nance much better than Ryan Kelly and Brandon Bass.

    Thank You Byron for making the right adjustment. Glad it only took him 4 games to see it, vs 15 / 20 games as he usually waits to make changes to the team.

  • Kobe playing well. Took some “bad” desperation shots but thats due to the terrible offense and line up scott inserted. Massive confusion in that second quarter with lou, nick, kobe, nance, and black.

    Lou cant set up the offense. Black is freaking terrible. Everyone stands ball watching kobe, forcing him to take bad shots.

    Most of kobes shots have been good, so thats not an issue this game. Just massive confusion offensively and slow rotations defensively (especially randle)

    -applies to 1st half as of 5 min left in 2nd quarter

  • I only like nance.

    Black took steps back over the summer. And he is still not a C

  • Change should’ve been made from the start of Game 1. It wasn’t working in preseason (Bass and Kelly)

  • Randle needs to start knocking down midrange jumpers…he’s not going to get anything easy against the Knicks.

  • Crazy how well Clarkson is shooting from the outside. Might be much closer to our splash brothers than many thought. Russell has a nice stroke too

  • Zing is the only Knick starter with a positive plus/minus. He really makes an impact on both ends, impressed big time so far.

  • Randle struggling against the Knicks length but leading all players with 7 rebounds. Good to see him working even when the offense isn’t there.

  • I know one thing, if Kobe shots start back falling we’re gonna start winning games. His shot making alone can lead us to where we’re trying to go!

  • kobe was really heating up……and then after he hit the 3 byron benches him…..like i dont get it the man is finally starting to get his shot back and you bench him smh.

  • He needs to take on and assistant coaching position when he is all done playing. He is a natural at doing the big brother little brother mentorship.

  • Randle needs to look to pass more often. He’s not getting anywhere forcing shots against Porzingis

  • Inactive tonight sadly. Maybe he should take the Clarkson route and ask to go to D League to get minutes. I want him to start to play.

  • Okay when he only scores 4 points and have 4 or 5 assist he is a bust but when he scores 16 pts and have 0 or 1 assist and have a lot of points we need a new PG lol which one is it man let the kid keep developing man he is getting better every game, Byron Scott is challenging him right now and make him earn his minutes, Kobe had to do the same thing as a rookie, by January Russell will be better than all the rookies in his class, Jordan Clarkson was picked in the second round last year and still was the best PG in the 2014 draft, he got better every game just be patient.

  • Would go a long way to helping W’s. We still need to get after the glass and share the ball more. Kobe looks better today. MSG motivation.

  • Actually he hasn’t even been seen! I haven’t seen him on bench or practice

  • Kobe gon miss the absolute gimme free throws we would’ve still been up by two

  • Randle not shooting well but is getting after it on the glass. Need Hibbert to grab a few more also.

  • Is a decent passer also. Scott needs to use him in the high post more. Put him at the top of the key like Hill use to be last season.

  • Gonna be a long night if we’re missing shots because they’re on ticky tack foul duty (refs)

  • Look man, Scott is clueless. He hits 3 shots in under 2 mins…this dude benches him cuz he hit his 8 min mark? Wtf…then he puts him in with 2 mins left in the 2nd. Why not leave him in 2 extra mins in the 1st and not put him back in for those extra 2 mins in the third.

    Ridiculous. He breaks his rhythm and puts him in during bad situations

  • Williams, Young, Metta, Nance, Black > Huertas, Williams, Young, Kelly, Bass.

    2nd teams last 2 games, vs 2nd team first 4 games of the season.

  • Someone not named Kelly or Black. Bass as a PF is decent. Yet, our genius coach was putting kelly and bass together…forcing bass to the 5

    We really need a legit C for the bench

  • Sweet Lou is a very solid player. He has impressed me, glad we have him wearing purple and gold .

  • That is exactly the kind of player you want to have. Someone who is not afraid of scoring, someone who is not afraid of slashing, someone who is intelligent enough to search for the body contact and bring in extra points and easy shots at the line.

  • Kobes starts 4th shooting well and taking mid jumpers…scott benches him

  • It was an illusion, he show-cased them with his first hand to trick them, he then brings out of best second unit with his other hand and much stronger defense with METTA, NANCE, BLACK.

    scoring with WILLIAMS and YOUNG.

  • Okay, you guys, TELL ME AGAIN HOW METTA WORLD PEACE DOESN’T BELONG ON THE TEAM. I need a good laugh.

  • Agreed, no argument here. MWP brings a toughness, defense, good locker room guy, great big brother roll model, can make three point shots, doesn’t get swayed by the pressure of the game, is an enforcer, makes an impact when he comes into the game, is a true defensive captain, can body up and box out, makes everybody player better defense and more engaged.he brings it defensively and finds a way to contribute on offense.

    Which is why Randle, Kobe and Byron all wanted him on the team.

  • See it always counts whether kobe miss or makes it, he gotta start getting buckets, if he would’ve made that shot we’d be up and that turnover foul wouldn’t have happened!

  • Who else do you want shooting? JC missed the last couple, randle has missed today, and kobe was knocking that shot down before scott benched him.

    The last pts have come from the FT line

  • He just milked the clock and handed randle the rock in a bad spot…

    Lets be honest, the youngsters still scared

  • Why dont you do a play by play on randles bricks and JC screw ups this quarter?

  • Uh… he’s the one taking bad shots. Others have taken good shots but missed them. I’m not the few who attack Kobe on everything but today…he killed us.

  • Not looking good right now, bad coaching running the same play to Kobe over and over

  • I blame Scott, NOT Kobe. Scott took out the guys who were hot, and the guys who were playing D. Should have left them in.

  • Never keep a lead! Always fighting to get back in. Always come up short in close game, missing shots, missing assignments, fouling, no rebounds in clutch

  • Lakers are wasting the shot clock trying to get Kobe the ball. & he ends up taking a contested 3.

  • Plus, when the D is tight on Kobe, they don’t know what to do leading to a tough shot

  • Kobe should be benched along with D’angelo and Nick should be subbed in for him. Kobe’s f–cking up in the clutch with all those bad shots.

    edit: Aaand he fouled Melo…great…

  • They were not bad shots. You have selective eyes. He did not kill us. A crap offensive system, 0 ball movemovement, and a scared group of youngsters killed us

  • Really? Is that why JC got the ball straight out of a timeout? Put the pipe down

  • Down by 8 with a min left is in the clutch? What about JC and randle?

    Stop hating

  • Whelp, we fought hard but came up short down the stretch. Portringis and Melo won their matchups resoundingly. I like what I saw out of Russell and Hibbert today. I’ll eat crow concerning Metta as he absolutely provides a spark.

  • He should be benched for the last 5 minutes of the 4th just like D’lo was, I’m not talking about the last minute.

  • Puts swaggy p in with 43 seconds and kobe brikant misses again. Really gonna get smoked by heat!

  • This is Kobe’s last year. He just won’t tell anyone (media or fans)yet. The whole league probably knows already.

  • This team is horrid. They won’t get another win until Dec.1 against the Sixers and even then Okafor will probably go for a career high. #FireByronScott

  • Cooper saying Kobe is holding us back.. agree, although for different reasons. Just want to see our guys develop

  • Julius has got to work on and trust that jumper. He’s way to predictable on offense.

  • Inspight the loss , i’m glad our young players are getting mins to develop. Time and patience.

  • Easily a winnable game that they ruined as usual. Should have kept Metta, Larry and Tarik in. Clarkson doesn’t have that same aggressiveness he had last season. At least Kobe didn’t chuck up 30 shots tonight.

  • Lakers always trying to keep the lead instead of trying to increase it. That’s why we always lose these close games. Just like against Minnesota.

  • No, he should play consecutive mins and should not be benched when he’s hitting shots. He played 2 mins in the 4th, made 2 out of 2. Then Scott benches him for almost 5 mins. Of course he’s gonna be cold, and of course he’s gonna shoot when everyone else is scared and randle+JC are bricking

  • I watched Scott jack off the Timberwolves game in the last minutes and now this one….Gotta find the right players down starch….Really thinking about getting rid of this Lakers station….smh…..#Signing off from Cincinnati Ohio!!!!

  • Predictably assss game, went to kobe down the stretch and he he couldn’t come through, sorry but kobe lost this one lokey through Byron Scott allowing it to happen or for instructing it…
    Swaggy needs more minutes….

  • Taking out Russell every 4th quarter will really help his development for sure…

  • Melo started that run for the Knicks to get them back in the game as soon as Kobe went back in the game to guard him.

  • I’m thinking it’s getting close to that time where Scott needs a reality check. Kobe might be better served coming off the bench. We need some more life in the legs of our starting SF.

  • Nope. Kobe did not lose them. Yall focus on the effect, yet dont try to find the cause. Scott and the youngsters stunk it up. Kobe was having his most solid outing

  • Time to drop Scott , the Princeton and bring in either Thibs or Brooks. That was really awful coaching down the stretch.

  • I feel really bad for the Nets. They don’t even own their first round pick.

  • Not gonna happen. Top 3 protected pick…even if we’re bad, I feel we wont get to keep that pick

  • I thought Russel stopped their offense by dribbling too much. Either drive or go get a screen. His bread and butter and that screen rub and nothing else. Pisses me off when Clarkson is yelling at him for the ball and DR just brushed him off. Rookie mistakes but Byron let it happen.

  • These “fans” are crap. They cant analyze anything. Including worthy “too much kobe down the stretch”

    Scott takes out kobe multiple times during the game WHEN he just hit 2 or 3 shots in a row. Why take out a player in rhythm? He did this in the 4th and kobe never got it back. MWP was solid and scott removes him. Smh

    Why play lou, nick, and kobe together?

  • Randle took three steps back today. HE HAS TO REBOUND the ball better. To me Byron goes wrong when he put Julius in Nance’s place. We rebound the ball so much better with Nance on the court

  • He did the same thing in the Timberwolves game….He kept the wrong guys on the floor until they lost the lead and the game….smh….

  • need your PG attacking not probing. Lou and Clarkson, all they do is attack. Didn’t get to see lot of it down the stretch.

  • Every time that ball movement stop, we lose! Coop and worthy both upset with kobe

  • Randle hustled worked hard. But you can see Porzingis standing back and letting him shoot affected his game.

  • Everyone outside of hibbert and russell (defensively aggressive).

    Kobe was playing well, but he was put with a struggling line up (jc and randle). By default, if those two are struggling or scared to shoot….kobe will try to score aka do too much. But everyone ball watches.

  • Young the only one with a hot hand tonight, should’ve drawn a play for him

  • Kobe should not even be thinking about carrying this team. He got happy and thought msg was gonna be the night.
    Byron Scott shouldn’t have even rode kobe down the clutch he should’ve been a decoy like coop said!

  • You see those butt hurt Lintards are still talking about the Lakers over on their fan sites for that scrub? Haha.

  • Part of the problem is the minutes limit. Kobe needs to come off the bench in a Paul Pierce role. He’d likely be more effective and having someone else starting would help our team defense, as we wouldn’t have to hide Kobe.

  • I knew someone was gonna say some dumb crap like that

    Read again, kobe WAS having his most solid outing. This includes the 4th…before the last time he was benched

  • Yeah. He don’t box out pretty much. When he was on the court the Knicks have too much offense rebounds

  • If kobe somehow gets his rhythm back, yall hypocrites better not be cheering.

  • I”m nothing talk about the numbers. With Julius on the floor the Knicks has grab too many O-rebounds. Or gain out of bounds crashing the glass

  • He couldn’t get to the finals and hurt both of the players you just named

  • If he takes shots within the offense without forcing, I am fine with it. Even if he misses. All I ask. Him jacking 19 shot while Russell has 7 attempts is frustrating.

  • He better get it back soon then, cuz i love Kobe Bryant but right now if it is indeed about winning Kobe is not the go to! Yeah we’ll cheer when he does good because it’s expected but when he sucks and still shoots us out the game, Not Cool!

  • Not technically all on Kobe Bryant but he’s gotta c’mon! Our defense is terrible right now, Julius struggled against length

  • He never got passed Lebron true, but no one in the east has For the past 5 years. You sound like you’re just repeating what others have said. Back in the day players played MORE than rose and Noah and no one blamed coaching

  • He didn’t have a solid outing in the second half which is when the game was lost.

  • Nobody here is a hypocrite. Kobe took some bad shots tonight. Anybody who doesn’t have their head up his butt can see that. Big Game told the truth. Kobe should’ve been a decoy down the stretch. He can’t hit shots down the stretch cause his legs are gone. Nobody is complaining about him missing shots…that’s going to happen. He needs to stop taking 3s and get closer to the basket.

  • The loss isn’t on Kobe, but the lack of attempts for other guys is because Kobe is getting too many attempts. Young guys have to deny the requests. Like Hill said, all you hear n the court is Kobe’s mouth, but eventually you have to ignore it.

  • What will Kobe getting his rhythm back do for a young team that might now get 20 wins this season?

  • It would help tremendously. Even with that we still need balance. This is what the Kobe worshipers can’t see.

  • Lisa get back in the kitchen, don’t blame Kobe for taking the shots no one else was willing to take

  • James Worthy is a Hall of Famer and 3-time NBA champ. I think he knows a thing or two about basketball.

  • they’re right about the offense stagnant cuz it takes too long to get into it.

  • I agree , and I’m sure Kobe knows it too. Good shot selection and lets give our young players a chance to play.

  • I think we’re tanking in silence right now, we’re gonna be 1&9 at this rate

  • And I knew we were gonna see the same fools blindly getting super defensive about Kobe.

  • “We try to get ours but Kobe is so aggressive. We go get it off the glass.” –Carlos Boozer

  • That’s rude, dude. Clarkson was clapping for the ball and D’angelo waved him off.

  • LOL…. The kitchen joke. Nobody took shots down the stretch cause they were playing through Kobe.

  • Um, you had plenty in here thinking they were a Playoff team, and Kobe would avg 25-29 PPG.

  • They would and shoul be atleast 3 wins Dallas, minny, nuggets… this team can win 30 games

  • It’s starting to look like the Smush Paker, Kobe Bryant, Devon George, Samaki Walker and Kwame Brown dayz in L.A again (that’s 2 Kwame Brown references for me in one month)…..LMAO…..

  • Calderon got something like 18 pts the previous 4 games. Once he went up against DR, he got 14.

  • And still lose like coach said, if you sacrifice development for the win and still lose, you better win!

  • This system is holding us back and so is Byron Scott, i say since we’re losing anyways, might as well scrap winning and go all development. Kobe you get 20 min. Only 5 a quarter

  • Clarkson and Russell games suffered at hands of kobe attempts over and over iso

  • Do You guys really see something great in Russell or you want to see something great in him because some genius picked him 2nd??? Until he has really proven himself, I think it’s fair for anyone to see him as a bust. Some of us may be trolls but some are not. I really do not see much in him. He looks soft, can’t drive, too slow to keep pace defending NBA PGs, lacks athleticism, can’t create his own shot and has a ridiculous hairstyle. Byron will play him at crunch time if he thinks he has it now but didn’t. After calling Russell the next Magic and starting him, you can’t really blame Byron for not giving the kid a chance.

  • how many time should I say that Kobe shouldn’t exceed 30 mins lest the game is into OT smh…. Kobe’s efficiency will be lower if that happens

  • How am I being defensive? Did I say those were great shots? No. My point is we did not lose the game because of him. He’s the easy target. Such a bandwagon fan

  • And he’s Byron Scott’s ex teammate…You think he’s gonna blame Scott? He is bias.

    He’s been working with randle and the youngsters…

    He’s bias. End of story.

    After that statement he backtracked a bit, but he’s just gonna blame everyone else except Scott

  • Thats not the point. The point is, if Kobe was playing like Kobe…these “fans” would keep their mouth shut. In fact, they’d cheer.

    Since Kobe is struggling, hrs the scapegoat

    How many people mentioned kobes great defense vs the Knicks n melo? Exactly.

  • Did I say he didn’t take bad shots?

    I keep saying y’all focus on the result, not the cause. Focus on the cause for a sec

    He was gonna be a decoy for who? Tell me who was having a good game?

    Not only are you guys hypocrites, but …well, I’m not gonna get into childlike name calling like you. Grow up

  • If it was about winning, Scott would get fired.

    Did you actually see randle and jc play? Lou is shooting like crap.

    Jc, Russell, and randle couldn’t set the offense. They were scared cuz they knew they were missing. The offense got stagnant after it became a FT contest.

    If there’s an intruder and the youngsters are cowering in the corner, don’t blame Kobe for trying to take action. He tried while everyone else did nothing.

  • Bruh….I agree, the bandwagon laker fans will be cheering for Kobe but the real laker fans know that’s not what this team needs….They’ll never get any better or believe in themselves if Kobe is the highlight of the team still….Kobe has brought us enough momments in history to cheer about, but it’s time for him to step aside and let the young talent carry the torch….Trust me, it’s gonna hurt me also to see him go but it’s time nephew….He will only continue to hurt his legacy at this point if he continues to stick around…..

  • Shut your mouth for once. It would benefit you in many ways.

    Protect the youngsters and Scott all you want. Hate on a legend.

    Never did I say those were great shots. I criticize those shots, not because they’re dumb…but because those hurt his personal stats. And if the youngsters are scared, he should let them drown and take those bad shots…so they can get the blame. Because with haters, the first thing out their mouths is “he shoots too much or he takes bad shots”

    Give anybody the ball 20 ft away with less than 6 secs…let’s see how many good shots they’re able to get off.

    Let’s see…make 2-3 baskets in a row after struggling (cold start, misses first 2-3 shots)…get benched because Scott has a time limit.

    Play the last two mins of the half after sitting for ten…at his age. What do you expect? Automatic pts?

    Play two mins of the fourth, make a couple shots. Get benched by Scott for five mins. Once again, he is now cold and put in a situation where the team is struggling.

    Use your damn mind. Analyze. Up your critical thinking skills fool. Don’t focus on the result. There’s a reaction for every action

    That’s all folks…

  • Stop protecting Russell. Russell should not be used as your supporting argument. He’s been trash

    Within what offense? We have a system in place???

    How many of those 19 did he really Jack up?

    What about your favorites jc and randle? Did they play well? Randle is the #1 culprit when it comes to “breaking” the “offense” and doing isos.

  • He doesn’t. He needs solid mins to warm up.

    Off the bench he’d be even worse. Haven’t you seen how he plays when the game begins or after coming off the bench? Like crap. Because he is cold!! He needs to warm up

  • Stop with Russell. He is a damn embarrassment.

    Scott messed up with his on/off game he’s playing with Kobe. He actually does that to everyone…did it to Russell too. Did it to mwp. Mwp should have finished the game

  • Hahaha others took good shots? Almost every shot randle takes is a bad shot. Russell can’t even get separation. Lou and swag take terrible shots. Jc is streaky, and takes contested shots. Everyone plays iso. Stop focusing on Kobe when everyone around him deserves the same amt of blame

  • Hey, he had five secs…Kobe usually has five secs. Why couldn’t randle score?

    Was he hoping for a lucky bank again? Randle can’t even shoot 3s, why did he try it when the game was tied (I believe)? He’s young, I would think 5 secs is enough to drive in for a young fella

  • Cuz everyone gets good shots except Kobe? Just stop it.
    Jc air balled, everyone sucked. End of story

  • His legacy is intact. Only fools would focus on his injured years to determine his greatness.

    Here’s the thing, this man isn’t going one on one like before. He goes mins without taking a shot. He lets randle, jc, and Russell do their thing. But when randle, jc, and Russell are struggling late…what is he suppose to do? If they’re milking the clock, and he gets the ball with less than 10-8 secs left…He needs to attack. Everyone else is scared of the big moments. Everyone else is scared to screw up their FG %. Kobe don’t give a F. He rather try than lose because he didn’t try.

    If the rookies think they’re ready, they also gotta step up to the plate instead of waiting for their crazy uncle to protect them.

    And honestly, if mwp and Kobe are your biggest sparks…this young team ain’t ready.

    If you want Kobe to fully step aside, then Scott needs to change his system or somethin. Nothing is coming easy. Everyone plays one on one

    I assume you’ve played ball before. If you’re playing and the other guys are struggling or are scared to shoot, are you gonna try and step it up yourself or are you gonna cower in the corner?

    All I’m saying is…be fair to the man. He wasn’t the only one bricking. He played great energetic D on Melo…did somebody even mention that?
    Our best defenders are Kobe (when he tries) & mwp. Randle is asleep, jc has good positioning but really can’t stop anyone, and Russell is Kendall Marshall.

    We lose because our coach sucks and our team isn’t ready, not because Kobe bricks shots

  • So I guess Metta is anomaly? I guess Paup P. is better than Kobe given he can come off the bench and contribute right away? Pop pulls Duncan all of the time. Vinnie (the microwave) Johnson, Ray Allen, Jamal Crawford, Magic came off the bench in 96 after almost 5 years out of the game, and he played SG/SF but still balled effectively. I can go on with plenty of examples but you’re telling me Kobe and his high basketball IQ, coupled with his elite skill level cannot adapt to a basic bench role?!?

  • Well said….Scott really sucks and you can tell his not willing to change the way he do things, which will get him fired soon….And once, again I’m not blaming Kobe for the L’s we’ve taken over the last few years or this year, I put that on the upper management for giving a broken down Kobe another 100 million contract without thinking about their future….Look, Kobe will always remain K.I.N.G in my book, but let’s face it, he’s not what he once was bruh and if does have a few 30 point games this season, let’s look forward to his 21th season….LMAO….

  • Unless he plays 10-12 mins straight off the bench (every time he’s put in) he will struggle.

    Duncan plays a “stationary” position, so stop it.

    Mwp is only asked to play good D…which is more effective within 15 ft now. He gets blown away playing outside.

    Pierce hasn’t had 3 major injuries in two yrs. Pierce is asked to hit corner 3s in offenses that are fueled by elite PGs and all star caliber players. He gets open looks. Is pierce in the Princeton offense with Russell as PG?

    If you have to go back to 1996 to make your argument a bit respectable…That says a lot about the argument itself

  • Please tell me what Kobe haters see? I don’t worship the guy…but if he’s the reason we are losing, it better be damn clear he is the reason. Jc, randle, and Russell sucked yesterday…they’re 3/5 of the starting unit. Are you really blaming Kobe for the loss or are you blaming Kobe for not being the old Kobe?

  • So much ignorance and denial in this one.

    First thing, you are not a Lakers fan as you clearly put Kobe in front of the needs of the team…

    “I criticize those shots, not because they’re dumb…but because those hurt his personal stats. And if the youngsters are scared, he should let them drown and take those bad shots…so they can get the blame. Because with haters, the first thing out their mouths is “he shoots too much or he takes bad shots”

    The denial:

    “Give anybody the ball 20 ft away with less than 6 secs…let’s see how many good shots they’re able to get off.”

    12 seconds left on the shot clock, Kobe gets the ball behind the three point line. He then proceeds to take a three point shot that strongly contested by Jarrett Jack. Kobe leaves his hand up as he watches this brick. The Nets get the rebound and Kobe makes no attempt to get back and defend. This happened on more than one occasion in this game and others. The last second excuse is lame and tired, as it is not the case most of the time.

    Kobe is on a minutes restriction right? This is common for a player coming back from injury. We saw first hand how Scott mismanaged Kobe last season under the same circumstances. Now just six games in Scott is pushing Kobe’s minutes limit above the goal set forth. Again, most players returning from injury don’t start and never get extended minutes on the floor to WARM UP!

    I could go on dismantling the denial and excuses .com yo and others make but it won’t matter. When it comes to Kobe, simple logic does not compute.

  • Nothing but more excuses. 1996 or 1956 it don’t matter. Physical exertion is all it is.

  • The sad thing is, I have not blamed Kobe for the losses this season. I’ve simply stated he is making poor decisions a the team leader/elder statesman who’s setting the example for the young bucks. He’s also taking the team out of the offense when he jacks up some of those bad shots.

    This is how sensitive Kobe worshipers are. Anything less than absolute glorification of Kobe is hating. Sad.

  • Hahaha, do you even know basketball? If someone takes a 3 & their defender breaks to the basket…the shooter isn’t suppose to chase after him. It’s team defense. Whoever is closer has to cover the shooters man

    Oh look at you, telling others what a true fan is and does. Shut it porky. There’s no ignorance and denial here. I know Kobe isn’t Kobe, but I know he’s not the reason we’re losing. Having such thought means…if Kobe took about 3-4 less shots per game or made 2-3 more of his attempts…we’d win. That’s ridiculous.

    Nope. I put the Lakers first. But if they wanted to win, Scott would be fired.

    The point I made was toward haters like u. It had nothing to do with the Lakers because I feel Kobe isn’t the reason we’re losing, hence, a Kobe action (whether good or bad) would not affect the result of the game drastically. And if you don’t believe that, look at previous games where he scored 30-50…the end result wasn’t an automatic win. Look at game 7 of the finals…Kobe didn’t shoot well, yet everyone else did…so we won.
    So in conclusion, to avoid hate from guys like you…Kobe shouldn’t take those shots.

    Please stop trying to chop up my statements and quote them to fulfill your haterade agenda.

    He’s not managing his mins well. He’s giving him scrap bs mins to end/start the quarters (2nd & 4th quarter)

    Continue to think you’re dismantling my argument. What you’re really doing is picking and twisting statements to fit your needs. This is about Kobe, his haters, and the implication he is the reason we’re losing…if you want to add something about the Lakers, start your own post…as this was about Kobe, directed to his haters.

    You see and read things how you want. Don’t get me started with simple logic…simple logic would suggest you’d stop eating once you feel full…

  • Relax food worshiper

    Did I not say those are bad shots? I simply stated or have tried to state why

    This “taking the team out of the offense” stuff is a joke. What offense?

    Blame lou, Nick, randle, and jc too…because they do the same.

    Don’t blame Kobe if others follow and do the same. A man is weak if he cannot think, decide, and act by his own will. It’s on them. If they’re looked upon as the future, they better accept responsibility and the consequences.

    Are they really gonna say “I saw Kobe do it, so I did it too?” Gtfo with your nonsense.

    They’re not babies. If they choose to focus on kobes bad shot selection instead of his determination and work ethic…then there’s something wrong with them.

    You’re the type of person to complain about not getting the turkey breast and whine cuz somebody else did. Aka, a problem maker. Be a problem solver. Stop being a female dog, and email Scott how he can fix his trash system and get Kobe better looks within that trash system.

  • Randle drove to the basket and only took 4 jumpshots. Most of his attempts were high percentage shots. Russell has no athleticism and everybody knows that but he took SEVEN shots and they were within the offense. Nick was the only player outside of Metta and Roy that could hit a shot vs NY. He has been consistent so far, so idk why you even brought up Nick. Lou took some bad shots but most were in the final minute of the game. Kobe shot the team out this game like he did vs MIN. Only a fool would argue that he didn’t. At 37 yrs old he shouldn’t have a usage rate of 85% and he shouldn’t be taking TEN 3s. Yes our defense is terrible and our offensive system is trash. Still doesn’t change the fact that a 37 yr old LEGEND/GOAT who has 5 rings, 19 Allstar appearances(you know his rèsumè)…is not playing smart.

  • Don’t even twist things. Randle has no jumper…That’s why he drives. But he forces the issue. All his drives are body on body. Those are not high percentage shots

    I mentioned young because he takes bad shots, regardless of the result…they are bad by your standard. But of course you only focus on the result

    Hibbert isn’t a part of this offensive system. He’s not gonna be our go to down the stretch. He’s lucky he gets to even touch the ball.

    But that’s not why we lost. A capable coach can keep a lead. A capable coach puts players in a position to succeed. Against Minnesota, sure he shot us out of the game (even though everybody else struggled in the fourth). But this game, come on now… Randle and jc struggled. Lou is shooting around 18% from 3. Russell can’t put a complete game together. How do you really expect us to win? Did you even mention kobes D is or is it all about scoring? Because other games everyone complains about no D Kobe, yet nobody brings it up when it was impressive for a geezer.

    He’s 37, how do you want him to play? What do you want to see within this confusion trash system Scott has in place? Kobe is facing 3s now, not 2s. Everything is an adjustment.

    I thought our rookie core was gonna make things easier?

    Complain about Kobe taking a shot with under 8 secs left, who cares. Guess what, randle, jc, and Russell controlled the ball for the first 10-16 secs and couldn’t set up the offense. If they defer to Kobe, Kobe will try to do what he’s always done. And if Scott just put him back in…he is cold and will miss. He shouldn’t take a shot the first three mins upon entering the game. But hey, coach knows best

  • ” I keep saying y’all focus on the result, not the cause. Focus on the cause for a sec”.

    BeCAUSE Kobe decided to run ISO for most of the closing minutes of the game…results were a big fat L. Are there other reasons why we lost? Yes, but it doesn’t help when your leader isn’t playing smart. Byron doesn’t have the balls to bench Kobe and Kobe is playing like he has something to prove. He should take the route Garnett is going and let he kids play. He’s playing too many minutes and is taking too many shots. On top of that his defense is atrocious. I’m as big of a Kobe fan as anybody on here but it’s getting out of control. He’s saying the right things but doing the complete opposite and he’s making himself look bad.

  • When have you ever seen anybody drive to the rim and not have any contact? You sound dumb right now. Yes…he’s predictable but against a 7ft’er who is slow, you’d try to get past him. Which is what he did..he didn’t make them. Should he have taken a few midrange jumpers to mix it up….yes but he’s a ROOKIE, he’s learning. Hibbert was consistent tonight and I believe you should feed the hot hand. I’m not saying he closes out this game for us but at least he gets a few touches down the stretch. Speaking of hot hand…Nick has been consistent so far. He took a few ill-advised shots vs NY but for the most part he’s taking better shots. They weren’t running any plays down the stretch until the game got out of hand. Kobe decided to go iso and that’s when NY took advantage. You’re still going to blame 2 rookies and a 2nd yr player regardless. Kobe has 3x the experience they have and should know better. He’s complaining about his shot but continues to take 20+ attempts a game. There’s blame to go around and should but it starts with the head and that’s Kobe and Byron. Since you reply to my comments you should know how I feel about Byron. I have to get back to work…I have sick patients to attend.

  • Nowhere did I say he was the only reason we lost. Even if you disagree with me, nothing in my statement would indicate bandwagonning. Born and raised in LA, fan since birth, Showtime era, so don’t even try that.

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