Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Phoenix Suns NBA Highlights

After a 1-4 road trip, the Los Angeles Lakers returned home to face the Detroit Pistons. With Andre Drummond leading the league in rebounding, the Lakers had to make a concerted effort to rebound the basketball as a team if they wanted a win. Behind Kobe Bryant’s near triple double, the Lakers escaped with a 97-85 win.

With Kobe resting after playing a season-high 37 minutes, the Lakers take the short flight out to the desert for their matchup with the Phoenix Suns, hoping to start their first win streak of the young season. Los Angeles will be playing the Suns on the second night of a back-to-back and Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight will provide the defense with a challenge.

Check out tonight’s highlights below:

Let’s go Lakers!

  • Why do does this stupid coach keeps on taking out Russell so early in the game. That’s why he has no rythm in his game. Let him play atleast 7 out of the 12 mins especially if they have the lead so far. Williams is a 6th man, so why does this stupid coach keeps giving him starters minutes.

  • We are playing good D again. Just have to have a better luck in that 50-50 balls

  • Lou is always more interested in conning the refs than actually playing ball.

  • A good coach would take Lou out right now and put either Huertas or DLo. Sadly I don’t believe the Lakers possess one.

  • Lou is hoting up. But we have to slow that pace. That’s the way the Suns wanna play. We have to make them unconfortable

  • Seriously, stop passing it to Hibbert with 5 seconds left and just shoot the damn thing!

  • All the offensive weapons we have and we’re running the offense through Hibbert. Lol.

  • Can’t believe I’m saying this but Byron bring Russell off the bench till your fired, not gonna make excuses for him he needs to play better. But I don’t see one thing benefiting him with this team, not the offense, not the coach, not the minutes, the kid looks afraid to make a mistake because he’s going to get pulled.

  • It’s not Russ’s fault. BS is not letting him do his stuff. Russ freedom to do his magic. BLAME BS!!!

  • I’m actually fairly impressed with D’Lo’s effort, Bledsoe and Knight are Veteran Killers. Against Any team. Keep working D’lo

  • Pretty sure every team knows all they have to do with Randle now is just stand between him, the basket and show him to his right side. The expression ‘a bull in a china shop’ comes to mind.

  • I was thinking the same thing. Harden isn’t making a good case for MVP lol

  • You are still alive?? Take it easy old xxxx. That heart of yours is begging you to cool it down.

  • man up you sound like a lil b!#@ch with all you’re russell nagging, nagging is for women

  • What’s wrong old xxxx? All these hate and anger? Bad mood? Cant get hard again??? Out of blue pills??? I can buy you some. Just say the word.

  • Idk what message Byron is trying to send but we’re 2 and 8 it’s only a matter of time before the FO steps in.

  • Seriously, BS is hurting Russ’s development. the kid has so much talent and BS is not giving Russ the freedom to lead and play his game. BS must resign!!!

  • Priority NO ONE is to develop RUss. HE’s the future. Forget about winning. LAkers fans will wait for the Russ era to dominate again. We can wait. Right????????

  • I’m not first game his body language and play looks passive and terrible. Looks like he’s moping around, I can understand his frustration but he need to use it as fuel.

  • you’re still a virgin stupid what you talking about blue pills for? where’s your mom? doesn’t she supervise you?

  • I like Huertas, but he may not be NBA ready at all. Passes are all short, lacks defense, not really fast, shot is kind of ehh, let someone else come in and get his minutes.

  • No longer able to get hard is so killing you huh??? BTW Virgin??? LOL you are so 1950s!!!!!!!

  • STFU Russ must take control of offense. He’s the PG. We need to develop our 2nd pick. Clarkson is a 2nd rounder. He’s not the future. Russ is the ONE!!!!!!!!!

  • They both play exactly the same. Both slow & don’t play defense. Even though Russell is capable of playing D.

  • isn’t lin playing right now? wtf you doing here? go watch that idiot and his butch dike haircut

  • Russell is all hype , if anyone here saw him dissappear last March madness against good teams they’ll know

  • 2 replies? lol scroll down russell is all you talk about get off his nuts

  • Ok randle is lamar in zachs body but enough of him bringing the ball up and throwing it to the crowd!

  • Off course not he barely played his first season but when he was a laker he atleast consistently get at least 6 to 10 assist per game

  • Yeah that’s a crotch of an excuse like he just started playing bball this year

  • He needs to learn new moves ,so far all he knows is bully ball to the left very predictable maybe the team can pay hakeem to teach him some moves, did wonders for kobe

  • Ok so Russell if not gonna score needs to play D or at least get a dam assist…
    I’m rooting for the kid but he makes it hard when he gives me nothing in any category

  • Atleast I’m not a delusional fanboy on a below average 2nd pick player

  • Our team is playing very good defense. Just have to rebound and add a star who can take over the close games

  • Huertas all that experience, playing in Europe, playing international bball, he’s lucky Ronnie Price is injured, otherwise even he could burn him.

  • Guys here are too hard on our team. We played ok defense all night. But this turnovers in the fourth give them a separation. Is ok, we are getting better. Today is a hard game

  • Bring in JC take out Huertas & Black is our best rebounder why isn’t he getting minutes over Bass

  • Everybody got excited over Russell having that 1 good game. Dude was the wrong Pick for the Lakers. SMH..

  • I’m starting to think Russell is a bust too. Randle has been disappointing too the last few games. This is depressing.

  • We really have the worst coach in the NBA right now. I can’t believe how stupid Scott really is.

  • How can he let that unit stay on the floor that long when everybody can clearly see it is not working. Not even calling a time-out. FU Scott.

  • Exactly. People think we’re tanking, but it’s really BS and his idiotic coaching.

  • That was a nice pass by Russell, damn Hibbert doing his Kwame Brown impersonation dropping and fumbling that pass

  • Could it be the back to back games, tired legs, maybe but no excuse your nba!

  • Lead was just 5 entering the 4th. You can clearly see the exasperated look of the players on the bench when Scott is not calling a timeout or making changes. You can see the body language of disgust towards their coach. And when Scott makes changes its already late because lead is already big and the players are not motivated because they know their coach is stupid.

  • Holiday wish list = DNP CD for Huertas and Bass for the rest of the season.

  • BS is just standing there doing more watching than coaching.. Put a Gatorade jug in his place and the jug will do just as good a coaching job as him.

  • Of course an opposing player gets their first triple double against the Lakers

  • I honestly think I could’ve coached the Lakers to at least 3 wins by now.

  • Is nothing just an opposing player, is Brandon Knight who scored 39 some days ago

  • Scott has a f*****g set rotations, he won’t make a sub even if the player is clearly being outplayed. He has to wait for a certain minute mark which is stupid. Minute mark should only be for Kobe. You can clearly see the players energy is already low because they fought hard to be in the game only for their coach to let them down again due to his stupid decision making. Huertas and Bass clearly wasn’t doing their job early in the 4th and yet Scott continued to play them until that stupid 6 minute mark when the game & momentum was already lost.

    Fire Scott! Fire Scott! Fire Scott!

  • Vinnie , thought I was the only one seeing that. The lakers demise is by its own. Sad to see this happening. Watched the 88 championship against Detroit before the game and this organization looks to be night and day. We are the joke of league right now. That Knight crossover wc left huertas in the wind will be another nice material in tonights recap.

  • F that right hand put him on trading block, he’s been figured out waay too soon scouting report is shut him down and also let him shoot the J one trick left hand pony

  • And watch.. James worthy and those TWC clowns won’t criticize BS a lick during he postgame. They were so quick (BS included) to pile on MDA for games like this but oh no, not their boy BS though. And you also won’t hear from Magic too.

  • Lakers are a mess in the 4th. They just don’t have any idea what they’re supposed to do. Very precise and good coaching Nyahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • The Lakers have no poise when they got down. When the game is close they play good defense right now. But when they are down, they let it go badly.
    But i have to say, except for play Huertas in a critical moment i have nothing to say about Byron. The team are geting better. Today we played against a better team with a very good backcourt in their home in a back to back situation.

  • This was just a 5 pt lead, Lakers had all the chance to win this game if it wasn’t for the uncompetent coach that we have.

  • Been that way since the Magic days. Although the Lakers did have their number during Shaq/Kobe and Kobe/Gasol.

  • And we thought Byron got a break tonight. He is digging our own grave. Or tanking because I can’t see how an NBA coach is this dumb.

  • Byron Scott – Lakers “head” coach. He will not be fired for as long he keeps giving head to Jim and Mitch.

  • lakers should make changes now byron scott resign now or fired now because weak coach and weak defense and more turnover offense and replace head coach now tom thibodeau or scott brooks and option monty williams as next head coach LA Lakers

  • Dumb dumb finally black as throw in the towel and brown… Byron Scott cold man! Should’ve been nance and black

  • Nice stat padding from DLo, Okafor has been doing that every game, about time he got his.

  • BS and his staff are a bunch of clowns. What exactly is the resume of his staff? Besides I guess being sackless yes-men and all

  • IF the Lakers are going to lose like this, then PLAY D’Lo, Randle, A, Brown, Nance Jr. and Clarkson bulk of the minutes. It’s still a LOSS anyway. Do you really think the young Lakers are learning a LOT with the vets in the game?

    I don’t think so. Nyahahahahhaa!

  • Man, i like a lot of people here but i can’t agree with that “fire Byron”. We are geting better every game. Today was a very difficult game and we played ok defense for 3 quarters. We can’t ask for too much

  • You can clearly see the players don’t like how Scott is coaching. During the 4th quarter when the Suns are making their run and Scott not doing anything you can clearly see the players talking to themselves and shaking their heads especially Hibbert. Hibbert knows he should enter the game already or better yet Black. When he makes the sub, the players body langauge is already disinterested because they know they lost the game already. This loss is not on the players but on Scott. Bass in not a center, Huertas can’t guard the other teams starting guard.

  • i disagree. We let it go when we were down, but we still played good defense in most of the time.

  • Lakers are not getting better every game… that’s just a notion. IF they are getting better then the eyes can see the way they play. They are just lucking out on wins right now.

    Their set plays continue to be an eyesore.

  • I’m brazilian but is clearly if we wanna continue to play good defense Huertas can’t play.

  • If Byron was smart he would run a fast paced system for Russell and Clarkson just like the Suns do for Bledsoe and knight

  • Ok. Let’s see how they play against the Raptors and you’ll see they haven’t improved in any way. There will be very nice individual highlights, but as a team it has not change.

  • Maybe it’ll take a colossal humiliation to force BS being fired in-season. Maybe a 60pt or more beatdown by the Warriors, or the LAC on Xmas day

  • one of them, no doubt. He trows the game off today. We lose all the momentum for his mistakes

  • Are you serious? It was just a 5 point game entering the 4th, and yet Scott played Huertas and Bass way too long even if they are clearly getting outplayed. How many breakdown on d was there in the 4th and yet Scott just stood there and didn’t even call a timeout or made changes. Yes team is improving, but the coach is stll stupid. Should’ve brought back Hibbert and Clarkson for Bass & Huertas before the game got blown open by the Suns.

  • Lets see if we can hold them below the 50%. I bet we will. We are playing good D, but have to grab rebounds and don’t play Huertas anymore

  • they just need to play Huertas more, sits too long on bench, then it is hard to get going.

  • Nyahahahahahaha! a 60-pt loss to the Warriors without Curry nyahahahahahahaha!

  • The coach let it go by not making changes to his lineup when clearly the Suns are pulling away.

  • I agree, bad decision. But he also coaches the team and our improvement on D is his responsability too

  • Scott will say in post game interview: Lakers got cold; too many turnovers; D fell apart in fourth

  • Has Magic tweeted calling for BS’s head yet? He was so fast hitting send when MDA had losses like this.

  • I get a good laugh at watching bass playing center he’s really trying hard

  • & this would be the perfect team for MDA. He would have Russell looking like a MVP. Bad thing he would probably have Randle playing Center so everyone can shoot 3s lol

  • Dude relax. Those we’re all garbage time buckets. He’s just not ready yet. Maybe in a year or 2

  • Here we go, James Worthy preaching about BS, pumping him up and saying the players just don’t get it, this is the pros, play through fatigue etc etc

  • Idk. Philly pretty bad. Any coach would make this team much better. Only thing hurts us is Scotts rotations & lack of coaching

  • 2:36 AM here in Brazil. I’m sad the way the 4 quarter goes, but i hope the team continue to play good defense and figure out the defense rebound stuff.

    Good night, guys! Go Lakers everyday

  • Scott doesnt teach lay ups or attacking the basket or rebounding i could go on all day.._.

  • There you go with the Okafor comments, Okafor plays and contribute “all game” every game. Their aren’t any parallels between Russell and Okafor. Tonight Russell did okay, let’s be glad he’s improving. Hopefully, more steady minutes will give him a comfort level. Where he will get aggressive. Play his game, and “not” play like he’s playing to not make mistakes.

    FYI, Okafor tonight:
    19 points, 11 rebs, & 2 blks. Leads all rookies in scoring, 2nd blks, 4th rebs. No comparison, no excuses.

  • Randle is overrated to the hype people were making him sound like he was going to dominate this year. so far saw one game in him and that because people were figuring him out.

  • I feel really bad for Huertas, playing on this garbage team with a coach throwing him it into the fire to save the 19 old weak kid. He can’t guard fast PG’s but this coach insists on doing this. But he ended up with 7 points 3 rebounds 2 assists in 13 minutes.

  • stop being such a fangirl and act like you know bball, just cause hes a 2ndround he not a team future lol. Let me guess you never watched jordan college games.

  • Hire thibs , trade nick young for zach randolph, trade bass for taj gibson, recall frazier ,upshaw

  • Respectfully, “Let him develop.” That’s what we say about my 20 month old grandson, we are talking about the 2nd pick in the 1st round of the 2015 NBA draft. Let him develop is what you say about D leaguers and bench players. Nothing against Russell, but he was the wrong pick. There was mountains of evidence that said the Laker should have gotten Okafor. He is and has shown he is fully ready “now” to play in the NBA. The Lakers are not a developmental program, that’s what college and the d league is for. Sorry my friend, I had to get that out. I am tired of hearing he has to develop, if that’s true, he should not have been the Laker’s pick

  • Fatigue? Nyahahahahhaha! Pros? another Nyahahahahahaha! They’ve got young players, fresh legs yet the Lakers don’t do much in transition offense. Of course they know the young players are in the pros, giving them more reason to condition their bodies and minds for the tough grind ahead. IF these aren’t “tattooed” on their minds, then the young Lakers shouldn’t be in the pros. Nyahahahahahahahaha!

  • lmao. . . . In LAL Locker room, with Clarkson – I see Ryan Kelly, getting dressed, hair all wet. Y? Don’t think Kelly Played at all, Y a shower ? ? idk, lol

  • Dun hate Okafor Bro. Supporting Russ doesnt mean hating others. Russ can stand on his own.

  • The shower? Just to clean up the scent of an ugly Lakers loss, might rub on to their next game nyahahahahahhaha!

  • It’s a fact kiddo or did u watch a different game in you’re head, FLAGGED!!!!

  • Nyahahahahahhaha recall all their D-League players, Lakers may end up winning some more games nyahahahahahha!

  • That’s not a surprise for me. I know our young & vet guards will have their hands full against Phoenix’ guards so torching them lakers guards was just a matter of when it was going to happen.

  • 2nd Pick man you fool LOL. Clarkson is a 2nd or 3rd scoring option at best!!! Russ is the future supperstar!!! Dont be a fool!!

  • Russ wont be ready if he doesnt play enough. Treat him like Mudiay!!!! He will be ready soon. 2nd pick bro!!!

  • No a good coach would just suck it up and go with DLo because he’d recognize that Huertas is going to get torched by anyone he’s defending.

  • I think u mean u hope, but if that happens I’ll gladly accept it assuming he’s still a laker that time

  • Pretty sure Hibbert; Clarkson; and Lou Williams all did their part – need other players to step up

  • If it’s shown that progress is being made, yes.

    However, this constant limiting of Russ is not progress and so, no, patience is screwed.

  • And I’m looking at the same thing happening against the Raptors with Lowry, Cory Joseph, DeMar and even Delon Wright. Hey Bennett might even torch our big men nyahahahahahhaa!

  • I think u mean u hope, but hey IF that happens then great assuming he’s still a laker at that time

  • Right now?

    Dwight’s always been high ranked by default from lack of true competition. I’m not sure he’d crack an all-time top 30 list of best centers to be honest. Not to take away from his game but he really has been lucky enough to play in the era he has. If he’d play anywhere in the 80s or 90s and pre-leaving the Lakers Shaq 00s he would’ve been a footnote at best. The Dream, Shaq, Zo, Ewing, Zabaonas, Kareem, Lambieer, Parish, McHale…any and all of them would’ve torched him on the court.

  • 80% of the bench of teams in the league would beat our starters if such a game were possible.

  • when are you going to wake up, Russell has been torched his fair share, infact more so !!!!!

  • compared to whose, when everything goes bad, blame Huertas and give Russell the Pass !!!!!!

  • and what about S. Napier, he killed Russ against Orlando and Napier isn’t even a starting PG, russ plays more like a 46th pick and Clarkson plays more like a #2 pick !!!!!!

  • Hit the nail on the head, so far Russ has not shown he was worth the #2 pick, his learning curve should not be that far off but it is, for example Clarkson was the #46th pick and he proved he was better, his 1st season, maybe it was the competition he played against, I hope Russ will snap out of it but I don’t buy that He’s developing and He’s 19, that will only fly for a short while, then he has to step forward and prove it and I’m sorry that BS got the coaching job, even tho I was a BS fan but he hasn’t proven anything either, but he’s sitting Russ because he just isn’t living up to his potential and some people should just face it !!!!!

  • If sumhow d rookies learn sumthing n their plays.. Still bs havnt learn anything.. His dumbness is constantly showing.. His not taking advantage of what he got on jc in his drawing board.. Major fail!

  • I agree, Philly Is worse at this stage, but the sixers at least have something definitive in the works, a goal, an end-game. Now, whether they actually get there, remains to be seen. It could be said they are evolving, and the Lakers aided their rebuilt by passing on Okafor. The Lakers, it’s not clear what happening, from one game to the next. What happens when Kobe leaves, he’s the only reason they are even relevant now – just my opinion. The Lakers are so chaotic now, after the draft, they seem to be running all over the place. I’m not sure, are they evolving? What happens if philly gets the number 1 pick, or the 2, and Embiid plays, plus we gave them Okafor, they also get Orlando’s 7th, Heat’s 10th, and the European player they stashed. You see, you laugh at philly now, but they could become the new dynasty of the next 20 yrs. My question in all of this is to the FO, what’s the plan?

  • apparently you don’t know what awful defense is or defense for that matter, name one PG, SG, F or C that can stay infront of their man for 48 min. and which one has not been burned during that 48 min. when you isolate on one player for a few bad plays and try to persecute him when he has probably more good plays than bad plays but you don’t point that out do you !!!!!!

  • Staying in front of someone is hard. Completely losing someone is also hard. Huertas is bring bad defense to levels never seen in the NBA.

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