Metta World Peace Interview: His Children’s Book and Player Option

SW: Dennis Rodman is also a fellow wild child? Can you see yourself trying to do any of the type of things (North Korea, etc.) that Dennis has been up to lately?

MWP: Dennis is definitely my favorite player. I was definitely influenced by Dennis Rodman. I loved his passion, his characteristics he has, his hard work, champion, his defense, his rebounding. He’s very colorful. We’re definitely different, but he’s definitely my favorite player.

SW: To this day, is Dennis Rodman still your favorite player?

MWP: Yeah, definitely.

SW: Have you started reading Phil Jackson’s book?

MWP: I’m going to start reading tomorrow. I’m so excited to read and finish his book. I’m so excited about Phil’s book.

SW: Have you thought about your player option yet?

MWP: I just want to make sure that we focus on winning a championship. I’m working hard this summer, I’m taking some time off to go on vacation, have a good time, then it’s time to get back to training camp in June. I start my training camp June 15th actually, and then get back to work.

SW: Is your mindset right now being in the best shape of your life because you want to keep playing in the NBA?

MWP: It’s not about being in the best shape because I want to play; it’s about being in the best shape because it gives us the best chance to win a championship. That’s the only thing that motivates me is winning, is that. If it was up to me, I would go on vacation for the rest of my life, and make that my career. But I want to win a championship and the only way I can win a championship is if I’m in tip-top shape. That my only motivation.

SW: How many championships are left for these Lakers?

MWP: It’s kind of hard to say because obviously you have to be the best team. The main thing is that we bring that team spirit, team mindset and then we have to see if everyone is on the same page, so when everybody is on the same page, the sky is the limit, but it’s something that you can’t predict because NBA players are so good, NBA teams are so good, NBA coaches are brilliant, so it’s something that you actually have to go out there and show actions instead of talking. Our actions are louder than words.

SW: Anything else you want to say to the Lakers fans out there?

MWP: Have a balance in your life, that’s pretty much it, and enjoy yourself.


Listen To Metta World Peace Responding To A Question About His Player Option

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