Mike, Mamba and Magic: Top 50 Players in NBA History Part V

6. Larry Bird

Larry Bird is the best three-point shooter to have ever played the game of basketball and single-handedly led the Boston Celtics to three NBA championships in ’81, ’84, & ’86. Bird was a 12-time NBA All-Star and won the Most Valuable Player award in three consecutive seasons from ’84 – ’86.

To demonstrate how much of an impact Bird had on the Celtics, the record of the team was 29–53 in 1978-1979, but when Bird joined the team during the 1979-1980 season, their record jumped to 61-21.

Bird developed a rivalry against Magic Johnson during their college years, and it was only fitting that he ended up playing for the Boston Celtics and Magic playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.


5. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was given the nickname the “Black Mamba” for a reason, and it is because he is one of the most deadly clutch shooters in the NBA. I cannot remember seeing a player grab the basketball with such confidence and score in the most high-pressure situations in multiple occasions.

Not only is he a deadly shooter, he is the most competitive and dedicated basketball player to play the game since the great Michael Jordan. He has racked up five championship titles during his career and is still looking for more as he is entering his 16th season.

As a 13-time All-Star selection, he will continue his basketball excellence even while his career is winding down.


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