Mitch Kupchak: Lakers Fans Anger ‘Should Also Be Directed At Me’
Mitch Kupchak: Lakers Must Develop Identity For Free Agents To Consider Them
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With the Los Angeles Lakers headed towards their third consecutive season without making the playoffs, the fans of this franchise has begun to grow angry.

While much has been directed at Byron Scott and Jim Buss, general manager Mitch Kupchak has escaped the criticism for the most part.

Kupchak has long been the general manager of the team and his role in helping build championships has given him some leeway amongst the people.

Kupchak, however, doesn’t believe that should be the case and told Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times that anger should be directed as him as well:

“I know people aren’t happy but that also should be directed at me. That’s the bottom line,” Kupchak said. “Everybody has to share in the blame. Whether that’s the GM, the coach or the players, it’s got to be directed somewhere.”

Kupchak also believes that seeing signs of development from the young players would ease some concerns from the fans:

“I think our fans would understand if you’re actually developing young players and there’s some growth, and maybe that’s yet to come. But in the first 20 games, it’s tough to find consistent results to feel good about.”

Both the Lakers front office and head coach Byron Scott have insisted that the top priority this season was winning games. Scott has worked his rotations around that thinking, which has led to young players like D’Angelo Russell getting benched for vets such as Lou Williams.

Scott recently made the move to bench Russell and Julius Randle in favor of Williams and Larry Nance Jr. which didn’t sit well with the fanbase either. Scott and Buss may get the majority of anger from the fans now, but if things don’t change soon, Kupchak will be in the crosshairs as well.

Kupchak might wind up the scapegoat if Jim Buss has anything to say about it…

  • Well Mitch let’s look at the numbers at the 1/4 point in the season

    Lakers are dead last in assists per game by a rather large margin #30
    Lakers are dead last in shooting percentage #30
    Lakers are poor in rebounding at #20 and their best rebounder (Randle) was just sent to the bench
    Lakers are very poor in 3 point shooting percentage #26
    Lakers are below average in steals per game #21
    Lakers are way below average in points scored per game 96.3, at #25
    Remember that movie Karate Kid, there are no bad students, ONLY bad teachers

    Scott has to go

  • right on. Mitch is just doing his job standing up to be the scapegoat for the brains of this operations, Jim “everything in life is easy” Buss. Mitch’s always been a yes man.

  • We all know Jim is the decision maker in all this, Mitch saying what he said is a precursor for Jim to fire his appointed scapegoat for all the bad ego based decisions he’s made.

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