NBA Executive On Kobe Bryant: ‘I Don’t Think He’ll Make It To February’

At 37, Kobe Bryant is trying to battle through what could be his final NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant has left the door open for a return next season, but all indications seem to be pointing in the direction of retirement after the 2015-16 campaign.

The real question moving forward is not whether he’ll retire next summer, but if he’ll be able to finish this season healthy. Bryant has already missed three out of 11 games this season and is bound to miss plenty more for rest or injury that may occur along the way.

Apparently, an anonymous NBA executive doesn’t think Bryant will make it to February without needing to shut it down for the year, via Sam Amico of

I don’t think he’ll make it to February,” said one GM.

The Lakers will play 39 games between now and the end of January. At this pace, there’s no telling how many games Bryant will play moving forward or if he’ll be able to tough it out for the rest of the season.

Head coach Byron Scott has said he’ll do his best to preserve Bryant over the course of the season for the 20-year veteran to play as much as possible.

So far, Bryant has dealt with a lower leg contusion and a sore back since returning to the basketball floor during the preseason. With ample rest, Kobe may be able to make it through the remainder of the year, but it remains to be seen how his body will hold up.

That is if scott will fail to manage his minutes below 30

  • I still can’t believe how many people on that little pop-up poll (29%) still think this isn’t Kobe’s last season… The writing is on the wall. People really want another year of this?? More importantly, people think Kobe wants another year of this??

  • NBA Executives can show their names, nobody’s gonna hurt them if they say things like this. I just hope it ain’t another stupid opinion/rumor created by dumb people looking for atention.

  • I don’t get how BS is “trying to preserve” Kobe playing him 32 minutes in a game. Yes it was nice to see him play, and he did have an unusally good game, and gave us the win, but come on. Either ACTUALLY put a real limit on his minutes like under 25 or just ride him until the wheels fall off like you did last year. Either way he is not playing 72 more games.

  • I love Kobe and i would like to see him finish the year injury free and play in 60% of the games. But the truth is it doesn’t matter if he makes through the season or not. The focus is on the future. If he plays great the fans will get to see him one last time. If not fine we have young guys to develop. If we we’re a championship contender. I’d be concerned about Kobe. But we’re not and the fact is he not in the future plans for the Lakers going forward. But as a fan of Kobe I hope he can turn back the clock for one game this season and put up a 40-50 point night.

  • More Reckless reporting.
    To take the words of one b-tier new site and the alleged opinion of one unnamed executive, and then amplify it with the voice of this site is shameful.

    All it’s doing is spreading noise and words that have no benefit to the organization.

    It must be quota day.

    In response, I say that if Kobe doesn’t finish the season he won’t play in the Olympics.

  • Have you been following the season?
    Kobe plays, then based on how he feels he rests.

    What more do you want?

  • If he continues to play 32+ min a game he won’t make it. What happened to the min restriction BS?

  • Why do folks get hung up on the absolution of a minutes restriction?

    Kobe plays as long as he feels comfortable, and then rests until he feels recovered. And so far, it look like Kobe plays 1 night and takes 5 off.

    Kobe’s too smart to walk away broken. Let’s give the man more credit.

  • So far he’s played in 8 games with a 30.4 average.

    And it’s a learning process for both Scott and Kobe to figure out how much he can contribute.

    What more do you want?

  • Yeah Kobe plays way too many minutes and then his body is spent so he can’t play the next game, or two. if he cut 5-10 minutes off his play i would think he could recover a little better.

  • Should the Black Mamba feel ready to Play, Go for it. Should the Black Mamba need rest, Go for it. If Black Mamba feel up for discussion? Then I,
    Propose: 28 minutes ?

    1st Q: 6 min (start)
    2nd Q: 0 min
    3rd Q: 10 min (start)
    4th Q: 12 min

    Critical / meaningful minutes

    Honestly, I feel Kobe has been so Awesome, for twenty + season, for multiple reasons: God-Given “Rare” Super Talent and Wisdom. Wisdom to know hisself, above all else, but always to put the Best Kobe on floor for the Win and a spectacular performance from the Black Mamba, every time. At this rate, imo, Kobe can last another four years !!

  • Ok, but he also said earlier that he wanted to play every game. I guess that’s out the window now.

  • Man, I hope they don’t bring this comment up to Kobe, so then he goes out and tries to prove it wrong and he plays until his legs fall off.

  • I believe kobe will still play but only if management he will demand get better players than bass for example or huertas and a better coach!

  • With this likely being Kobe’s last season, I hope they retire both of Kobe’s numbers as well as putting both numbers on his statue, maybe one number on the front another number on the back.

  • Isn’t it funny how players like Bass that always played well against us and had career games can’t even make simple layups? I was expecting to see the player that played against us, instead we get someone that looks like he’s trying to learn the game all over.

  • Not a bad idea. He did get 3 with #8 and 2 with #24. Both worthy of being retired.

  • As we all know, Kobe has been our savior from the time he became “Kobe”. But the franchise will TRULY begin to progress once he retires…..hopefully at the end of the season. Also, BS needs to go. His philosophy is not young development friendly. He’s going to continue to play Kobe 30+ mins, all while harping Russell for not producing like he should. At this point in Kobes career, he’s thinking “I need to add points to my career total” and the team knows it, that’s why every time his hands touch the ball, the entire team slides to the weak side for his iso. Unfortunately, Kobe is not his former self (due to age). So Scott HAS to keep Kobe around 25 mins. If not, not only will we continue stink, but we’ll also be missing out on our youth movement… basically this season will be a COMPLETE bust if Scott don’t shorten the leash for Bryant and loosen it for Russell and the rest of the young guys.

  • Yeah, and also I’ve noticed the number 8 hasn’t been touched since Kobe switched to 24, so maybe a possibility

  • I think its disappointing if you look at his season statshe has more turnovers falling literally to the ground than points!

  • kobe is his formerself has been always will be he and clarkson saved our hides from the pistons!

  • Kobe is averaging 16.9 points and 2.4 turnovers.

    What stats are you looking at?

  • Bass has 4.9ppg and 1.2TO.

    When you use the word stats, you should double check before you post.

    I applaud the direct insult to about my avatar. It shows you can’t win a battle on words and logic. Try googling the name b166-er, maybe it will give you some insight and explain why you’re insult is a bit off base.

  • Dude that was one game. And name a time that a prime Kobe averaged 19 points on 30 something percent shooting…….don’t kid urself man, he is BY FAR not his former self.

  • you should check stats last yea rfor the celtics he posted 10.4 points a game and 0.6 turnovers!

  • Although, Kobe has been jacking up shots, I don’t think adding to his scoring record is his concern. It’s likely he won’t get any higher on the scoring leader board (unless he plays a few more seasons, which seems unlikely) and the last game he took fewer 3s and looked to distribute. I’m hoping Kobe goes back to that style of play, rather than looking to jack up 3s all day. This is just a ISO system, whoever gets the ball on offense is going to look to get his shot. It happens every time down the court, Scott has no system what’s so ever. Basically a guard brings the ball up to pass it to whoever, and the person with the ball looks for his unless they can’t shake a defender then kicks out. Also, as you said Scott is not helping the development, when Kobe doesn’t play it would be perfect for Russell and let’s say Anthony Brown to get minutes, however Scott fails to do so.

  • against the pistons in 04 finals when again there he was the one to help them out!

  • He going to play next year but need good role players! Tired of seeing bass on offense falling losing the ball every five seconds!

  • Scott just need to look at how Carlisle manages the minutes of Dirk. Carlisle uses him in spurts. No matter what happens he sticks to that. That way the subs for Kobe is also prepared and Kobe also can give his all when he is on the floor.

  • “Why do folks get hung up on the absolution of a minutes restriction?”

    Because he’s old, yet he won’t accept playing a smaller role, such as guys like Nowitzki and Duncan. I’m sure his salary plays into that too, but also like Nowotzki and Duncan, Kobe should’ve taken a pay-cut so his team had more financial flexibility.

    “Kobe plays as long as he feels comfortable, and then rests until he feels recovered.”

    Is that why he said he was going to have trouble walking to his car from the locker room the other night? I don’t buy what you’re saying, and while I respect the man’s competitive fire, he’s still pushing himself when his body is saying “no”.

  • Maybe if he plays 15-20 MPG like the other geezers who are nearing their 40’s.

  • Huh?
    First you are attacking Bass, now you are refuting the stats i posted with those from Last year?

    Put down the Mt. Dew, go outside, and walk it off.

  • It’s 10 games into the season. He’s already controlling his minutes and playing time.

    Do you think Kobe is some sort of machine that can’t understand his own limitations?

    It was important for him, the fans, and the growth of the team for them to win their first home game. And, that outside of the bodily fatigue, his body would be OK if he just rested.

    If anything, playing facilitator was the biggest cause as it required him to move around too much.

  • Let’s let Vitti, Scott and Kobe figure it out.

    Being an arm-chair physical therapist really doesn’t contribute much.

  • The difference is dirk doesn’t have a massive ego and won’t dictate the coaches decision unlike kobe and Scott which is the exact opposite

  • It was a learning process last season. At what point do you take heed of recent experience? This is trending the same way it did with Nash.

  • No, I mean a pool. And sell squares. And the winner gets all the money. Have you not heard of this before?

  • Do you have any proof that Kobe is the one dictating to Scott? Or you’re just stupid enough that you forgot Scott admitted that Kobe wanted to play lesser minutes and it was him that thought Kobe could play longer. Use your head before you post.

  • It’s 10 games into the season and he’s already having back problems. Winning games is important, but he’s not going to beat Father Time. There’s no way he should be playing more than 20 minutes a night after nearly 20 years, and all of the extra miles he’s added on in the Playoffs.

    He’s a stubborn old man who won’t admit when he’s had enough. Of course he’s going to say he’s okay to play extensive minutes. This is the same guy who tore his Achilles and still hit his two free throws afterwards.

  • All great players have egos. Maybe you don’t have an ego that’s why you’re still living with you’re mom and typing away in the basement.

  • You’re absolutely right. Let’s leave it to the coach that ran Kobe into the ground last year, Kobe himself that will play until his limbs fall off and the medical staff that has amassed the most injuries in two years that any team has ever seen. That sounds like a sound decision SMH.

  • Do u have proof that he isnt except some obvious sports news , do u work for the team brass dummy?

  • Do you work for the team brass moron? So where do you get yours, in your imagination? Do something productive so your mind doesn’t think of stupid and idiotic things that leads you to trolling.

  • Is it your team?
    Are you Kobe?

    Do you have a degree in physical therapy?

    It’s not in your control. And you assume that those who are in control, are going to make poor decisions.

  • google “football pool” and you’ll probably see an explanation. You take a piece of paper and divide it into a certain number of squares. In this case, each square would represent a particular date in the season between now and April. People “buy squares,” say $5.00 per square, until every square is sold. Then each square is assigned a date. Then, when Kobe actually goes down for the remainder of the season, you look to see which date that happened. Whoever bought the square that has that date on it gets all the money.

  • Hahaha ur getting your panties soaking wet over this seriously? Ur pathetic your actually defending ppl who don’t know or give a $hit about u ,sad .lol

  • Too bad for you coz I’m not gonna waste my time debating to a Lowlife fanboy who can’t see reality, ciao

  • Look who’s getting off by trolling and gettjng attention by posting idiotic and baseless stuff. Ok you done now, you got people to teply to you. Wipe your hands first you don’t want sticky fingers while typing. Call your mom for the tissue.

  • I think he assumes that they will make the same decisions like last year, with roughly the same results. 37 year olds shouldn’t play 30+ min if they want to play all the season.

  • Would the stubborn old man take games off during a road trip?

    Kobe’s already accepting his limitations. He won one game and now the entire internet is calling washed up and placing bets on when he will break down for good.

    It’s sad how we treat our superstars when their shine fades.

  • Reality, show some proof then moron. If you don’t have facts then it is not reality. It’s called your imagination, just like the world you’re living in right now in you’re mom’s basement.

  • Seems a little morbid to be betting on his career ending injury. I think you’d get a ton of flak for this.

  • Yup you really are pathetic,for your info you’re the one who responded to my post,I really couldn’t give a rats a $$ if you don’t like it

  • Yeah cause trolls like you need to be put in their place. Better yet get out of this site. Stupid and idiotic trolls like you deserve all the sh*t you have in you’re life. Just get out of here and come back when you have facts instead of using your imagination because you don’t get to see much sunlight in your mom’s basement.

  • Ooooh I’m scared now , Internet bully , hahahaha . MAKE ME DUMMY!!!!!

  • And you’re really a moron to the highest level. You’re the one who replied to my post dumbass with your Kobe ego sh*t. You really are an idiot, just go call your mom to give you your meds.

  • I know you won’t stop because this is the only time where you get to socialize with others. But still even with your ugly face hidden nobody notices you that’s why you reply like a moron to my post to get attention.

  • Now he really is enjoying, he likes it more when he gets more replies. Must be shaking now with excitement.

  • That the only thing you can say, i’m sure you can come up with better. Use your imagination like when you 1st replied to my post. Don’t completely sell yourself as an idiot. C’mon man, you can do better than that.

  • That’s my point, he wouldn’t have to take as many nights off if he just played less minutes. Playing 36 minutes is not Kobe accepting his limitations.

    It’s also sad when those superstars don’t accept when Father Time catches up to them. What’s even worse is when fans of said superstars are in denial of it too.

  • Choose better next time who to troll. Say hi to your mom for me and wipe your hands before you type again. I’m glad i helped you today to get some excitement in your life.

  • Say hi to your mom for me, get more tissue i know it tends to get lonely for you when you spend you’re whole life in the basement. Next time don’t be an idiot right off the bat.

  • I agree with that GM. Kobe can barely walk after games. He has played way too many games and minutes. Your body can only take so much. He has no lift on his shots because his legs are done. It’s sad to see him go out like this but everyone has to retire at some point and the injuries just made it worse for him.

  • I know a lot of you are like me, we squirm all summer and fall reading every tidbit of news and we just can’t wait for the season to start. No matter what the “experts” say we hold out hope that this year will be better and are excited about the new guys and the whole deal. Hoping Kobe will have a great year and we make the playoffs and then “anything can happen.” We didn’t think it would be this bad did we? But we don’t give up because we are loyal fans. I pull for Kobe on every shot and swear he looks better than his percentage tells us ( they will start going in won’t they?). And we want Russell to be great and for that high draft pick not be a waste when we could have had Okafer or that giant the Knicks. Its getting dark, but we are still hoping

  • Cavs pick n’ roll defense can’t handle Reggie Jackson like we did… We are getting better, like i said. I hope two wins in the next two games. Raptors will be tough, but if we grab the rebounds we can win for sure

  • I’m watching Cavs vs Pistons and now i change to Denver vs Pelicans. My goodness this team of New Orleans… Are they tank to grab Simmons and put him with AD? haha

  • Kobe playing 32 is too much, Kobe needs to stay away from the 30th minute mark of PT(28 mins. is ideal)

  • 28 minutes is ideal, but the more concerning is the stints, he should get 2 stints per Q(3-4 minute per stint)…….say,
    1st Q: Kobe will play the first four minutes and last 2 minutes(6 mins. total)

    2nd Q: Kobe will start the second quarter playing 2 minutes, will return last 5 minutes of the first half of the game(7 mins. total)

    3rd Q: Kobe will play the first 5 minutes and last 2 minutes of the quarter( 7 minutes total)

    4th Q: Kobe will start the first 2 minutes of this quarter and the last 5 minutes(7 minutes)

    total of 27 minutes

  • lol, Kobe said to Scott last year that he can only play up to 32 minutes per game(which was proven by stats to be true) but scott keeps on playing him near 40 minutes

  • Don’t be ridiculous, it’s Kobe who doesn’t want to take himself out of the game.

  • Scott is the coach, he can sub any of his players anytime he wants, Lakers sure win already but he didnt sub kObe out

  • As if anyone is going to tell Kobe “no” if he wants to keep playing. It’s his team.

  • Kupchak and Jim Buss need to go. Mark Jackson is a good guy to develop the young players, especially Russell.

  • if you can’t say who, it’s you. So let’s make this very clear Ryan ward says that Kobe Bryant will not make it to February. That sounds more honest to me.

  • Boooo! That’s so insensitive! But i kind of think you mean well….
    Stay blessed and at your best!

  • Zinger playing with confidence!
    Dang Whiteside posted 22 pts 14 rebounds and 10 blocks

  • We could have had both zingis and whiteside……………….im just saying

  • Taking a pay cut has nothing to do with his longevity. Dirk and Duncan are usually pretty much stationary while Kobe does a lot of running around which result in spending more energy. To make it to February he might have to play fifteen minutes and play every other game. I play tennis three times a week, and if I play three sets, doubles at that, I feel it.

  • It is sad to see Kobe as a shell of his former self but it happens to everyone. I do blame the Buss family for paying him such huge money in his waning years and delaying a true rebuild until his inflated contract is over.

  • Taking a pay cut at his age indicates he wouldn’t have to be “the guy” on every play. He’s not worth $25M per year based on his production, and he’s not earning his paycheck.

    Trying to argue who uses more energy between Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan is just silly, and futile. There’s no way to determine that, and they all run up and down the same size court.

  • A smaller role compared to what? He’s averaging 30 MPG right now. He averaged 34 MPG last season.

  • again your proving you dont know basketball. the nba has a miles tracker and kobe is by far ahead of dunkan and dirk this season.

    taking a pay cut does not prove anything it just gives more cash to spend. the extra 10-15 mill would not have made this team any better

  • I told them that I have no doubt that we will win a championship in my tenure here as head coach,” Scott told ESPN this week, “because I know this organization. But I do know it’s going to take some patience. It’s a process” This old quote from Byron is hilarious.

  • hes not going to play tell at least friday which is a 5 day rest 3-5 extra mins for 5 days rest is very much ok

  • No, you’re just proving how naive and uninformed you are. I brought up Duncan (it’s not spelled with a “k”) and Nowitzki because they’re in the same age group as Kobe. Not because they’ve played the same amount of professional basketball games.

    Taking a pay cut at Kobe’s age sends a message that he’s not going to be “the guy” on every play, as he’s been accustomed to being for so long. His body clearly can’t handle that kind of responsibility, and that’s been evident for about the last 3 years now.

    You’re a fool if you don’t think extra cap space couldn’t have gotten the Lakers better players. Why do you think they’ve been stuck with glorified bench players for the last two seasons?

  • kobe has not stoped a true rebuild as a matter of fact kobes contract has helped the team rebuild

  • There are things called “facts”, you can actually measure stuff to back up an argument. Unfortunately for you, facts aren’t on your side.

    FACT: Dirk Nowitzki is averaging better stats than Kobe Bryant, and both are the same age.

  • what would he extra 15 mill get? another roy hibbert type player? thats not even enough to make the playoffs and we dont get to keep our picks that way.

    timmy and dirk have played in more games this season and ran less mileage. so yes kobe has worked harder and spent more energy

  • thats 4 less mins which is smaller. hes not handeling the ball thats smaller.

    hes taking less shots thats smaller.

    wat is not smaller this season for kobe????

  • I guess we’ll never know because Kobe’s outrageous salary handicapped the team’s options.

    Dirk is averaging 28 MPG, Timmy is averaging 27 MPG, and Kobe is averaging 30 MPG. Dirk and Timmy have better teams with better records. C’mon man, I’m getting really tired of spelling it out for you.

  • The Lakers have been rebuilding for the last three years, and they’re on pace to do even worse than last season. Kobe’s salary has not helped the franchise, and you’re on Kobe’s jock too hard to realize that.

  • Dirk’s 18 PPG and 7 RPG is better than Kobe’s 16 PPG and 4 RPG. Again, it’s really annoying having to spell everything out for you.

  • kobes salary is very muh worth it for the lakers. as a matter of fact kobes two year deal has been better then duncans and dirks deal.

    with the kobe deal we got randle russ clark brown and nance. + the lakers make millions off of sales because of kobe and millions more from the tv deal because of kobe.

    what have the suprs gotten from duncan? millions and a first round exit

    what about dal. a first round exit and at best another first round exit.

    the lakers got future players and 100’s of millions from kobes deal the won the deal so far. even if kobe takes a pay cut we dont win a title so the only thing we would have got was worse by not getting our young players.

  • kobe 4 assist per game better then dirks 1.

    kobes 1 steal per game better then dirks .2

    kobes deffensive and offensive ratings are better then dirks

  • It’s marginally less, and you trying to rationalize this is just reaching.

  • no it shows hes doing less which you said he wasnt doing which is only discrediting you more

  • None of the Lakers draft picks are any good right now. Arguing they’re a positive from Kobe’s salary doesn’t help you. That TV deal doesn’t help the current cap situation.

    “what have the suprs gotten from duncan?” Duncan went from making $21M to $10M before his team won the championship in ’13. They managed to bring back Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, plus sign LaMarcus Aldridge.

    Dallas has also managed to stay flexible with Dirk taking a pay cut. That’s why they have Wesley Matthews and Chandler Parsons, and were going to sign DeAndre Jordan. The Mavericks are relevant, and the Lakers are a joke.

  • There you go reaching again. Pathetic, but totally expected from a Kobe fanboy.

  • kobe took a 38% pay cut in this deal. the lakers had no chance to become a contender so they payed kobe to make them money which hes doing.

    yes i can count the draft picks because kobes contract allowed us to get these picks and they are our future

  • out of the 10 major stats kobe is better in 6 of them aka hes still better the one thats reaching is you.

    dirk has to be taken off the court because his defense is so bad

  • If you had Kobe making $10M a year, you’re allowing the team a chance to be competitive and flexible. Dallas and San Antonio are both doing it.

    The Lakers’ recent draft picks – aside from Randle – aren’t that good. If you think those guys will lead the Lakers to greatness, you’re going to be rebuilding for longer than you think.

  • if kobe takes 10 mill we dont win a title we likely dont get into the playoffs and we dont get our picks so were stuck being bad for years to come with kobe making a ton less money. in other words no one wins

  • you never asked for a huge diffrence. you said he has not taken a smaller role which he has so your wrong

    your the one reaching

  • your only comeback is your reaching. you dont have any stats your whole argument is baste off of hating.

    you honestly dont get basketball

  • He went from making $27M per year to about $24M. That doesn’t allow the team to be flexible.

    Your draft picks are garbage.

  • he went from 30m to 23 mill however he could have made 35m his first year of his deal so thats 35m down to 23m

    you honestly dont get basketball. please educate yourself

  • Technically, there’s only 3 major stat lines, and Dirk is better than Kobe in 2 of them. Nice try, though.

  • you never said it had to be a lot less. your the one that needs schooling
    you honestly dont get basketball

  • You’re*

    My argument is based on facts, which you have none to backup your argument.

  • He didn’t go from $35M to $23M, so you have no point. Funny how the guy who can’t spell, has terrible grammar, and doesn’t have the facts is telling me to educate myself.

    Stay in school!

  • this is an online post grammar means very little if you can understand the point.

    you have not used any facts lol everything you have said has been bias not facts

  • my spelling is fine.
    grammar does not matter on a ln post.

    he went from 35 mill which is what his next deals max was to 23.5m that amount he took.

    if you knew basketball you would understand that

  • “your the one that needs schooling”? Sure, says the guy who can’t spell or use punctuation.

  • my spelling is fine.

    dont need puctuation in a ln post

    again your reaching and you honestly dont get basketball

  • no there are ten.

    ppg, rpg, apg, spg, bpg.

    thats five right there with out trying

    btw in just these 5 kobe has the lead in 3 of them

  • Spelling and grammar always matters. How you spell is how you think, and you think like a naive little kid.

    You need to get your facts straight. Kobe never cleared $35M in a single season.

  • Only ignorant people use the “this is teh online!!1!” excuse. You’re not intelligent enough to type correctly, and therefore you have no credibility in any argument.

    Do you even know what it means to be biased? Another word you spelled incorrectly. Seriously, stay in school.

  • my spelling is fine.

    grammar does not matter as long as the comment is understandable.

    using the wrong to, there, your and a few other words dont effect the way a comment presents to a person so it really does not matter.

    if this was for a job or a school then you would be right however its not so it does not matter

  • That’s not a pay cut if he didn’t take the deal to begin with, genius. That makes it an imaginary figure, and your argument void.

  • bias is spelt correctly.

    “this is teh online” you miss spelled the and the grammar in this is wrong too.

  • no its a pay cut because thats what he could have taken aka a pay cut


    you dont understand basketball

  • yep every one of your posts.

    0 facts all bias its kinda funny

    you really dont get basketball yet your coming in o hate on an all time great

  • Kobe has better averages in two of those categories you listed. Only SPG and APG, and I could easily bring up Dirk’s shooting statistics, which are far and away better than Kobe’s.

  • Were you born yesterday? That was a joke, hence why I put it in quotations, and used incorrect spelling and grammar on purpose.

  • You don’t have to understand basketball to understand math. I happen to understand both, and you don’t understand anything.

  • no you used quotations to try to mark the idea behind online. you just failed in your own post

  • you dont even get math kobe was up for 35m and he took 23.5m thats an 11.5 mill pay cut

  • It’s not healthy to feel insecure for another man. No one is being biased, and yes, that’s how you spell it in this tense, Einstein.

  • How convenient of you to not think it matters. You’ve been ignorant this entire time, so why stop now, right?

  • biased is if i was telling you ur biased.

    if someone is saying that your using bias in your post they wont say your using biased in your post.

    biased is singular possessive

    bias is the proper term here.

  • It’s not a pay cut unless he took the money, which he didn’t. He went from making $27M to $23M, and that’s a fact.

  • wrong on every account.
    kobe last year on his last deal payed him 30 mill lol.
    a pay cut comes from what you can take

  • And you’ll still be stupid for trying to say Kobe is better than Dirk this season, lol.

  • as a matter of fact the only stat that can bee called a personal stat would be free throw % because its the only stat that cant be effected by a team be it your team or the other team

  • 2013-14; $30,453,805
    2014-15; $23,500,000
    2015-16; $25,000,000

    Those are the facts. A 38% pay cut is only a 38% pay cut if it’s a 38 % pay cut, which this wasn’t. Again, nice try.

  • so you now admit that he made 30.4 mill down the next year to 23.5.

    you said it was 27-23 that proves u were wrong.

    he could have made 35.8m in 2014-15 so that is the amount you use to see his pay cut which is 38%

  • very much true. every other stat is directly changed by teams be it your team or the other team

  • It doesn’t matter what he could’ve made, and that’s what your feeble mind fails to understand.

  • it does matter what he could have made because that was his next contract. he took a 38% pay cut

  • those 3 statesmen are big guys(TD,KG,Dirk), Kobe is at the wing he needs to exert more effort…..25-28 minutes/game, rest on back2backs will do

  • dude how yall understand that 25mil$ has 2 uses:

    Saying thank you to Kobe for the rings,glory and billions he brought to the organization

    next reason is: KD(if not him then for Westbrook)

    that money will be used to help the lakers transition from one era(Kobe) to another(KD?Westrook?AD?Drummond?DMC?)

  • lol, TD has NOT averaged 32+ minutes IN THE LAST 7 YEARS! it obviously “preserves” his body and TD has chemistry with the team, consistent “help” and arguably the best coach of all time in POPOVICH

  • dude, listen….the LAKERS MNGT. told Kobe before signing the 48.5mil$ deal that the Lakers CAN still form a winning team around him AT THE SAME TIME that deal will HELP the lakers transition from Kobe Era to another due to CAP SPACE(hello KD,RussWB,AD,DMC,Drummond,Wall,PG13,etc)

  • dude, last year Kobe told scott he can only do 32 minutes a game yet Scott overplayed him, how much more now that Kobe is a year older with a once again injured body? BELOW 30 minutes is good, anything above 30 is NO unless it’s OT

  • Skal is project but most scouts see his potential as LMA with some rim protection…not bad, but not worth tanking…..

  • Phil Jackson,Popovich,Pat Riley…cmon as a coach you have to respect your players but at the same time gotta do his job of not letting these players especially Kobe get injured(look at the bigger picture)

  • cmon, Kobe will definitely go to the bench if scott subs him out of the game, Kobe is Kobe but he always has some respect for his coach especially to his former mentor

  • kobe just need prove that he can make on whole season and go to LA Lakers make playoffs and i hope LA Lakers make changes on Head Coach with coaching stuff

  • Good news about this season is that when the Lakers fall apart and come close to last-place Jim Buss if he keeps his word Will finally admit he is a failure at being a basketball executive and leave the team voluntarily forever. Once the Lakers get rid of Jim buss his curse will be over and maybe the Lakers can get back Jerry west as their chief executive and right the ship. Jerry West goes to the golden state warriors and they win championship and are undefeated. Is that a coincidence, I think not. The Lakers have been cursed since Jim to Buss took over from his dad, Jim buss needs to leave the team, they need to change the locks and Takeaway his key, and set him free back at the glue factory. The jim buss era will be a scar on the Lakers legacy for all time but the sooner he is in the past the better. Look at what Jim bus has done, Mike Brown, Steve Nash in D’Antonio, and he chased away Phil Jackson. For this he can never be forgiven. He is the worst decision maker since George Bush, Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick, and Napoleon. . Once Jim buss and his torn jeans and backwards goofy hat is gone, long-suffering Laker fans can finally recover, and maybe some of us can stop taking our Zoloft

  • First off, do you really think Jerry West would come back? People forget that it was rough on Jerry West when he was here. Towards the end of his time there was talk about the stress and strain being the GM here was causing him. Plus, he had his set of issues with the organization. There were rumors that he and Phil were not getting along and that he had some issues even with Dr. Buss.

    What people are missing is that sometimes teams just go through a tough stretch. It just happens. The Lakers have had so many great moments that it is only to be expected that they would have some rough moments. What has happened is that all of those rough moments have happened at one time. They have had a rash of injuries, botched trades, missed free agent signings and coaching debacles all in a short time frame.

    Be patient because when the dust settles, the Lakers are going to be back on top for quite a while again.

  • No…he is sounding as you would want your coach to sound. There is nothing hilarious about it. Plus, he is telling the truth on all accounts. Coaches use to be given time to pull something together, now they are fired within 2 seasons. We no longer have many coaches with any type of tenure on a team.

    Look at the Spurs. They went 7 years between championships yet nobody for moment thought about telling Pop to leave. If that had been the Lakers, everybody would have been saying that he no longer could do the job well.

  • Thanks for responding to my post or it was more of a rant. But I do respect fully disagree. Jerry West didn’t like Phil Jackson. And left the Lakers because Phil Jackson. Well now Phil Jackson is a New York…and Jerry West old friend Byron Scott is coaching. Jerry West loves Los Angeles and he would love a challenge. And it will be good just to have him back.
    The reason I stand behind my post is that Jim bus honestly and truthfully has no respect in the league. Top players, all of them, free-agent and any possibility of complex trades will never happen with Jim boss in charge….Jerry bus have the utmost respect from every owner in the league, when Jerry bus was calling they would pick up the phone. Every owner knows that Jim bussis a nepotistic Choice to run the team, and owner have to get along with everyone and he couldn’t even get along with his own sister and through jealousy and stupidity he forced Phil Jackson and everybody associated with him out. And then proceeded to hire or pick the worst possible matches for the players for you have the time after all he a horse trader….. No self-respecting superstar or free-agent would ever sign with the Lakers as long as Jim bus is in charge and that’s the bottom-line he is a malignancy that needs to be excised. When you have a cancer you don’t hope it go away, you must cut it out. Thank you

  • Putting it all on Jim Buss won’t solve the issues of the team. Sometimes you just don’t win even when you make the right moves. Jim Buss was the one that drafted Andrew Bynum. Who knew that he would eventually not work out? Jim Buss was the one pushing for the Chris Paul trade, who knew it wouldn’t work? Jim Buss was the one that chose Mike D’Antoni, whose system just won a championship. What would have happened had the Lakers not had injuries that season?

    As far as Jerry West goes…his comments about the Lakers over the past few years including the fan base tell me that he isn’t coming back. He is a consultant that has freedom, rest and peace. He isn’t giving that up to come back to the Lakers and deal with the pressures of making this team a champion again.

  • You’re probably right about the Jerry West thing, that is probably more of a pipe dream. But I do feel that talent will avoid the Lakers as long as the current management structure is there.
    When you look at how much money Kobe Bryant has made through his career and endorsements, he may have $500 million sitting around in the bank, and who knows he may buy a chunk of the Lakers when he retires, and then will have to deal with his temperament and lack of patience when he is in charge of picking a team!!!!!!

  • If this is Kobe’s last year…..He should close it out wearing his #8 jersey (where it all started)….A fitting ending.

  • Dwight effect haha. Funny that a Bickerstaff is taking over, although a different one : )

  • this is interesting why did the rockets fire km for, they did good under him!

  • understand but still the season just started for them even for an enemy in being a celtic that’s harsh! Its not his fault that he has Dwight coward doing nothing andd wight being stuborn! Rockets players lost respect for!

  • Appears from player statements he lost the locker room. Hard to come back from that once players stop listening. Plus he was panicking, switching lineups around instead of trying to build off of what they had.

  • Well still the players were notplaying well and I at least saw mchale timeout or do something to get them going,he was at least doing something better than scott! Its amazing we have a worse record yet fo won tfire byron!

  • Yeah we might win 22 games instead of 21, right?

    Not BS’s fault that the roster is a pile of sh–

  • McHale was never Daryl Morey’s first choice. Expect their next coach to be new school. Doubt they hire Thibs or MDA. Gonna be interesting who they hire

  • agreed yet atleast mchale tried substitutions and timeouts byron is just clueless!

  • Don’t forget the Russell pick. That is already enough of an epic disaster that it should get Buss and Mitch fired.

  • McHale also adapted a bit more. Wasn’t afraid to bench Harden in last year’s playoffs

  • see they went to the playoff sat least sorry even if hes anenemy could we fire byron and get mchale as a coach even he is better!

  • Magic Johnson is an idiot saying Rockets made a mistake in firing McHale. He doesn’t like criticizing anyone from his era. Remember when he was praised the Lakers for firing D’Antoni…

  • agreed he is only saying that becausehe was horrible as a lakers head coach!

  • Houston Rockets Fire Kevin McHale after a 4-7 start,yet we have BS after a 2-9 start gets too keep his job?

  • With McHale gone, I predict that if the Lakers drop another few games without winning, BS will be joining him.

  • D’Antoni got the team playing better in 2012-2013. The next season the team won over 30 games with a terrible roster

  • I don’t see Byron getting fired unless the players turn on him, which won’t happen

  • why are we keepinghiim whatis management doing dumbly even if wedonot wina lot this sasonbyron is clueless!

  • Not this season. With a starting lineup of Harden, Howard, Lawson, Ariza and Jones, they just lost in embarassing fashion to the Celtics.

  • byron is not exempt from being fired andi say fire jame not worthy too! All these fromer lakers on staff cant do anything and yes men!

  • Come on, this is still a business. If you don’t win any games, you’re gonna get fired. What sucks is that last season, we had company in misery with the struggling to an even worse record while being helmed by Jackson and Fisher. Now the Knicks look great. Porzingis just put in a superstar performance last night.

  • I’m sick of it, watching the Warrior’s play vs what we do its like Kindergarten.

  • I want Byron fired as much as anybody, but Lakers would have to lose the next 10 games

  • even at that at least there coach calle timeouts when they needed help byron just sits there like a grumpy mad loser bald headed man!

  • Dwight clearly was tuned out in the games he was playing. But he might be as disgruntled with the Harden-centric offense as he was with McHale.

  • BS has circled December 1st on the calendar.. we might actually be able to beat the Sixers.

  • Larry Nance should be playing more minutes,the only guy that i see fighting and wanting to Win.

  • the wayt here playing okafor might scorch us to philly win even by one point!

  • clarkson too mwp and nick young hibbert!WHY did we not get luke ridnour before he retired as back yp over huertas?

  • i’m so sick of it, we need to get back to our Winning days NOW,not tomorrow not next year or in 2 years Now.

  • not just that wenee the fo i meaning to try to patch things up and not lie to the fans mitch We turned the corner what a lie cupcake!

  • BS was the right choice for tanking and fawning over Kobe. If you plan on winning, good luck with that!

  • Actually, Gentry might be the next to go. The Pelican’s record is criminal.

  • after the season. Let an assistant coach for the rest of the season. And let free agents give input who they want as next coach

  • but Is a wmark jackson say to stephen curry in game 7 your the hero you can do it!byron does not encourage like that!

  • No, no, and no. Here got fired because he could not get along with JERRY WEST. Look what Mr. Logo has done for the Warriors under the radar. Fire BS but more important bring back JERRY WEST!

  • And how exactly would they bring back west when he’s already tied up to the Warriors

  • I hope tommorow morning or after some games after rthe warriors or raptors game we play a fired byron article!

  • Kevin Mchale got sacked because he lost the locker room. Over here in the Lakers, all we need is Kobe. Please make it happen.

  • He’s a bit old to make the jump at this point, but he would of be a really good NBA coach.

  • you know we fired brown after five games, yet byron never has made itt oplayoffs sinse early 2000s its like management wont admit there stupid and their mistakes!

  • Well, Christmas almost came early for me..Woke up and saw a headline about an NBA coach getting fired, but it wasn’t the one I wanted fired.

  • yeah how does byron keep his job this long even our d-leagued-fenders coach has more wins now!

  • If ever he is open to coming back, i’d like to see Jerry Sloan replace Scott when FO decides to fire his a**. Imagine Russell & Randle in the pick & roll, with Clarkson being a more athletic Hornacek, Hibbert a more mobile Ostertag. We also have a dynamic bench that with the right combinations can really win games for the team. Bottomline is, we need a better coach because this team with all the talents is underperforming because of bad rotations and system by the worst coach in Lakers history.

  • Huertas would be good if he was in a young, athletic, defensive lineup. Huertas, Clarkson, A Brown, Nance, Hibbert. They could hide him on defense and he could help them get good shots on offense. Pairing him with Lou is a mistake. Worst defensive backcourt in the league.

  • Or the Sixers might be able to beat us. That game could go either way.

  • agreeed why is he not fired with this record our d-fenders coach has a better rcord!

  • I can’t think of a poorer example. 7 years of over .600 bball with trips to the playoffs every year vs 2 years of under .350 bball with consecutive trips to the lottery.

  • They play the Clips on Xmas day on National TV. Maybe the Clips can lay the beatdown of all beatdowns, with CP3, Blake, and Jordan just turning it to a glorified alley-oop exhibition like that TNT game a while back with the shot of Kupchak watching in horror like he was about to cry, and the humiliation will be so damn severe they would have no choice but to kick BS to the curb immediately.

  • They block a legitimate comment but let this gobbledeegook through….time to review your filters LN!

  • You know I hate twc wish we were on foxsports again twc comentators too muchjokes and byron supporters there lame!

  • Then maybe we can actually see some sensible rotations, not taking out a player if he actually has the hot hand, the young guys playing with more confidence and freedom that they won’t have to worry about getting yanked and losing PT after a turnover, etc..

  • I would expect you to say that because of how you typically look at things on here. When winning championships is the only goal for a team and you go 7 years without one and only 1 of those years were you even in the finals, that is not typically received well by the fan base. You ask Yankee fans how they feel about just making the post season but not winning the WS.

    I was actually commending the Spurs with my comment because they have stayed with Pop whether they win or lose each year. That has as much to do with their consistency as anything else. The only consistency with the Lakers over the last 10 years has been Kobe Bryant. That’s a problem.

  • Also, I noticed that what you responded to was the comment about the Spurs and not the comment about Scott. Would you have preferred that Scott not feel confident while also speaking patience concerning the team?

  • who the next in line to be fire coach on nba maybe byron scott or alvin gentry ?

  • Pop had the added benefit of actually leading that team to championships. A pedigree so to speak. Many of the times the Spurs got knocked out, they simply ran into better teams, so their FO adjusted the team rather than the coach. The Spurs are not a big market team like the Lakers nor do they possess even 10 percent of the Lakers’ fanbase. Their FO is the most well-run in the NBA. If this FO were that well run, Byron would not have got the job in the first place, and nor would he have been given the chance for any input into this season’s draft picks or free agents.

    Here’s all you need to know: The Spurs FO hired Pop who had no NBA head coaching experience, but they saw something in him.
    The Lakers FO hired Byron to appease the fans and Kobe Bryant.

  • This is being nothing more than a joke. These teams are firing good coaches to appease players. Only one team can win the championship each year so if you are firing a coach because his team didn’t win…fire 29 coaches.

  • McHale is way better than BS and rockets fired him. Why can’t the lakers do that fired the garbage coach.

  • Have Eyen or Pressey take over the rest of this lost season and then hire someone in the offseason. There will be plenty of good coaches available and coupled with the cap space the team will have, they can really start anew.

  • Be patient they will. It’s funny, the Rockets owner and management have put together a team that McHale can’t win with but yet he’s the one that got fired.

    So…you think the Rockets have done right in firing McHale?

  • Have we not started anew 3 times already? Firing coaches is not the answer.

  • Pressey is just Byron Scott’s lapdog, he has followed him around for years. It would basically be the same thing. Eyen has been an assistant coach for nearly 20 years, and his teams have been lottery bound for most of those years, he was only hired because he was an assistant way back when Byron was a player. Those two are just Bryon Scott’s yes-men.

  • I don’t think you’ll get some name-coach with a good resume to take over in-season. But then again MDA did, so who knows.

  • The Lakers don’t need a name coach, they just need someone who interviews well and has a game plan for the future with this roster.

  • They are not getting any better anyway. The team still has no identity on both sides of the ball, players roles seem to change from game to game and week to week, and the younger guys don’t seem to connect with BS and his coaching, we are 2-9 anyway, what’s left to lose?

  • The problem lies in that they only hire coaches for what they’ve done in the past, never what is about the present or the future. For example hiring D’Antoni for the old slow busted up roster they had. Hiring Byron with a team of one year rental players and a lot of young guys, and to appease Kobe.

  • First of all all that you said isn’t true…only part of it. Some of the guys are connecting with the coach. Some of the guys are performing well. The problem is that the two players that were suppose to be the main players are not.

    Firing 2 coaches and having another quit in the span of 5 years does not make for an attractive destination for a good coach.

  • I told you the answer, the Lakers have the roster now, the roster that will likely form the core of the future. The Lakers should fire Byron right now, put one of his lapdogs in charge while they begin some serious interviews with coaches who have an interest, and tell them this is the roster, what are your ideas for it going forward. The FO should look at the coaches past for reference, but that should not at all outweigh the ideas the coach has for the future. Kobe Bryant should have absolutely no say in the matter and it must be a coach hired on reason and not emotion.

  • Coz he’s part of the showtime laker era, the buss kids would never fire him even worthy who always attacks dantoni before isn’t man enough to say anything against his boy

  • Here is something to think about as many are suggesting that Byron Scott should be fired…

    Info about Doc Rivers…Boston Celtics (2004–2013)

    After spending a year working as a commentator for the NBA on ABC (calling the 2004 Finals with Al Michaels), he took over the Boston Celtics coaching position in 2004. During his first years with the Celtics, he was criticized by many in the media for his coaching style, most vociferously by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, who in 2006 publicly called for Rivers to be fired in his columns.

    As a result of the Celtics’ 109–93 victory over the New York Knicks on January 21, 2008, Rivers, as the coach of the team with the best winning percentage in theEastern Conference, earned the honor to coach the East for the 2008 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans.[3] On June 17, 2008, Rivers won his first NBA Championship as a head coach after defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in six games.[4] The Celtics needed an NBA record 26 post-season games to win it. Rivers played for the team that held the previous record for most games played in a single post-season: the 1994 New York Knicks played 25 post-season games.

    Rivers would lead the Celtics to the 2010 NBA Finals where they would once again face the Los Angeles Lakers and lose the series in seven games.

  • maybe because full trustworthy of buss family on coach bs just wait and see bs how many nba games before fire him

  • so and doc rivers has a better winn.perc. that makes me hate byron more nice try though!

  • As expected, you missed the whole point. Doc Rivers was not successful with the Celtics during his first few seasons. In fact they missed the playoffs twice…and that was in the East! He was criticized for many of the same things that Byron is right now. However, they stayed with him and went from being a lottery team one summer to an NBA champion the next.

  • yeah but he never really coached before that bryron went to the playoffs and is a losing coach now!

  • i suggest that fire him bs now and replace him a good coach like tom thibs,brooks kevin mcle,monty williams a

  • Doc Rovers had coached in Orlando and gotten them to the post season. Besides, wouldn’t the fact that Byron has had some success in the past actually mean you give him more time?

  • LOL…And they will have the same issues…and fans will have the same issues with them.

  • what difference does the date make idiot we are closer to 2016 than the dumb fo minded 80s!

  • nope that means he was not very good if he went there and now hes sucking jason kidd was a star before him being coach!

  • i think not really just need prove it they are perfect fit on job and system they use

  • agreed byron is always blaming someone when he gets beatup or his methods fail like a loser now I know why his wife left him!

  • You call me what you want. You are the one that said they need to get a clue because it’s 2016. All I did was point out that it is 2015.

  • actuall y no he s way ahead of byron and has won the battle thanks for bringing him up dude lol!

  • LOL…how do things look from down there? You must be pretty low given that last comment.

  • Well, if you are going to claim that someone needs to get a clue, you should have one as well.

  • what do you mean by that at least I am not a bald grumpy whiny loser like byron or you lol!

  • LOL….things must be pretty rough down there, huh? I guess it makes sense that you would choose to lash out like you are.

  • Becky Hammond is probably a basketball genius on the level of pJ and Popavich if she is this highly regarded by POp.

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  • People comparing Byron to Doc Rivers early celtics years….LOL stop. I don’t disagree that this team is a challenge to coach managing Kobe and other players but the facts are all the issues we’ve had have been increased by Byron’s decisions. This is not a good team but I could argue half our losses have come from poor coaching down the stretch in games.
    List of issues with Scott:

    1. Not seeing that Nance and MWP should’ve been playing from the start.

    2. Princeton offense…there’s a reason no contenders run this offense

    3.”Man up mentality” – this isn’t the 80’s 90’s that way of coaching doesn’t register with players 26 and under

    4. Not playing clarkson 35 minutes per, not playing Russell 30 minutes per. On a team with two wins

    5. Overplaying Lou will and playing bass over black

    6. Ego driven decisions

    Could list a number of other things but what’s the point, no a coaching change is not going to solve all of our problems. But it’s inevitable, Byron’s most successful years was with one of the best player-coaches of all time….jkidd. Facts are facts he just isn’t the right fit, lakers went modern with the #2 pick in the draft but have one of the last old school mentality coaches in the league. The great one’s have adapted to today’s game. The good one’s are young up and coming types like brad Stevens. #Firescott

  • Funniest thing about this entire season is I keep picturing clarkson and Russell in D’antoni’s offense……smh.

  • I find it funny how people think D’antonio was a good coach. Never won anything, was more a coach fit for college, not saying BC is a good coach either.

  • Be fair…

    1. There were many upset with the signing of MWP saying that Jabari Brown should have been retained instead. At least Scott chose to keep MWP on the roster. The fact that he is playing him now does show that he is willing to adjust.

    2. Actually the Spurs run an offense similar to the Princeton. The Princeton Offense is all about ball movement, positioning, PNR and motion. The Spurs simply run it better.

    3. People say Scott’s “man up” comment does work with young players but they also say he needs to hold players accountable. Isn’t that what that is?

    4. Actually Clarkson had played around 35 minutes for all the games up to the most recent ones. Russell needs to earn more minutes. Plus, you don’t know you are going to lose until you do so you can’t base decisions on the win/loss record.

    5. Bass has played well in the right position. Lou was the most productive player the first few games. Had his last shot went in on game 1, we’d be talking different about him now.

    6. What coach isn’t driven by ego?

  • to a point i agree, they will retire 24 however i have a feeling 8 will never be worn again as a kind of unofficel retiring

  • Neither can Kobe… You’re splitting hairs here. But just from actually watching mavs games, Dirk looks like he has more left in the tank then Kobe.

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