NBA Instructs Players, Coaches To Wear Masks During Media Sessions
LeBron James, Lakers
Jim Poorten-NBAE

The NBA has continually said that the health of their players, coaches and all other employees is the most important thing as they are set to finally start the season.

They have detailed rules and regulations in place that everyone must follow, and it has worked well so far as none of the players tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the most recent round of testing.

Of course, one thing that has been imperative not just within the Walt Disney World bubble, but around the entire world has been wearing masks. When players practicing or in games, masks aren’t necessary.

But for the most part the same mask rules that apply around the country and the world also do within the NBA bubble. This hasn’t always been the case, however, as there have been some players and coaches being seen around the bubble without their masks and many have pointed that out.

The NBA is already springing into action on the topic, sending an e-mail urging players and coaches to wear masks during zoom calls now that the media is present, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports:

Wearing masks has been a topic of debate around the country for some time now. Most experts have spoken on the importance of wearing masks to halt the spread of the coronavirus, but some don’t believe it to be necessary.

The NBA wants to limit the chances of anyone within the bubble contracting the virus and masks would help that. Not to mention attention that these players are under is far greater than most so spreading the message that masks need to be worn could be something they’re looking at as well.

It’s no longer just players within the bubble anymore, so taking these steps is even more important. The NBA restarting is a risky proposition in itself, so the league simply wants to limit those risks as much as they can and ensuring everyone is wearing masks all the time is a major way to do that.

Dwight Howard reacts to being reported for not wearing a mask

Dwight Howard received a warning from the NBA after he was reported on the anonymous hotline for not wearing a mask around the bubble.

“I feel like we’re in the safest place in Orlando,” a frustrated Howard later said. “We get tested every day, we’re only around each other, we can’t practice with masks on. I personally don’t see a risk of us getting it during the time period that we’re here. We’re not allowed to leave the bubble, so we’re only around each other every day.

“I just feel like it would be pointless for anybody to say anything. I understand that outside of this bubble, wearing a mask in different places is very important, so I wouldn’t say it’s not needed. But since we are here in this bubble, and we’re the only ones here, the staff and everyone is getting tested every day, I feel like we’re safe.”

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel had a simple response to Howard’s warning. “The information did get to me, and the reaction is we all should be wearing masks,” Vogel noted. “In and around the hotel lobby and areas we’re being asked to wear a mask, we should wear a mask. He’s doing so now.”

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