NBA News: DeAndre Jordan To Join Mavericks On $80 Million Deal
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan has developed into one of the best young big men in the NBA and he entered free agency as one of the top targets of the entire class. The Los Angeles Clippers were hoping to keep him but were unable to do so. According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Jordan will sign with the Dallas Mavericks on a maximum $80 million contract:

This is a pretty surprising development as even though there was a chance Jordan would leave the Clippers, most still believed that he would remain in Los Angeles. This is an excellent signing for the Mavericks who have now added Jordan and Wesley Matthews in free agency.

For the Lakers, this is another one of their big-name targets who has chosen to go elsewhere. The Lakers met with Jordan on Wednesday, but the meeting was reportedly underwhelming. With Jordan, Monroe, and Love all agreeing elsewhere, and Aldridge reportedly ruling the Lakers out, the team has struck out as far as the big names are concerned.

The Lakers do still have a chance to salvage this free agency period as there are still some solid players available. Tobias Harris is the biggest name remaining, but he is a restricted free agent. The Lakers have also been linked to Kosta Koufos and Corey Brewer, both of whom would fill major needs for the team.

bye DeAndre 🙁

  • Bittersweet. He would have been great on the Lakers, but at least the clips get hurt..which is nice

  • so, where is the center for the Lakers? they are still waiting for LA, and we do not even have a center?

  • There goes the Clippers championship hopes! CP3 needs to jump ship and join the Lakers.

  • Nothing makes me happy than not seeing Steve Ballmer dancing at Staples Center. That gives me nightmare!

  • We (the Lakers) havent signed any players but… least we didnt lose any! That ought to shut all 6 Clipper fans up for awhile

  • Mitch, go and take the best centers left on the market so that the Clippers have no good centers to sign left

  • wow been a crap Free Agency! Lakers not being a attraction!
    lakers need to start hitting into some trade talks, if we wanna sign any big names!
    or Tank again,


  • FA centers left worth signing = Biyombo, Koufos, Kanter (RFA), and Brandon Bass (slightly undersized though)

    Who y’all think is best to sign?

  • he will come with box of cocaine since he loves his drug jokes
    i hope he becomes a big player for us

  • Tabias Harris is basically only decent player left for the future imo

    and then trades is plan c for us

  • Wish the Clips go get Kosta Koufos and watch the Lakers sit and still wait around on LMA

  • so i guess its koufous or upshaw at center

    and at SF its Green or Brewer

    who would u rather have?

    david lee , Amare , Smith. ill take lee and amare but i doubt we get both

  • Yes, I thought about the great Ed Davis for a moment. Somehow the loss didnt seem to be as equal. People talk about Mitch, Doc Rivers is one heck of a super GM. Lol

  • As long as he doesn’t go back to the Clippers, it’s a win for us. Lol, now they are for sure going to be the worst defensive team in the West.

  • Not like we could not have offered him such a contract. Was it too hard to tell him that we needed his special skills to solidify our core of amazing young talents promised to a great future, that we have a tradition of developing centers to their full potential, etc., etc. Fuck!

  • Rivers is a coach!

    i wont be suprised if Clippers get hibbert Via trade!
    all in all clippers still a top tier team in the conference

  • He didnt want to be Laker, obviously. His decision clearly wasnt about money or the best team. It was all about Texas

  • The downside: we are slightly becoming the garbage team of the league. You know, the kind of franchise that one calls only to make three-team trades happen!

  • Anyone for absorbing Hibbert’s 15 million contract? Maybe even get a future draft pick from it. Clippers will go hard for a C now.

  • Epic loss for the Clippers. Wonder who Dallas will get to play the point gaurd? Jeremy Lin? Beverely? Be interesting to see this play out.

  • How’s he gone? He was the Dallas’ backup plan if DeAndre fell through.

  • tarik black. undersized but very strong and quick. Good footwork, hands, plays defense and dunks the ball with power. youtube his laker highlights

  • I am fine with it, since it is one year. As long as we can dump Nick Young on them.

  • sorry bout gm thing

    but there is no logic about mocking the clippers
    there lot better than us! and thats what the rivarly is about!
    they have Best Powerforward in the game! and one of the best PG in the game!

  • Hahahahah fuck the knew celtics of la and their celtic coach and celtic pierce and fuck blake hahahaha , LAKERS BABY

  • That might be for the best to be honest. But I still wonder who is going to run that team haha.

  • I’m a Clipper hater. Misery loves company. Now both LA teams have no rim protector.

  • Lakers should hire the top psychologist in the world to convince Upshaw he can be the defensive player of the year one day.

  • Striking out on some of the few and only great big men. Had a chance to take a good one at #2. Lots of guards hitting the market the next 2 years hmmm

  • I agree with Harris. He is young and won’t be that tough to swallow in case things doesn’t workout. Maybe he should lose some weight like Randle to gain speed. We don’t have any asset to trade because we want to keep all our young players.

  • lol yea don’t really get it either. old celtics pretty much moved to the west where its more competitive. and they’re now called the clippers. lol

  • koufous or upshaw. im guessng its going to be upshaw since mitch lets every big man get away 😀

  • God damn you are seriously retarded joshhh. What the Fuck are you talking about? Hibbert and DeAndre Jordan are going to Dallas?

  • Think we should go young anyway. let all stars try to get their rings by joining championship contender teams. the cavs, warriors and spurs need more competition anyway. in the mean time we should bring in young gems and hope our young core explodes with talent after a few years of development

  • Tobias and trade with Hibbert is something we should look into!
    get hibbert in a trade wont too difficult! we need a centre

  • Flake Griffin is not the best PF on game. Not a chance. Clippers suck. There is no ri alry

  • Mark my words, Sacre will crush AC Green’s record for most consecutive games as a laker.

  • We can’t put all the weight on these kids, that is no good. We need a big taking the rock and nurturing the young.

  • I’m with Upshaw from the very beginning. Keep him clean and get him to focus entirely on basketball. We’ll have a gem at really low price. Plus, we’re not in a hurry to contend. Might as well use it to experiment on unproven talents. I wish we sign more undrafted players and give them a roster spots rather than just signing veterans for the sake of it.

  • Now you all can stop your delusions about him teaming up with Lamarcus on the Lakers. I’m just glad he left the Clippers. LMAO. Sucks for them.

  • they still we be good after picking up pierce and stephenson they may go after koufos now but they aint seeing the lakers this year

  • who would want to play for the clippers. if they play against warriors there’s more warrior fans in staples center than clipper fans lol. same with aginast the lakers

  • Sucks for them? Hell no, they deserve that.

    Keep covering up our banners and see what other payback they get.

  • Guess we should hope to get the #1-2 pick next year’s draft. Don’t look good.

  • Maybe the Lakers can work a trade with the Clippers to send them Robert Sacre for a wet blanket.

  • Please, please, please can we dispense with using our cap for low level centers? Tarik Black, Upshaw, and Sacre can hold that down for now. Use the cap for SF Tobias Harris 15.8 mil max to get him, and use the 7 mil balance to get PG Cory Joseph who the Spurs have given a $3,201,889 QO. Develop the kids this year and don’t worry about the playoffs.

  • I’ll never forget big baby drooling in the 2010 playoffs, don’t forget him

  • Cant aldridge just sign with clippers? i know he is a PF but we all know he can be a center. It is a weird fit, but they would still be really good.

  • I hope it’s the start of their downfall. Their defense will be trash now. I wonder who they get to replace him.

  • Plus Upshaw. If we grab an average vet for center,Harris and Rondo for a year, we will be better than our neighbors.

  • So Joseph, Clarkson, Russell, Kobe…and you got a lot of guards hitting FA next two years. Let’s get a big man not joseph

  • No hes an idiot clipper fan in one of his many disruptive aliases.

    Why do you think he crawled out from under his rock when he heard the news.

  • Aldridge doesn’t want to play Center. Kinda the reason why the suns are up there on his list cause he could have Tyson behind him, backing him up

  • Here’s what is left folks:

    Aldridge (pray)
    Jermaine O’Neal (yikes)

    I’m hurting

  • I’ve worked real hard to “wipe” that image from my mind, you just brought that back, lol.

  • Really? He must have stole someones username then because I used to argue with this racist fucker and he had his facebook linked in his account then when I threatened to expose him he took the link down, left for a while and now is back but maybe this is just someone who took his username.

  • CP3 is not going to get any better. Grffin is what it is and they lost the best defender. We have a very promising young core to take us into the future and if we land two solid vets,we will give them a run for the money.

  • says spurs are targeting david west. does that mean they not confident with aldridge joining them? where the hell is he going lol

  • most likely and lost again. this is the clear picture that we cannot pry an FA because of turtle like FO.

  • What are these “personal issues” everyone is saying Upshaw has to sort out? Is he another Larry Sanders type guy or what?

  • Koufos and McGee or even Okafor. Stoudemire would rather be a backup for a contender, Bargnani is an older Ryan Kelly, Lee can’t defend the paint, O’Neal is just old

  • No, they are already over the cap. Only reason they could offer DJ max was because they had his Bird Rights

  • then to whom you will give Amare, scrub and laying eggs in the bench and getting paid.

  • YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Now can the lakers get Harris resign ellington and get koufos and hope upshaw is another great steal along with getting Dlo and call it a great summer

  • Ah okay figured as much. Hopefully he can get help then cause he actually seems promising

  • Its seriously ridiculous that this FO didnt learn for the past 3 to 4 years that no big name free agent is gonna come here because you offer them a check… I mean fire them, after day one they shouldve had a set target and a number… If Aldridge was your guy but didnt sign a contact and wanted to weigh his options you MOVE THE EFF ON, basic businesses… This guy isnt a mvp or champion so unless he wanted to be a laker that day i dont understand why we’re stuck on this clown… All you had to do was sign ANY RIM PROTECTOR AND GET A 3-D guy… This free agency couldve been very easy if they just get their heads out their arse and put a young team together… Why dont we make all stars instead of trying to steal them from everyone else smh

  • That defense isn’t. Reddick, Crawford, Pierce, Hedo. Their perimeter defense is going to get exposed even Griffin struggles. Now they have no DJ they may fall down to 7th seed. They still need a backup PG, pf, and starting and backup center. Not to mention they are over the cap and can only use MLE now.

  • Maybe there are several and i might be confusing them.

    But this guy appears as soon as there is clipped news.

  • im glad u didnt say clippers suck lol and Fake griffin lOL
    yes we have very good future
    oh and yes CP3 is still great

  • ohhhh okay brotha thanks for educating me! i thought this just clears up max money for clips.

  • no but if they snt him to the mavs they would have a trade exception for around 12m they could use to trade for a center like nene from the wiz

  • Russel

    Thats pretty much what its gonna look like on opening night

  • Russell

    I am down with that. Let the youth revolution begin.

  • Hes young enough where he can turn his life around.

    The Lakers are giving him a golden opportunity for redemption.

  • This exact same thing will repeat itself next year, they will try to go after Kevin Durant and the only thing they will have to pitch to him will be a brand and bright lights and a core of players with 1-2 years experience. They will sign a whole bunch of one year contracts to fill up the cap now, then when Durant comes for his meeting they will let all those guys and everyone else get away while they wait for Durant to decide between a contender and the chance to sign more autographs than he normally does.

  • Pretty much, may be a blessing in disguise…maybe Upshaw will turn out to be a good dude and we will have our core for the next 10 years. Either way, we are in the lottery again…might as well have a chance to keep our pick and get the youngsters some run.

  • Lakers FO: well now that all the big names are gone we can focus our attention back to what matter most….

    Kobe: whats that?

    Lakers FO: reminiscing on the past

  • The real question. Where is that laker bashing tool lakerstank2016 at?

    Would be fun to hear from him right about now.

  • i hope we can get him but brewer i aint bad since he is a 3 & D guy. hence harris is a long term prospect.

  • Clarkson, Randle and Russel COMBINED don’t even have an NBA season under their belt.

    Next year they will and guys like KD will have a better idea of what the Lakers can offer as an up and coming young squad

  • even if we didn’t get koufous and got hill he still wouldn’t start. upshaw would

  • Yes. CLIPPERS suck. Did I stutter? Any team who cant get past the 1st rd of the playoffs in 45 years….sucks

  • The odds of Durant coming to LA are small anyhow. I think he either goes to Washington “home” or stays in OKC.

  • Hes here he just uses different aliases and he also has a secret mancrush obsession with Kobe but he won’t admit it.

    Poor goofy bastard.

  • hahahah!!!! ur so in denial and arrogant kid its makes me sick to my stomach :D. no one in the world would start hilll over a real center. seek help as ssoon as possible

  • They’re only as good as they are now because of the table scraps they got from the Lakers veto.

    No CP3, no Lob City, no playoffs, no nothing.

  • russ, kobe, harris, randle, kufos
    clark, nick, brown, hill, upshaw

    this team would be better then last season

    snt daivs and his 7mish deal: gain a trade exception

    snt lin and his future deal: trade exception

    become major buyers/sellers at the trade dead line.

  • no choice besides lakers do not have a vet. center. Dont sleep on tarik black. Hes going to surprise you this summer. Since im assuming your unaware of how good tarik black can be if given the minutes. Do you need the media to hype him up to convince you he is good or what? Trust your own eyes

  • Robin or asik is who the FO shouldve signed at 12:00 the start of free agency… They are so up their glittery arsehole its amazing they aren’t holding a gay parade in front of the stadium everyday

  • Word is Dirk left his family vacation just to attend the meeting with DJ in LA meanwhile no Clipper players attended their meeting at all. Says a lot.

  • Losing DJ is a devastating blow to the Clippers’ defense. He also put up good numbers as a result of defenders crowding Griffin, resulting in easy lobs for him. Expect a significant decline in his production with Dallas…

  • DJ is basically a younger version of Tyson Chandler, who Dallas had last year…A lot more money for a similar player…Is Dallas really any better?

  • I can’t wait for this season. Upshaw going to be a BEAST. Aldridge knows this and is why he will announce he is going to the Lakers tomorrow lol

  • and you have brain damage. if you knew how to read than i wouldn’t hhave to repeat myself. i said if we just got hill and not koufous he still wouldn’t start dumbass. theres another man called upshaw who would sttart ahead of him. lakers already know hill s not s starting caliber center they learned that the hard way last year

  • Jordan is a better athlete, and more durable. You can play Jordan all 48 minutes and I doubt it would even phase him.

  • I didn’t even bother it’s not the first time he doesn’t make sense

  • he said he want’s to be the man so that’s why he’s signing there….but Dirk and Parsons are still there to take up a lot of the offense. And don’t forget that if Wes Matthews get’s healthy he’s gonna take shots too.

  • Dallas is worse by virtue of losing Ellis. They’re backcourt has no scoring playmakers and they have no bench. I say 45-37 record.

  • only way that will work is if they use Blake for the Sign-and-Trade with Portland

  • If Mavericks fans are happy about this…


    plus no bench play, then Mavs fans ought to hang themselves because this lineup isn’t going to make the playoffs.

  • btw i dont really read your posts because the english is normally so bad it hurts me

  • lol, well he was man enough to ask me in a respectful way so I retracted.

  • this cj kid has a medical condition. i dont know what it is but he should get it checked out before he gets older and it fucks up his whole brain

  • 8th seed at best…last year they had a better and deeper lineup and barely made it as the 7th seed

  • Funny how DJ wants to be the go to guy on the offense but can only catch lobs and dunk.

  • They’ll be just as good this season. OKC will have a healthy Durant. Houston is the same. Spurs are the Spurs. Warriors will be the same. Clippers will be a little less powerful inside but the additions of Pierce and Stephenson will make them tougher. New Orleans will be significantly better and healthier. There is no drop-off in the West

  • i feel bad for cj and vdogg’s parents. if i would them i would give them up for adoption cuz there lives are hopeless. ur parents need to wake up and tell there children to stop spending thier lives in front of the computer. they have no idea what ur doing on the internet. if they did they would be super pissed and concerned.

  • Bet Chris Paul wishes that he got traded to the Lakers.
    We’ve seen the best the clippers can do. second round.

    This doesn’t really make dallas that much better. They don’t have a PG. Dirk is older. No bench. They’re probably a 6th seed at best.

  • hope so. only other team that probably look appealing are the rockets. i thought he was going to the spurs but it seems like spurs are targeting david west.

  • cj has a a serous condition. he looses his train of thought and writes the complete opposite of what he just wrote

  • At this point the Lakers are best off absorbing contracts, unless Aldridge has a change of heart. Options are:

    David Lee
    Roy Hibbert
    Joe Johnson

    I am fine with any of the three for 1 year as long as it means we can get rid of Nick Young.

  • Hill aint coming back, hes a pf… Something this FO seems to love lol.. They love them some pf i tell ya .. Which is silly.. Because again none of these players are mvps yet we treat them as such… Make em work! Be real and move on… Dont hold on to hill as a safety net, if you dont like him then move on… Its not his fault if FO cant find a replacement but its the FO fault if they bring him back same way with sacre… Shouldve dumped all these clowns and made a move towards b options, if harris and a rim protecter arent signed today i think we should definitely call for the FO and bryon Scott to step down and we bring in some fresh faces

  • there is major drop off in the west.

    the clippers wont be near as good.

    the rockets overacheved last season and atm are worse then last season.

    the spurs are worse then last year right now unless they get la.

    okc could lose its starting center.

    dal is worse.

    porland is worse

    the only teams in the west that are a shur thing atm are the gsw and mem grizz

  • possible or it could be more blanced then it was last season and have 10-12 legit playoff teams instead of 6

  • We better get picks too if we take on any of those contracts.

    Pass on JJ

  • Lakers are going to shut all those crying ass Lakers fans the fuk up, it will start in the summer league when our team whoops on everybody by 20 points then in preseason we will do good and when the season starts we will be fighting for the 8th seed, you heard it here first. I’m a real fan I support my team no matter what and all you championship fans can go root for the warriors

  • I just think itd be great to get LA even tho there’s no way… It’d be so cool

  • u dont even have hair on ur balls m sure. well not yet. its ok its called puberty kid it happens to everyone

  • There’s a picture someone took with Pop and LA eating lunch a moment ago in LA.

    L.A. has been eating well this week. Free food.

  • We might get a pick as well. Especially for Lee since GS doesn’t really want picks right now.

  • hill could very likely be a laker next season on a 1 or two year deal jus like last offseason

  • I don’t know if I want to fight for the 8th seed contention is what I want obviously we’re going to have to wait tho. if we fight for anything it should be that 6or 7

  • Popovich wanted second meeting with L.A. and it appears he got it. They had lunch in Beverly Hills. I think Pop is putting pressure on L.A. to make decision because the longer L.A. waits, the more it hampers the Spurs from making a move on David West.

  • Not because of the lack of signs but the lack of direction… This FO should’ve isolated all year which players where gurranted to sign with us and scott shouldve been more doc rivers like and let the FO know which realistic players he would need in order to be successful.. Tbh idk if anybody in laker nation is really expecting a championship outside of just being better than the teams in our division and having an identity

  • Destination for unwanted contracts ===//> Los Angeles Lakers

    Joe Johnson
    Roy Hibbert

    Dump ’em here fellas

  • to be fair we could very easyly be the second best team in our divison next season

  • All I know is that when Jordan Hill became his best friend, all the sudden he lost all his energy and started shooting jumpers. Afraid that virus will contaminate our rookies.

  • yep could mean nothing could mean every thing. he has yet to meet lillard if im hearing it right

  • Better try to trade for Hibbert. Larry Bird don’t want him after drafting Myles Turner.

  • I feel like Skynet kidnapped the FO and replaced them with Terminators. Instead of destroying humanity they’re destroying the Lakers.

  • im really not, i just got on 30 min. im an adult. technically ur not even allowed to be posting stuff on the on the internet since your a minor. ur lucky the internet is so easy to get around with. u just make up a birt date cuz u know if u put ur birth date it wouldn’t allow you to finish you account. it would say ur too young. to bad theres not something that could know ur under age even when u write fake shit

  • Damn freakin FO better sign a damn center! Better start a fire FO campaign.

    Obvious that Jordan was leaving and given the Clipps picked up Pierce he’d end up being the 4th wheel.

  • Let’s have a vote, which is worst?

    1. Sterling
    2. Game 6 choke-job in 2nd round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs
    3. DJ leaving

  • Turner is too slow footed and has HUGE FEET. He can shoot but his speed is very slow like Hibbert.

  • True, but this is just like the pau thing… We say we want him then we dont want him then we need him then we dont need him… Its like come on bruh, just get rid of the guy and shut the front door, one year deals are just like jeanie busss said…” Its hard to gauge and build a connection with a guy you dont know is gonna be around more than a year” aka unless its a mvp and or its blood .. 1 year deals should be left for the bench warmers not guys we expect to fill a hole

  • Don’t know what this means yet but one of my buddies who knows someone who lives in the same OC community as Aldridge texted me that his buddy ran into Aldridge yesterday evening at a Newport shopping center and asked if the Lakers were in the running. Aldridge didn’t say anything but gave him a wink.

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • dialing the suicide hotline. hopefully they’re taking the day off for july 4th.

  • He broke his hand then had to deal w a coach that was asking him to become a well rounded player when he’s just a ISO scorer poor dude I look at him and just know he bleeds purp and gold and when he’s playing good he’s a valuable role player so I say keep him he’s a cool cat

  • LaMarcus Aldridge is taking trolling to a new level, not likely to make decision for a couple more days.

  • no the mavs are out no cap. the only teams with a chance are lal, sas, pho and por

  • Jim buss telling mitch to still hold off on LMA!!! instead of signing Koufos & Harris smh

  • It would take more than that. Russell, Randle and Clarkson. And although it still might be a good deal, I say we just wait it out and see what we have.

  • the internet is infected with kids who have nothing else better do with there free time which is pretty much all day every day than make up a fake account and socialize to people cuz they have no one to talk to in thier lives by pretending to appear older than what they really are. thats what the Internet is all really about people.

  • Hey, at least Blake Griffin’s available in 2 years. He wanted Jordan to stay given he don’t get along with CP3 LOL.

  • Chris Broussard came on 710LA radio and said Aldridge was told by Lakers last night to give them time to pull off a blockbuster trade for Cousins. If they do, Aldridge is a lock to join them.

  • wow. this tells me he either

    a. really does not know were he wants to go
    b. he is enjoying the free food

  • Thats not my problem, id trade his butt for draft picks and cash, FO gave him that stupid contract whens hes only worth what i mentioned

  • I mean, I would too. Until he says no, he is a possibility. Losing out on Koufos or Harris isn’t a big deal. Especially Harris who can’t even sign on offer sheet until the 9th.

  • that means the LAKERS BUT BE GREAT right now coz in the past they won 16
    well guess what lakers are not great right now
    live in the present world mate

  • Last week I would have said yes. After this debacle of a FA period trading for Cousins and adding what’s left of the FA class we we would win 38 games and miss the playoffs and have traded some good youth.

  • Damn that would be a great front court. Instead however JC+Randle not Russell.


  • NO, it’s the Spurs and Suns. Dallas odds just increased more so than the Lakers given the mentally challenged Lakers FO can’t sign anyone big. Sacre to the rescue as a starting 5.

  • no the mavs have no cap space. the teams with a chance are the lakers, spurs suns and traiblazers

  • he’s either buying a new Lakers jersey or digging in the trash looking for his old Kobe jersey…

  • incendy,they isn’t no one left dencent but those guy??? the lakers haven’t signed anyone. you don’t sit around waiting on a guy that isn’t coming to you smh wow

  • He wants the lakers to suck and he’s to lazy to research other players that we could sign this free agency… But he must get it from our FO

  • Lol, need solid young veteran stars to pull that out. One year players and rookies won’t get anything done. This FO is mentally challenged.

  • Fuck Nick Young, dude plays no D and is one-dimensional. A.Brown will take his place.

  • If you want to know why trading away young promising talent is a bad idea just look at the playerS Zach Levine and Andrew Wiggins are about to become Zack wasnt traded but imagine if he was but Andrew was and look at him you may be able to win NOW with vets but letting young talent go is the epitome me of jeopardizing your future

  • cj why dont you make a real account for once without making up a birth date and wrte your own

  • I am living on the present, pal. Thanks for your concern, chum. I dont want to talk about the Clippers and their failures anymore. It’s boring

  • Instead of giving all our youth for cousins. I rather try to make a package for WCS

  • I can’t wait for a report that says, “Two teams left on LA’s list, LAL & SAS.”

  • i would prefer lal and the suns. i believe we would beat the suns i dont know about beating the spurs

  • Can’t risk the farm for Cousins, may be best to move on given the mentally challenged FO is having problems coming up with solutions. At least Blake Griffin will be available in the 2017 off season. He don’t get along with CP3 quite well.

  • Harris is restricted so we cannot make an offer until the 9th. And then Orlando has 3 days to match. So it would be the 12 before anything would be done.

    Losing out on Koufos, I mean I like him. But I am not too worried. We have a young team, finding a big man isn’t too important. We have Black, Sacre and Upshaw is on our summer team. We won’t be contenders regardless.

  • Yea I heard of that. Seems like Suns and Lakers are last. LMA haven’t met with Suns so we might have a chance but Suns roster looks good right now and LMA fits right in.

  • I think we have a chance to get JaVale, the clippers are thinking of doing a S&T with Memphis for Koufos

  • Sorry ass fucking clips now instead of putting a banner up they taking a poster down

  • kobe brought up the chris paul veto and how we giot screwed with dwight to aldridge so aldridge is indeed coming to LA to resurrect the franchise

  • ?!, currently have $32,014,352 on the books. They’d just move Felton’s contract to clear up more salary.

  • Oh well lets see what he does. He did meet with Lakers twice so thats a plus.

  • IF Aldridge comes to LA it’ll attract many players and our team will be on the rise again.

  • 3-team deal in the works behind closed doors (IMO) and I’m sure Lakers and Vlade making sure it doesn’t leak:

    DEN gets: Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Ben McLemore, Carl Landry, RKelly + cash
    SAC gets: Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, Randy Foye, future draft pick
    LAL get: Demarcus Cousins, Wilson Chandler

  • they cant just move felton. they got 18m in dj 13m in wes. they are done for the off season they cant get la

  • Yeah dallas doesn’t need lma anymore… Why sign a player you already have… I get it dirk is older but i mean what is lma really gonna do that dirk can’t

  • bad move by DJ. He not only gets less money, dallas doesn’t even have a point guard (not as good as Paul) to feed him the ball. DJ will just be an avg center.

  • you know its a lie when one team (LAL) gets a haul of shit while the other 2 gets screwed

  • lol so you like to watch them lose by 20 plus points every game??? the laker have no bench or depth buddy smh… they need 7 more players to fill out a roster and I’m not talking signing D league player

  • I really hate giving up JC but sounds good to me for every party involved. Then we just steal JC back after next season when his contract up. We cannot let Kobe retire on a lottery team

  • a pipe dream but if aldridge signs with lakers , is it possible to trade for Hibbert and wilson chandler? by packaging nick young, ryan kelly, and some future 2nd round picks with cash $

  • No income tax in Texas remember? That’s one of the factors why Dwight Coward left despite Lakers offering more money.

  • No source…it’s my gut feeling. But here’s the thing, I predicted Pau Gasol was going to the Lakers in a trade two months before it happened in ’08

  • possbile but i dought it. a smarter move would be to have portland do a snt with davis as the main part and the lakers gettting cuz and la

  • Dallas’s style might actually fit him better than Clippers to be honest. They run an offense very similar to the Spurs where every player is an option and every player sets picks for each other. He will be more involved.

  • or sign la trade kelly scare and nance to sign harris then use full mid lvl to sign koufos

  • Pass, by the time Hibbert makes it to his offensive position following your defensive routine, 12 seconds remain on the clock. Aside of that not trading picks for a player who’s under performed in Indiana.

  • Again hell no, they’d be back to square one with relation to building for the future 10-15+ years.

  • Lakers already said Randle is off limits. That’s why the trade didn’t go through pre draft

  • Cousins is only 24… He won’t hurt the future since we won’t be giving up picks.

  • Best Case scenario: Russell, Kobe, Chandler, Aldridge, Cousins WITH Ellington, Sacre, Black, ABrown, Nance, Price, and Rondo (veteran’s minimum of 1.5 mil)

    Worst Case scenario: Russell, Kobe, ABrown, Randle, McGee or Koufos WITH Clarkson, Stoudemire, Black, Sacre, Ellington, Nance, and Wes Johnson

  • UPSHAW UPSHAW UPSHAW! the dude blocked 83 shots in 19 games this season before he got kicked out of school for smoking weed in a state where weed is legal. lol he might have some head problems but if he gets those figured out then that is another lottery talent we stole. dont sleep on this kid at all.

  • you forgot about us declining hills option already we have an extra 9 mill to spend

  • nah clippers dont have a defensive anchor or a defensive player at all besides CP3. the clippers just lost their main piece and they should be worried. they were a minus all year without DJ on the floor so look for more of the same. chris paul is almost out of his prime in another 2-3 years. still very effective but without defense you cant win a chip. looks like another 1st round exit for the clips which makes me happy.

  • You dumb piece of sht sign a freakin 5 at least dumb fck, you’re probably ecstatic with Sacre starting at the five stupid? go give your ugly whore of a mom a blow job.

  • no we dont kelly and young make about 7m combind lee makes 15m we would be losing cap space making that deal

  • DJ must’ve either really wanted to go home or wasn’t close/didn’t get along with Blake and CP3. The 2nd big man to leave LA for Texas since Coward. I’m just happy he left the Clippers. Go Lakers

  • both randle and jc are picks. so we are giving up our future for a player that could leave us in freeagentcy in two years

  • again we would be giving up future stars for a player that could leave us. the only way that trade works is if we also landed la

  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist for Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson for Nerlens Noel/Joel Embiid.

  • Pass, if he literally has 8 good years remaining as opposed to the Lakers promising youth likely being 15+ years. Although wouldn’t mind shipping out Randle being they’d need a star 4 down the road which Randle won’t be three yrs from now. But they’re asking for more.

  • your forgetting about us not resigning davis,dropping,lin and boozer lakers now have 43 million to spend

  • come on give him those 80m …. we need a center more than anything else. give him the money!!!!

  • no they dont. you cant trade away 7m from the books add 15m to the books and sudenly have more cap space

  • Lakers must think blockbuster deals if they are serious about making their fans happy. FO must put together a blockbuster team if they are serious about winning.

    The ONLY way to go is this:


    Bench core unit: Rondo, Black, Sacre, Nance, ABrown, Ellington

  • Good, I think it would be great to see the Lakers start the youngest team in the nab. At least Upshaw can shot from the lone and he ain’t a freaking Clipped!

  • No as in just to start the convo for Embiid/Noel it be Clarkson and Randle…Hinke isn’t giving up those guys

  • No shit. Getting LMA is the only reason why the Lakers are thinking of getting Cousins. And please stop there’s a reason why joshhh is getting annoyed of you.

  • Sure they can it’s called salary dumping = teams like the 76ers who’ve taken the Kings salary dumps for a few 2nd rounders.

  • no your saying la wont come unless we get cuz but getting cuz does not mean we get la 100% so trading for cuz would be foolish. we could end up trading for cuz and not get la then we are stuck for years to come.

    joshhh is a tool

  • We have a good young team and just hope if they sign someone they be young too like Kanter and Harris both I believe 23 .

  • LA would like to win and koufos isn’t going to get you those wins T.harris might help tho

  • even with out felton they dont have the space atm they are caped out with the two deals they signed by trading felton the best they could get would be beve from houston

  • No I’m saying Cousins + LA would be a great frontcourt and if LA is there Cousins will likely stay. Stop putting words in my mouth you tool.

  • Been saying that months ago. I was really upset when we didn’t take him at 34 but glad he went undrafted and playing for us in the Summer League.

  • if you follow the flow of this comments from your first comment to jim you would see im right

  • I’m done arguing with you. There’s no point of talking to someone who thinks they can read someone else’s mind.

  • in order to get both all we have to do is get rid of kelly nance and scare for nothing

  • Anyone want a very somber read, google espn lakers stuck in stone age. It’s a long read but unfortunately paints a very poor picture of how this Lakers organization is run.

  • Robert Sacre
    Julius Randle
    Nick Young
    Kobe Bryant
    D’Angelo Russell

    Tarik Black
    Larry Nance Jr
    Anthony Brown
    Jabari Brown
    Jordan Clarkson

    11th man Ryan Kelly

    2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers

  • i read your post and follow a logical path its going.

    yes getting both cuz and la would be great but it would be foolish to trade for cuz unless we had la and he wont comit to the lakers with out cuz. the lakers are kinda stuck in a greay place were they need to step out and risk breaking their neck or just let things fall were they may

  • He didn’t like Paul and he gets to go home. Doesn’t help when no Clipper player bothered to show up to their meeting meanwhile Dirk left his family vacation and flew to LA to meet with DJ and the Mavs. It says a lot.

  • I like the way you think. Thinking 3 way with nuggets and kings. Would have to give up clarkson and randle. Question is, do nuggets have enough to send to nuggets? Yea Karl likes Lawson and Farried but is that enough to give up cousins.

    With that said, this is a dream scenario. That 99% won’t happen.

    Need to think more realist. That’s Kosta and Harris.

  • true read it a few hours ago. but to be fair i dont know how much to believe there

  • Lol, hopefully it doesn’t happen. Not gonna argue about Hibbert since you seem to believe he’s the Lakers salvation somehow?

  • Still better than 76ers and their “trust the process” shirt though.

  • Has the whole New Yorker Mitch Kupchak gimmick finally run it’s course in LA? You know the whole thick New York accent with the surly personality and choppy quick answers and the lack of analytic’s and modern hoop savvy along with having the white hair and skeleton thin body, he looks dejected and sick. Is it time for a young modern analytic’s GM with the high IQ and Hollywood good looks? Does the Lakers FO need to be replaced? Mitch is outdated and out of touch and his presentation is laughable to free agents! #Change

  • Yeah, it’s just sad. Wake me up when this nightmare is over and the summer league starts.

  • Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 8m8 minutes ago

    Free agent Corey Brewer has agreed to a three-year, $24 million deal to return to the Houston Rockets, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

  • I can’t believe in what happened. We don’t get anybody. Man. Thats sad

  • I feel like Anthony Brown is already better than him. I’m sure he’s more consistent.

  • Something tells me Kupchak and Byron are on the phone with Vlade Divac as we speak. Meanwhile George Karl is on the phone with Nuggets’ front office.

    Aldridge is on standby…

  • I rather see Roscoe Smith. I don’t see Wes improving at all with his age.

  • The thin line between optimism and delusion, that’s where you are right now.

  • i just lose my hope. I follow the Lakers every day, even in offseason. I lose my sleep for the Lakers. And i will watch one more 50+ loss season. Amazing

  • I feel you bro. The good news is the summer league games are just around the corner.

  • I hope for 0 injures. Because last season more than don’t sign anybody we lost Randle in first game.

  • Why hasn’t Lakers obtained Harris already? Throw the max contract at him already. #areyoufuckingkiddingme. Next years free agency is going to be filled with shit and were not.getting Durant we have no draft pick next year because were not just going to tank on Kobe’s final year. The front office doesn’t have any flexibility they are going to loose there jobs anyways. Give the kid a contract already #areyoufuckingkiddingme

  • Yea but if you’re 6’11 240 you should be able to play it without hesitation

  • no need to sign a player like harris yet. he would fill up money for a long time atm

  • harris is ours for the taking seems like all teams have now dropped out of the race

  • Do you think Mitch and Jim also tiptoe on this thin line you speak of while they try and work out deals?

  • The F.O should really hire a shaman. The number of bad lucks in the past few years really make me wonder if someone cast a spell on us.

  • After reading your so-called ” logic” you’re saying you want LMA and he’d be great with Cousins but you’re saying he won’t sign without Cousins coming and you’re saying it’s bad to have both.. Like joshhh said, everything you say is contradictory. This is why Im done arguing with you. You think you’re acting logical when you’re not.

  • he can play it with no issue but its not were he wants to play.

    as a freeagent hes looking for a team he fits with and fits were he wants to play.

  • I picture Mitch asleep in his office chair and Jim in his fucking stupid baseball cap at a bar somewhere asking Lakers fans if they think he is cool.

  • I woke up almost every single game night at around 3 am to watch the Lakers suck ass just to watch Clarkson, Black, Davis and Ellington play and see the rookies develop and hear Boozer yell. I lost all my enthusiasm after 30-40 games. I hope we don’t have to endure another season as frustrating as the last one.

  • i did not say its bad to have both.

    i said we need cuz to have a legit chance at la.

    we need to trade for cuz.

    if we trade for cuz and we dont land la we are screwed.

    there is a major rist trading for a player so we can land a player only to then have said player not sign with your team.

    getting la and cuz would be great but the steps to make that happen are foolhardy and likely to blow up in our faces

  • lol.

    i see mich on the phone working his ass off wile jim is in a bar asking if hes cool

  • Here in Brazil, the Lakers games are pretty much everytime 4am. And my class in the university begins 7:30am. And i watch every game… Man, i wanna cry with this third straight horrible offseason

  • who says we lost la? he has yet to pick yet and the longer he waits the more and more likely we get him

  • You should cry then cheer up when you see that fat Brazilian ass walking down the beach

  • There goes the Mavs chance of winning another championship. Imagine a title contender that is powered by a DJ’s featured offense.

  • The Lakers FO is being completely delusional. I bet the only reason they haven’t signed Tobias Harris is because they believe they will get KD next year. We can save all the cap we want and save all the positions for free agents in the future, but chances are we won’t land them. The Lakers drafted Russell, so it seems like we don’t need to address the Westbrook situation, but we can’t sell a team of young guys/d-league players to KD. Best to go with a young nucleus and watch the team grow, Harris would be a wonderful addition to the young core of Upshaw-Black-Randle-Nance-A.Brown-J.Brown-Clarkson-Russell

  • He is restricted. He cannot Sign an offer till the 8th or 9th. Once he does that Orlando has 3 days to match the offer.

  • those guys are studs in their own team. they will not trade them. Hornets will give him a big deal.

  • More along the lines of my thinking analytic’s and modern day NBA style of play and implementing a modern system and building a winning culture Bob Myers, Ryan McDonough, Sam Presti and Masai Ujiri. Mitch is a old fossil and he knows he is hanging on by a thread to his job. Kupcake is on the hot seat and the media will break the story after free agency. John Hollinger and Hinkie also Morey changed the NBA forever. The new modern NBA is run by analytic’s and sports science. Other NBA teams have Medical facilities and training rooms that have the highest priced equipment and the most advanced staffs. The Lakers run by Mitch Kupcake are in the dark ages compared to others. It’s time for the Lakers owner to invest heavily into the team.

  • We cannot sign Harris until the 8th or 9th and that is only an offer sheet. After offer sheet is signed Orlando has three days to match

  • hahahaha I live in São Paulo. He have no beach here. But Rio de Janeiro is cool. And Ubatuba too =)

  • Lakers chose Russell over Okafor, then assumed that Lakers can grab a long man on the market. But no one wants to join Lakers.

  • harris can’t play an entire season. the guy is made of glass. you don’t give a max contract to someone who can’t barely play 55-60 games and plays no d.

  • I think it’s gonna be much more interesting with Clarkson, Randle, Russell, Nance Jr, Brown and possible Upshaw. Much more to look forward than last season after Randle went down.

  • You say “I said we need cuz to have a legit chance at la” and “We need to trade to cuz”

    Then why are you saying you’re against trading for Cousins? This is why you need to retool your logic and stop making contradictory statements. I’m literally copying and pasting what you said and the things you say contradict each other.

  • We chosed because Russel is a better player long term. So… The bad free agency don’t change that

  • We get Upshaw though. Our priority is always looking for a rim protector.

  • its possible but he has yet to meet with lilard and the spurs are said to be after david west who plays pf so if the spurs are truly looking at west that tealls me they dont believe they are getting la

  • we have no assets. we are not willing to trade Russell, Clarkson and Randle.

  • Tobias Harris is a restricted FA. To get him from the Orlando Magic, you’d need to be clever.

  • they knew they could land aldridge but they also knew aldridge had to visit other team too..they simply played a joke on the media that hes not coming

  • Randle is 6’9″ with shoes. Let’s not forget, Randle has only 7’0″ wingspan while Okafor is 7’5″.

  • How much cap room does Orlando have left? That will give us an idea on what it would cost to get harris

  • Well Lakers are screwed again for next season. Guess it’s true no one wants to play with kobe due to those moron Buss family

  • now it’s time to give big money to patrick beverley and strenghten our perimeter d at the guard position. then go after koufos and another guy at the center position and resign wes johnson.

  • Still possible salary dumping D Harris and Felton’s salary (slightly less than $8 mil) . Will Cuban take that shot?… who knows but time will shortly tell but it’s still an option.

  • In a few years, Russell/Randle combo will be the top small/big combo in the NBA.

  • True but dominant centers in Lakes history all 7 footers , Russel was the right pick .

  • Way too much. They have not signed any big contracts. They actually have to spend.

  • Remember this folks…DeAndre Jordan was taken late in the second round by the Clippers 7 years ago…for his first five years Jordan was a nobody…Not until Doc Rivers came to the Clippers did Jordan finally realize his full potential. Sometimes it takes the right system and the right coach in order for a player to turn into the player he can be. I see the same thing happening with Upshaw. Loads of talent, loads of potential. The Lakers are a perfect fit. He can become the next DeAndre.

    Having said this, the Lakers should hurry up and sign either Koufos or Stoudemire. Bring in Rondo for the veteran’s minimum. And call it a day. If Lamarcus comes, great. If not, we play with the cards that were dealt.

  • Have you seen Randle play? He can handle the ball better than most guards. Probably will be the best ball-handling forward in the NBA.

  • True, that’s why we take Russell and get Upshaw who is 7’0″ with shoes and 7’6″ wingspan.

  • Don’t panic we have Upshaw and if he doesn’t mess up he is going to be a beast for us next year !!!!!!

  • they did not take Russell because they were confident about that. they took him because he was the best player available. period.

  • i never said we need to trade cuz.

    i said we might need cuz for la but getting cuz does not mean la is a laker. it would be foolish to trade for cuz unless la said he is coming to the lakers

  • I’m calling it right now, UPSHAW will be the Lakers starting center if we don’t get Cousins.

  • And it will be fun to watch unless Kobe starts ball hogging and wants to break a record .

  • Well. Fuck this FA. I will back soon because i can’t control myself. But for now, i’m leaving the twitter refresh. Bye guys. Go Lakers, go!

  • The scary part, he was only relying completely on his physical tools and instinct to block shot. Right now he is raw at position and team defense. Imagine if we could help him develop those skill. He’ll be a monster in the paint.

  • no they don’t wanna do that. they better keep those guys and don’t do the same mistake the suns did. if you trade them and finally aldridge moves to sas and harris remain in orlando you look like a big moron.

  • If we can get 21 wins with those scrubs without Kobe and Randle, I’m sure we can get more with Russell and the other rookies.

  • We’re literally running out of free agents, might have to see if overseas players are willing to play for us..

  • Lakers have not signed Upshaw to actual contract, he is not obligated to stay nor are we obligated to keep him. Just a Summer League invite, nothing more.

  • Amen !!! With support and round the clock teaching , diet and maybe Kareem !!!! We might have found the missing link !!!!!!

  • I like Black but he’s not a true center. UPSHAW has way more UPSIDE than any “center” on our roster.

  • I believe DJ really screwed the Clippers. He could’ve left earlier but decided to wait until most of the bigs are gone.

  • kuf is a starting lvl center.

    hill is better at pf but if its between hill and upshaw hill would be our starter scott dislikes rookies

  • Show me a quote from Byron where he says this. Rookies such as Clarkson, Brown, RKelly played plenty of minutes last year and this year we’re not any better which means Scott is going to play rookies big minutes.

  • Clips are going to turn into the Celts old timers reunion tour with signing Perkins .

  • We are the only team without a starting C that willing to give him a chance. If he leaves for other team, then we don’t need him because he’s dumb enough not to realize that he has high possibility to make it into our rosters.

  • I’m just quoting exactly what you said and you literally said “we need to trade for cuz.” This is the internet you can’t take back what you say/post.

  • I hope so, but as it stands right now I see the Lakers being the Timberwolves of this past season. Maybe worse if FA continues as it has been.

  • I can understand taking Russell over Okafor, it makes sense, but then to choose Larry Nance Jr another PF/SF combo who plays in some backwards hick conference knowing that the only C on the roster was Robert Sacre. This makes no sense, and I’m pretty sure most Lakers fans can admit they were all like ‘who’ when they heard his name. RJ Hunter, Kevon Looney, even Anthony Brown were there for that pick. And most importantly Dakari Johnson was still there for the second pick. As it stands the Lakers future C rests in the hands of a guy who has a heart condition, an addiction problem and attitude issues.

  • Not necessarily for example lets say Tarik Black takes a game off for rest and we start Upshaw in his place in Summer League action and say Upshaw gets 28 points and 25 rebounds and 12 blocks and the same night The Clippers or whoever offer him a actual NBA guaranteed contract and he accepts, yes he would be gone just like that. Teams have no rights to unsigned players.

  • see your post proves who the child is. i mearly told you the truth your post is late

  • Lol he’s saying we need to trade for Cousins but at the same time he’s saying it’d be a bad idea to trade for Cousins. He’s making my head hurt.

  • He had a team ready to compete and chooses old Dirk and a guy coming off an Achilles tear. Cuban must’ve paid him under the table or he’s dumber than he looks

  • Can the FO make at least one decent move so I know they are not just sitting in a room with each other’s thumbs in their asses.

  • Yeah you can, Dallas doesnt have guards. They’d still be the 3rd best team in texas

  • Will you get a life and shut the fuck up? I’m sure you’ll be following your boyfriend to Dallas.

  • Lakers is the best franchise not only in the U.S. But also internationally they have the best fan base.

  • of course they will. with russell in and Randle fit. If get together the best pieces of last year (Hill, Johnson, Ellington, price) we are good to go. If you upgrade some of them. Then you are even better.
    we should strenghten our center position. Land both Koufos and Hill or Biyombo Or make a trade for Hibbert. Try to go after Beverley. Too expensive? Get Aaron Brooks or Norris Cole. and then resign Johnson. then use a vet contract.
    ronnie price < beverley, brooks or cole
    ellington = brown and brown
    johnson = johnson
    davis – hill < any combination. like you get hibbert and biyombo for a vet contract you are definitely better imo. koufos and hill? much better as well.
    The level of talent at the guard position is also higher. Nash out.
    it was basically lin, bryant, price, ellington, brown, clarkson
    now it's russell, clarkson, bryant, brown, brown and probably another guy.
    can argue that randle's production will be better than what booz gave us.
    and at the wing position johnson, young were short-handed. At one point we had to play kelly at third spot. It won't happen this year.
    you have to remember that a huge amount of the game that we lost on offense last season were neck and neck games. in the money time we were still in the game against other teams or we were able to rally up in the last quarter but unable to maintain the momentum due to a lack of closer. Russell and Randle are good closers. I bet this team will be fun to watch if we pen the good duty players on multi year deal this time.

  • at this point and time i believe its obvious were not getting any big names, so lets target;
    C-Kostas Koufos
    SF-Tobias Harris
    SF/SG-Gerald Green
    SF-Caron Butler
    C-JaVale McGee
    and explore trade options for ;
    Roy Hibbert
    David Lee
    Tobias Harris-yes again but for Young and Kelly
    Nene Hilario

  • Can FO just sign Harris and give whatever is left to Koufos or Hill (although i prefer Ed Davis). This has come to a point that every article that was posted here after the drqft becomes a constant painful reminder of all the players that we could’ve gotten instead but now we’re looking at Amare & Jason Smith. From Love & Aldridge to them.

  • no contadiction.

    we might have to trade for cuz to get la

    trading for cuz with out la is stupid because if we end up with out la then we hurt our team its not hard just follow the line of the conversation

  • 81/4=20,250,000. / $32,014,352-20,250,000=11,764,352
    $4,053,446 (Harris $)+3,950,313 (Felton $)=8,003,759
    $11,764,352 (remaining $$ after DJ approx.)+$8,003,759=$19,768,111

    $19,768,111 is very fair especially since it’s tax free in Texas.

  • Dreymond Green got 4 year 85 mil but D Jordan gets 4 year 80mil
    So my question is how much money did the FO through at Jordan ? I’m sure it was far less then that which made him not sign ? Same for LMA are they really competing in terms of salary ?

  • Would anyone be down to sign Big Baby Davis? Just a thought since this is what we have come to as a “prized franchise”

  • I mean before he was signed by Portland, i like him better than Hill coz he plays defense and knows how to stick to his strengths

  • lakers win free agency this when its said and done they will get an A+ grade by landing aldridge and harris

  • bird wants to change his way to play the game. hibbert is a cow. he is really slow. but atm we have no center and we need defense and rim protection. so hibbert for a year contract at 15m is a good deal. plus the guy is healthy.

  • Jordan Clarkson is getting popular thanks to Lakers nation. Who’s wiggins and payton?lol

  • well at least we are in a good position to acquire the future number one pick then aka Skal Labissière.

  • I’m sure the FO would mess up the meeting they would have with you and you’ll leave for a small market team too

  • Maybe, they lost Ellis who was the only person who could create his own shot other than dirk

  • I can’t find any articles regarding Harris and what it would take the Lakers to obtain him …

  • i hope we are not seriously looking at signing jason smith and stoudamire.

  • We had worst rosters last season but with better result. Now we have better rosters. I doubt we’ll make it to playoff but if nobody get seriously injured, I think we’ll be getting 30-40 wins.

  • who knows what the hell the lakers are doing.. the good news is that summer league is only a week away!

  • Pass still, sign Jordan Hill for $12 mil now I guess. Best scenario Enes Kanter (RFA) or Koufos for the starting positions. FO screwed it up again for the 3rd off season in a row.

  • I thought we could submit an offer and they would have 72 hours to match?

  • Sigh you’re so stupid and stubborn you’re not worth arguing with. I’m just going to ignore you and see what the FO does by the season starts.

  • I don’t think the Lakers even know what they are doing.

    In their eyes they working their plan that’s not working!

  • At this point I don’t care that they missed out I just wish they would sign someone anyone already!!. There are still a few serviceable players out there:

    Tobias Harris
    Enes Kanter
    Josh Smith
    Gerald Green
    Louis Williams
    Kosta Koufos

    There are also some guys that could have career resurgences if given the opportunity.

  • How do you guy’s think I feel, I live in the bay now Im freaking surrounded by Warriors fans clowning, I used to do all the clowning dammit and I don’t like the other side of it.

  • Grow up… the cussing, yes, everyone’s “pissed” but keep it civil…

  • It’s the players problem they just don’t feel it because of the lakers current roster and status. But the plan will work

  • Of course the Lakers going to offer him the contract first after the game. Plus, it took the Lakers few minutes after the draft is over to offer Upshaw summer league contract. Clearly they already saw something in him during the workout. I wish they give him partially guaranteed contract now.

  • It’s cool man, Warriors had a 40 year drought and played a cavs team without its 2nd and 3rd best players and still struggled

  • You know if Dallas does move either Harris or Felton, they can afford LMA too. Is this what LMA is waiting for?

  • the nba would give it to us they miss all the $$$$$ the lakers have made them throughout the years thats why they gave us the #2 pick this year

  • enes kanter? this guy is a virus. what he did to utah and his national selection is nothing but a disgrace. Why do you think okc are not in a hurry despite putting up big numbers last season?
    Nah i think if you sign Jordan Hill on a multi year deal (3/4y) you can have him for cheaper (24/27m over 3y or 32 over 4). Koufos is the same imo. Those guys are ready to take less money for longer contracts. They have to cash in before it’s too late. They are near 30’s. I bet you can have both with 3$30 contract each. Or Pull up a Roy Hibbert trade and get a Biyombo or Seraphin on a low cost contract. and this way you solve your issue at the center position. Then you better get a guy like Norris Cole or Aaron Brooks. Mle for Johnson. Doing that we upgraded the pg, sf and center position from last season.
    Maybe we can get a deal for Wilson Chandler or Terrence Ross sending them Young and/or Kelly

  • cj and vdogg have fake accounts. they make up shit to make themselves able to post

  • They don’t have guards, that would be an awkward team. DJ would have 0 space to show his self-proclaimed “great” offense

  • When robin lopez can get 13mil a year it’s a steal especially since the cap is going up everyone is getting paid. He is a defensive specialist at pg but not like he can’t do anything on offense. Can shoot the 3 ball and good in fast break. 4 reb from him is also nice. Easily could’ve gotten 9-10mil.

  • Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine 1m1 minute ago

    ESPN sources say Kings and Rajon Rondo have a one-year deal at $9.5 million. @SpearsNBAYahoo first reported agreement

  • lol Harris and Felton are their only pg’s they have. They have no more cap space and still have a weak bench.

  • cj,vdogg ur minors ur not allowed posting stuff on the internet. stop using fake information to perceive people

  • Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 12m12 minutes ago

    Patrick Beverley has agreed to a four-year, $25M deal to return to Houston, agent Kevin Bradbury tells Yahoo Sports.

  • look at it this way — if upshaw can keep his nose clean and show some promise, he now has a better chance of making the team this fall. could be a major steal and part of a young core that includes, dloading, jc, randle, nance and brown.

  • And Wes Mathews is coming off the worse injury in the sport: a torn Achilles. He probably will try and come back early and tear it again

  • He played great offense cause of CP talent and don’t compare it to Harris or Felton. A big loss to clippers but a great loss to Dj. You just bust yourself out.tsk

  • They also lost Matt Barnes (apparently will end up in Memphis…sounds like they are trying to build a playoff calibre team…IMHO)…he doesn’t post numbers showing what he really does…disrupts the other teams, hopefully before he disrupts his own.

  • Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 12m12 minutes ago

    Patrick Beverley has agreed to a four-year, $25M deal to return to Houston, agent Kevin Bradbury tells Yahoo Sports.

  • Only really Harris and Koufos left for us lol lou williams is dope too if we got rid of swag

  • I agree with you, I find it funny how DJ thinks he’s gonna become wilt chamberlain without the best passer in the league giving him easy buckets

  • look at this way if it weren’t for the internet giving people) too much freedom you wouldn’t be here right now

  • Yes, Enes Kanter… my sole purpose is to flip him and another player for a starting player to improve the rotation. Sign them and ship who ever don’t make the cut. Brand first they’ll still be getting 100% of their dough.

  • I thought you didn’t care about the Lakers? Shouldn’t you be at a church praying you sell out?

  • Doubt it but they fight for an 8th seed. Portland, Suns, and Dallas fight for the 8th seed.

  • Every good player is already gone. We are screwed. We will probably be the second worst team in the league next year behind the Sixers.