NBA News: Paul Pierce Hints At Recruiting Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett For Big 3 League
Kobe Bryant Pays Tribute To Newly-retired Paul Pierce
AP Photo/Chris Carlson

The BIG 3 has turned into a revelation of a basketball tournament, giving retired NBA players a chance to compete at a high level in big-time venues like the Barclays Center. It got off to an exhilarating start, with stars such as Paul Pierce, LL Cool J and James Harden in attendance.

As a part of an all-day experience, the BIG 3 tournament provides fans a chance to see former All-Star players like Allen Iverson, Rashard Lewis and Jermaine O’Neal. The first day of action was disturbed by some injuries, but otherwise was a success.

During the games, comedian and sports fanatic Michael Rapaport provided an in-game interview with Pierce. Rapaport seem convinced that Pierce could still compete, while Pierce was surprised at the competition level of these former NBA players. When Rapaport suggested that Pierce should join a team, Pierce stated that he would call up a former championship teammate and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, via Fox Sports 1:

“You know what? You never know. Man I might try to get KG, Kobe. Maybe we set up our own team coming this next year.”

A team of Pierce, Bryant and Kevin Garnett would form a formidable trio and should easily turn into the favorites in the BIG 3 tournament. Pierce, Garnett and Bryant, all fresh off of retirement a season or two ago, are still relatively young compared to some of the other players.

Garnett (17), Pierce (15) and Bryant (3) all rank in the top 25 all-time scoring list, with deadly offensive arsenals and competitive levels that carried the 2000s. Bryant would be an interesting selection to play in the BIG 3, with a mesmerizing dedication to his craft. Bryant, Pierce and Garnett would be a huge draw rating-wise for the league, with a potential to add three Hall-of-Fame players alongside the likes Iverson.

With the games all scheduled on a Sundays, the BIG 3 tournament is set to conclude on August 26, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The BIG 3 tournament games are up to 60 points, playing in a half-court game with a four-point shot.

All eight teams play on the same day, in consecutive deals. Owner Ice Cube and the league have done a magnificent job branding the tournament, as all eight teams travel together in a tour type scenario.

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