NBA Odds: How Gambling Partnerships Have Changed the NBA
William Hill Sportsbook in Washington D.C.
Mar 20, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; A view of entrance of the William Hill Sportsbook prior to the scheduled game between the NHL Dallas Stars and the Washington Capitals at Capital One Arena.

The NBA has undergone significant changes in recent years, thanks to the rise of gambling partnerships between the league and sports betting operators. The impact of these deals has been far-reaching, altering the NBA’s brand and offering new ways for fans to engage with the sport. This article explores how gambling partnerships have changed the NBA, including the benefits and challenges of these changes.

The Los Angeles Lakers are among the many teams affected by these changes, and fans have seen significant shifts in the league over the past few years. The average NBA franchise value is over $3 billion. The league has 30 franchises playing 82 games each season. These games are a magnet for passionate fans and those who enjoy putting their money behind their favorite teams. This has helped the sports betting industry grow to be worth more than $83.1 billion toward the end of 2021.

One of the most significant changes that deals between the NBA and sports bettors have brought about is the introduction of an official league data feed. The NBA was the first sporting body in the region to launch such an offer for partners. This data feed provides bookmakers with verified and accurate data about upcoming games, league standings, and other important information. First launched in 2018 and offered in association with Sportradar and Genius Sports, the feed was distributed to multiple licensed sportsbook operators.

While this may not sound very exciting, it has massive ramifications for sports betting on NBA games. It allows bookmakers to offer more precise lines based on current information directly supplied by the NBA. Previously, sportsbooks were required to turn to third-party providers to obtain league data. Having the official league data available that the NBA itself has verified has led to more accurate betting lines. It has also helped make betting on basketball matches more appealing to those eager to place wagers.

Aside from the official league data feed, another immense benefit of gambling partnerships has been the influx of funding into the NBA. Because each contract signed with a gambling operator has a cash amount attached, the NBA has been receiving additional funding that helps ensure it can operate at an expected level. Additionally, the NBA can profit massively from bets made on its games. This will become especially true if the league agrees to a condition allowing them to receive a royalty on every bet on their games.

One change gambling partnerships have brought to the sporting body is the advent of Authorized Gaming Operators (AGOs). This title is granted to online casinos such as and other licensed sports betting providers that have signed an agreement with the NBA. The agreement between the two organizations stipulates that the bookmaker uses the official NBA league data feed mentioned above. Using other data to determine line bets will cause a sportsbook to lose its title. The reason for requiring gambling sites to use the official league data feed is to ensure that the integrity of the NBA is protected above all else.

The last significant change that gambling partnerships have wrought is the establishment of physical sportsbooks at multiple NBA locations, including the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. The Capital One Arena sportsbook, which is the first of these, is operated by famed bookmaker William Hill in conjunction with the owner of NBA teams Monumental Sports and Entertainment. The sportsbook on-site offers players the chance to wager on upcoming games throughout the season while providing a fun and exciting live atmosphere to do so in.

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