NBA Power Rankings: Can You Say Chi City?

15. New York Knicks (14): New York has yet to figure it out and are still at playing at .500. I think you all would agree, this team is too talented to be only 6-6 on the year.

14. Atlanta Hawks (8): The Hawks have an overall record of 9-4 and are coming off a two game winning streak. This past week they went 3-1 with a loss to a talented Indiana Pacers ball club.

13. Miami Heat (1): The Miami Heat took a huge step back this week, losing their last three games. With an overall record of 8-4 the Heat should be back in the top five with a healthy Dwayne Wade and LeBron James.

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12. Denver Nuggets (6): The Denver Nuggets lost their first game at home which puts their overall record at 8-4. They have remained relatively quiet this season, mainly because they do not have a superstar on the team.

11. Portland Trail Blazers (4): LaMarcus Aldridge continues to improve and lead this team, however they looked a bit worn out this week. Too many late nights watching their own ESPN highlights? The team lost some games they should have clearly won, including a loss to Houston in overtime.

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