NBA Power Rankings: Chicago Bulls Stay At Top Spot

10. Dallas Mavericks (8): After losing to the Lakers the Dallas Mavericks have won their past two games and find themselves top 10 in the league. It’s nice to see Lamar Odom finally starting to find his groove.

9. Memphis Grizzlies (17): Coming off a six game winning streak the Memphis Grizzlies have been playing surprisingly well. However, this could all change next week as four of their next five games are against contenders.

8. Los Angeles Clippers (7): The Clippers showed they can play well without Chris Paul in the lineup, which is a sign they are starting to come together as a team. DeAndre Jordan is making a strong case for himself as a candidate for this years All-Star team.

7. Atlanta Hawks (14): The Atlanta Hawks are back in the number seven spot after falling to last week. Their next five games are on the road and they could very easily find themselves back in the 14th spot next week.

6. Denver Nuggets (12): The Denver Nuggets are back in the number six spot after falling to the 12th spot last week. They have an overall record of 12-5 and are coming off a four game winning streak.

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