NBA Power Rankings: Lakers Take a Tumble

15. Phoenix Suns (16): Nash and Co. are doing their best to stay in it. A big win against the Lakers helped them continue to close in on a struggling Nuggets team. The road ahead will be rocky, though.

14. New York Knicks (19): Even with Jeremy Lin currently out of the picture, Carmelo Anthony is keeping the Knicks in the playoff race. A hard-fought overtime win against the Bulls proves that they can still be competitive against the best.

13. Orlando Magic (7): It seemed at first like Dwight Howard’s commitment to the Magic would rally the rest of the team. Instead, the big man’s eagerness to stir up drama has Orlando caught in a downward spiral. Superman needs to hire a new PR agent, ASAP.

12. Milwaukee Bucks (21): Since the acquisition of Monta Ellis, the Bucks have been a different club. They’re playing like a team on a mission and are within a game of being in the playoff picture.

11. Houston Rockets (15): One way or another, the Rockets are consistently notching wins and are in the thick of the playoff race. Even after a rough loss to the Pacers, they bounced back and claimed victories over the Bulls and Lakers. They won’t go down without a fight.

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