NBA Power Rankings: Oklahoma City Steals Bull’s Thunder

20. Cleveland Cavaliers (21): The Cavs showed little signs of improvement this week at the 20th spot. Their overall record is 7-11.

19. Milwaukee Bucks (23):The Milwaukee Bucks had a big win at home against the Los Angeles Lakers. Lets see if they can carry that momentum into next week.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves (23): The Timberwolves continue to improve led by Kevin Love they are 9-11 overall. They came back from a huge deficit and almost beat the Lakers Sunday.

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17. Boston Celtics (18): The Celtics have won their last four games improving their overall record to 9-9.

16. Los Angeles Lakers (16): The Lakers improve to 12-9 overall despite inconsistent play. Although their same starting five won a championship two years ago, I’m afraid this time might be broken apart unless they find a way to be more dominant.

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