NBA Power Rankings Week 6: Lakers Drop Drastically, Spurs Remain On Top

20. Charlotte Bobcats (7-8, Last Week: 11): The Bobcats’ brush with the top 10 was short lived, as the team lost all three games last week. The most notable loss was a 114-69 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

19. Dallas Mavericks (8-9, Last Week: 16): The Mavs have had a tough stretch recently, getting drubbed by the Lakers, and then losing big (101-78) to the Chicago Bulls during a recent three-game losing streak.

18. Denver Nuggets (8-9, Last Week: 9): The Nuggets haven’t earned a victory since our last “Power Rankings,” and are currently in the middle of a three-game losing streak–all on a recent West Coast road trip including stops in Utah, Golden State, and Los Angeles (Lakers).

17. Los Angeles Lakers (8-9, Last Week: 14): Well, it’s official. These Lakers are bi-polar. After smashing a Denver Nuggets team on Friday with 61 points off the bench, the Lakers regressed and gave away what should have been an easy victory over the Orlando Magic. Much needs to be done in Los Angeles to get the Lakers playing up to expectations.

16.Indiana Pacers (8-9, Last Week: 21): The Pacers continue to hold down the fort while Danny Granger is sidelined due to injury. A last-second victory over the Lakers on Tuesday is the highlight of their road trip so far.

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15. Utah Jazz (9-9, Last Week: 17): The Jazz remain undefeated at home (6-0) but have had twice as many games on the road, where they are just 3-9.

14. Houston Rockets (8-8, Last Week:18): The Rockets have won four of their last five games, including victories over Chicago and New York. However, they suffered a significant defeat against the Oklahoma City Thunder (120-98) in James Harden’s return to his former city and team.

13. Boston Celtics (9-8, Last Week: 12): Losses to the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets (in which players were ejected for their respective roles in a skirmish) prove that the Celtics aren’t quite the powerhouse they’ve been known for being in the Eastern Conference–at least not yet.

12. Chicago Bulls (8-7, Last Week: 19): The Bulls continue to truck along as they await the return of their superstar point guard–Derrick Rose. Luol Deng and Joakim Noah have picked their team up as of late.

11. Milwaukee Bucks (8-7, Last Week: 15): The Bucks remain low-key and mediocre in the Eastern Conference.

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