NBA Power Rankings Week 7: Lakers Continue To Decline While It’s Crowded At The Top

20. Orlando Magic (8-12, Last Week: 24): Orlando put together a winning record on a recent West Coast road trip (going 3-2), which started off with a victory over the Lakers. Who would’ve thought that Dwight Howard’s old team would be playing better than his new team?

19. Houston Rockets (9-10, Last Week: 14): The highlight of the Rockets’ week was a two-point, last second victory over the Lakers on Tuesday. James Harden has continued his solid play; putting up 39 points, dishing out nine assists, and pulling down six rebounds most recently in a 116-109 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday.

18. Indiana Pacers (10-11, Last Week: 16): Paul George is having a breakout season, and is averaging 23.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4.0 assists, and 1.75 steals per game over the Pacers’ last four games. However, the Pacers are still struggling without Danny Granger.

17. Denver Nuggets (10-11, Last Week: 18): The Nuggets have had a tough schedule so far; playing 15 games on the road, and just six at home this season. That should give the Nuggets hope for the future as they’re 5-1 at home, but just 5-10 on the road.

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16. Minnesota Timberwolves (10-9, Last Week: 21): Kevin Love, after returning from an injury at the beginning of the season, has picked up where he left off and is averaging 21.2 points and 14.2 rebounds per game. The Timberwolves are 4-5 in that stretch, however. Ricky Rubio’s return is greatly anticipated in Minnesota, as well.

15. Utah Jazz (12-10, Last Week: 15): The Jazz went 3-1 last week, including a victory over the Lakers in Los Angeles.

14. Dallas Mavericks (10-10, Last Week: 19): O.J. Mayo is holding down the Mavericks’ fort while Dirk Nowitzki has been injured all season. Mayo is averaging 20.9 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists, as the Mavericks have won three of their last four; Mayo averaged 25.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 4.8 assists in those four games.

13. Milwaukee Bucks (10-9, Last Week: 11): A solid victory over the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn was a highlight for the Bucks on Sunday, as Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis continue to lead the guard-driven Bucks.

12. Philadelphia 76ers (11-9, Last Week: 10): The Sixers went 1-3 last week and appear to have trouble scoring; averaging just 88.5 points per game.

11. Boston Celtics (11-9, Last Week: 13): The Celtics are alright.

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