NBA Reset: 4/19/2011


  • Chauncy Billups strained his knee during Sunday’s loss to the Celtics. His availability for Game 2 is  now in doubt.
  • Dwight Howard won’t win the MVP but it should come as no surprise than he won his 3rd straight DPOY.  So what’s new.
  • Interesting factoid per the Daily Dime on ESPN: Dorell Wright scored as many points in his 7th season as his first six combined.
  • The Kings near comeback in OT against the Lakers was a fitting end to a franchise on the brink of departure. The Emotional sign off of the Kings television announcers was a classy way to go out.
  • Rick Adelman is done in Houston
  • Read here if you want a well reasoned response from a guy with some perspective to Kobe’s apology for the f-word.
  • I admit it. I was on the bandwagon of hate for the Miami Heat this year. But reading this story makes me a fan of at least one of them. (hint: it’s not any of the big 3). I mean, there’s a reason the home town fans love this guy.
  • ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that Zach Randolph received a four year 70 million dollar extension from the Grizzlies. Makes sense. Aging big men who put up monster numbers for mediocre teams don’t exactly grow on trees.

Finally for the last failbag of the regular season, a play that displays a dazzling combination of ineptitude and lack of awareness. Everything I love about this segment of the column. The fact that Von thinks he made the dunk makes this play all the better.


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