NBA Rumors: Wesley Johnson Agrees To Sign With Clippers
Nba Rumors: Wesley Johnson Agrees To Sign With Clippers

Another former member of the Los Angeles Lakers has decided to take his talents across the hall at the Staples Center. Wesley Johnson has played for the Lakers for two consecutive seasons and now will leave the team in free agency in favor of a division rival.

According to Shams Charania of, Johnson has agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers:

Back in 2010, Johnson was a lottery pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Minnesota selected Johnson out of Syracuse with the fourth overall pick in the NBA Draft with a lot of hope that he’d be star on the next level.

Unfortunately, Johnson didn’t make much of an impression in Minnesota or any team thereafter. In five NBA seasons, Johnson has played for four different teams and has yet to secure a long-term future in the league.

After signing consecutive one-year deals with the Lakers, Johnson will now try to fill a need for the Clippers. Johnson follows a long line of former Lakers to sign with the Clippers including Matt Barnes, Jordan Farmar, Ronny Turiaf, Sasha Vujacic, Antawn Jamison, Darius Morris and Lamar Odom.

Last season, Johnson shot 41.4 percent from the floor while averaging a career-high 9.9 points per game for the Lakers.

bye wes 🙂

  • I will actually miss Wes. I hope it end up being a good situation for him with the Clippers.

  • He’ll get some of DeAndre’s lobs…And blow a few of them.

    No big loss or gain for either team.
    Good luck Wes

    P.S. Cuck the Flippers

  • definitely gona get sum now but we need a more experienced SF right now unless they tryna have kobe play the 3

  • that’s like the 5th one 6th if u count CP3 suppose to be with us. I just will never let that go lol

  • Good. Wesley seems like a good dude, but he was just was consistently inconsistent. But who else do we have to play the 3……….that’s a natural 3 btw.

  • Slob City

    The Clippers “dynasty” is over…DJ murdered it.

    …Which is fitting because David Stern created it via veto anyway.

    Once the Clippers, always the Clippers

  • Wes had a few good moments here and there with the Lakers, but he’s way too inconsistent. Glad he’s not coming back.

  • PG Russell
    SG Clarkson
    SF Bryant
    PF Randle
    C Hibbert
    PG Williams
    SG J.Brown
    SF Young/A. Brown
    PF Nance (wish we’d trade him)/Bass
    C Black/Upshaw

  • I knew they were a 3 year good team at best Clippers actually seem to b getting worse especially if they trade haywood for crawford

  • Don’t see it then we will have the worse defensive perimeter starting line-up in the league. We all know Byron loves defense so I see him starting Kobe at the two while having A. Brown or defensive SF in a trade at the 3 spot. He may start Clarkson since Russell is a rookie and let Russell get a year under his belt because next year Kobe will be gone and he will be a for-sure starter then.

  • Kobe will play the 3, but probably limited minutes depending on his health. He is much better off defending that position than chasing 2 guards around all night.

  • an athletic specimen/ freak of nature
    but he rather settle for jump shots every time he has the ball
    Well boozers gone, hills gone, Wes is out,Lin should be out too..3 to go (kelly, sacre, young)

  • if he did that then that means lou will play with Clarkson and young moves to the 3 (unless we trade him )

  • Perfect ending. A gifted player with no basketball IQ who turns the ball over and shoots 41% from the field signs with the Clippers. Happy day. So long Wes.

  • I will miss his willingness to play and guard any position. And especially during the 2014 season where he was forced to play 48 minutes due to injuries to other players.

  • He didn’t necessary defend the best SG’s last year. They had Wesley defending the best offensive SG or SF last season. It’s like what the Rockets do. They have Ariza defend the best SG or SF. When we played the Rockets in the first game. They had Ariza defend Kobe because he was the best offensive SG on our team while Harden defended Wesley who we could say is just a 3 and D player.

    We can even go back into the time when Ariza or Ron Artest was on the Lakers. Them two always defended the best SG or SF on the opponent’s team.

  • Thank the Lord – if there was one player i didnt want to see again its Wes.

  • Lakers are on the rise……where as the Clippers has reached their peak and is on the way down.

  • Can’t imagine it haha. But I can see him being much better than Barnes. Especially defensively.

  • This guy is a bust even as a Bench Role Player. I don’t want him on any team I enjoy watching. Mr. No Defense Brick Layer

  • The Golden State Warriors would like to try and acquire Kevin Durant next summer via sign-and-trade. (Via Tim Kawakami – San Jose Mercury News)

  • There is just nobody on their squad to make that happen. Draymond and Klay with those crazy contracts? thats the craziest thing ive heard all week

  • Good luck Wes. Hopefully the Clipper fans will give you some support. If the so called Lakers fan had their way, Kobe, Mitch, and Jim Buss would not be part of the Lakers organization. These same people complained about Pau, Hill, Boozer and others. Good thing the Laker organization don’t take their advice.

  • Watch it not plan out for him or the clips. Besides really Matt barnes, clippers signing lakers garbage has not plan out for them. Farmar, odom, sasha, and whoever else.

  • Nice. Now Lin Boozer Swaggy Sacre and Kelly need to find new homes and all the losers will be off of our team.

  • Not impossible, Bogut can get shipped out before his final contract year aside of a possible sign and trade for Iguadola (expiring contract next yr) tho they’d likely have to give up a first rnd pick for a possible (S&T).

    Anythings possible, KD even praised LA for his decision being ‘gotta do what’s best for you.’ But just shows that other team’s are better positioned to attract top tier 1 talent as opposed to the inept Lakers FO. Everyone will have serious cap space in a few years too.

  • Nah i say keep swaggy actually that would create havoc on the bench teams wouldn’t know what to do with both nick and sweet lou on the floor, just like when they double kobe, swaggy saved the day.
    But hey

  • Bogut coming off the books after 2017 as well as Iguadola. Cap will be sky rocketing down the near road. However, KD would have to sacrifice less $$$ down the road with relation to max salary. To which top star talent has shown they’re willing to sacrifice $$ to get a shot at a few rings or two.

  • Anybody knows what is going on with Hibbert trade and Williams and Bass contracts? I know they can’t release anything until the 9th, but, any word what are we trading? if Dallas is involved? anything? If we are shipping out Sacre, Kelly or young anywhere?

  • Same here! Swaggy is really a spark off the bench, he’s from l.a. has Lakers pride and brings that attitude of flare and he makes fans happy when he goes off and it also pumps of the teammates.

  • Kendall Marshall is next up for the clitters, the fucking love our sloppy seconds.

  • I don’t understand this guy… He had all the physical tools to be a very exciting SF, but his bball IQ is so low it’s like you need to actually hold his hand to show him what to do when it’s not related to fast breaks or catch and shoot with a bad shot selection. He’s working hard, he has the skills, a fantastic athleticism, but zero decision making, zero talent to make use of all that…
    I really wish for him something will act as a revelation and he’ll figure out how to explode this ceiling, else he’ll stay an eternal league minimum salary with no upside…

  • Considering the money we all make, this guy already made a few million, so it is not bad for him to have this gig without doing much

  • The only thing I’ve heard is that Hibbert’s trade will likely involve rights to overseas players along with a 2nd rnd pick. Bass and Williams are straight up agreement signings as UFA’s.

  • Later!! I will always associate Wes with 2 of the worst Laker teams of all time.

  • The rumor is we would get both Gibson and Snell. But it doesn’t seem realistic. Why would the Bulls want Lin or Hill. It is make believe.

  • yea. plus we might need an SF position to fill. Swaggy’s not the best but he will be able to fill that spot. both swaggy and williams coming off the bench sounds like a pretty deep bench to me.

  • Could care less about his personal life, but business is business thus STFU and let your game speak for itself. His bark is bigger than his bite.

  • Lakers will go 2-2 against the Clippers, the tide is shifting in the lakers favor slowly but surely.

  • Maan that’s what I’m saying that’s lethal the bench can score like hell! But do mitch byron and jim know? 3 stooges

  • Naw it won’t happen. First KD has pride and a growing ego, his free agency will depend on what teams offer him the best cast so that means a pass first PG and most importantly a place where he’ll be the number one shot taker. Oh and if GS wins the championship again then KD will DEFINTELY say fuck y’all I’m going to LA hahaha

  • ?!, keep hitting the pipe if you believe the the Lakers are a viable destination for top NBA talent with this inept FO LOL. Anything’s possible if KD’s desperate enough in wanting a better shot in winning a few titles. The one thing that may sway KD in not considering the GSW is not making max salary $$ to which he’d likely feel he’s max salary worthy.

  • Where’s the HOF troll at?? U know the mentally ill one that has over a dozen accounts? His clippers are slowing morphing back to the “clippers”LOL and he’s silent like a church mouse. I say we start a petition to have their garbage ass culture-less team go back to soft ass San Diego we don’t need that trash representing our city like that

  • Doesn’t look like it but this is why they’d put off signing Hibbert. While Young and Kelly are on the chopping block.

  • Ice Cube said on SportsNation that he wants Ballmer to “get their ass out of L.a. take their ass to Seattle!”
    I concur! Lol

  • I think we’re gonna miss this dude. Yea he didn’t live up to his talent nor his draft number but he was athletic, had a good attitude, and always had to guard the other teams best wing player.

    Now we don’t have any TRUE SF’s.

    Kobe or the rookie Brown guard Kevin Durant, Melo, or Lebron? LOL 🙁

  • Seriously, thank God its over! This was my number 1 item on my Lakers wishlist, even over signing LaMarcus lol

  • Nobody could guard those guys u mentioned… Wes sucked and we will get another sf

  • Of all the Laker garbage (Lin, Boozer ect) this was the guy I feared the Lakers would resign the most. I wont miss his failed “potential” one bit. The guy’s a bust. Bye bye Wes

  • You’re pessimistic, I remember people like u back in ’05-07 talking about the lakers are done lol. I fully believe in Russ, Randle, Clarkson, Hibbert, Lou Williams, A. Brown and even UPSHAW. Only thing we’re missing is a veteran SF. I don’t know if u know but KD is in LA all the time and he’s a heavy smoker FACTS. And I think you’re far more delusional if u think KD will go to the Warriors lol. Steph and Klay are the only players on they team that take over 9 shots a game (both take 16). They won a championship and they love what they got going on and like I said KD’s ego won’t let him. Anyways if he doesn’t choose us I don’t really care to be honest, I think team ball is our future (where we’ll have multiple guys scoring in double digits)

  • Only a dog would ask questions like that he never hurt the LAKERS and was a good fit with them, just an all around player for the LAKERS.

  • gerald green will be the perfect fit and best available on that pos. hope we can sign him

  • yea but Orlando and other teams wanted Shaq and Dwight, Wes, Farmar, Turiaf, Barnes, Sasha, Odom, not so much.

  • Nance might be the right fit to develop for this kind of stint. Sure he won’t be ready yet but he wasn’t voted best MWC defender of the year for no reason, and he has the size and athleticism for that too.

  • All around bad. Shot below average, yet only shot 3s because he couldnt attack the rim unless it was a fast break. Dude had no handles. Played good D until he made a mental mistake which was bound to happen. Made dumb passes and mental errors in end game situations. Wes Johnson was just bad. Having him on the court was like playing 6 on 4, he helped other trams as much as us and defenses knew they didnt need to guard him. Leave him open, they’ll be forced to pass him the ball and then hes gonna throw up a brick..

  • Bill Macdonald. Wes for three, not close. All game every game. Garbage time player.

  • That’s why they should be playing RUSSELL & CLARKSON together now KOBE CAN PLAY THE 3 he did it last yr

  • He was a decent player but he was a butter fingers, and was often late on passes to him, resulting in turn overs.

  • Cool guy, good teammate, terrible basketball player. Wish him the best, just not my team. Every now and then i would just targrt him and him watch him off the ball and on defense away from the ball. He was bad, so bad.

  • You’re using the term “guard” a little loosely there. Most nights, he was willing to stand in front of someone with arms out at any position, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he “guarded” them. His inconsistencies, every now and then he’d be willing to actually do it but mostly he was just there occupying a position.


    *stops, takes a deep breath*

    *falls over and cries while pounding the floor* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Good for him. Hope to see him on fastbreaks a lot with CP3. Should be a lot more effective

  • Kobe played SG last year while Wesley was at the 3 defending the best SG or SF on the other opponents team. Where have you been? Kobe could barely even defend srubs last year, let alone star SF’s or SG’s. You haven’t realized Kobe is 36 going on 37 this year yet?

  • Depending on how the cap works and if Hibbert is willing to waive his trade kicker (yes he has that option) the Lakers could sign Williams, trade for Hibbert, then sign Bass to their $2.8 million exception. That’s assuming the cap stays at 67.1 million. There is talk it’ll go $2 million higher than that, at which point Hibbert can keep his kicker while signing Williams and bringing in Bass on their exception.

  • I wish fans would stop talking about us needing a small forward. If we acquire a starting small forward it means kobe starts at shooting guard and clarkson goes to the bench. It also means clarkson isn’t going to get a lot of minutes backing up kobe and russell because the lakers also signed lou williams who needs significant minutes. What do you want, clarkson to only get 20 minutes a game this season? Please….You bring Clarkson off the bench this year, you’re killing his development in his contract year. Clarkson, russell , and randle all need to be starting and getting a lot of minutes this season, they are our future, them developing into great players is our only path back to greatness. Kobe can play small forward, he’s strong and a good rebounder, plus he can’t defend guards anymore anyway, they kill him. Mj moved to small forward in Washington his last 2 years, because he couldn’t guard anybody anymore either. Plus you have the rookie small forward anthony brown who also needs to play this season. So again, get a clue and stop saying sign a small forward…

  • Overseas in some slum? HA!! Embarrassing. Nick highlights have Kobe’s approval! Enjoy

    www. youtube. com/watch?v=EcwA0n9QT6A

  • We’re talking about the Clippers though. One mans trash is another mans Clipper lol.

  • *CP3 steals the ball. Wes and Blake on the wing. CP passes to Blake, Blake passes to CP, CP passes to Wes, Wes fumbles the ball out of bounds*

  • Nope. Kobe is our starting SF and Jordan our starting SG. Chandler I doubt would be willing to come off the bench and no one is going to bench Kobe. That’s like putting Baby in a corner, nobody puts Baby in a corner.

  • Taj is a PF. Also, Nick Young is a SF. So you’re proposing trading our SF for a PF to shore up our SF position. You do realize that Kobe will be our starting SF, Young will back him up followed by Brown right? We have 3 guys for that spot. Clarkson, Williams and Jabari Brown will take SG. When not on the floor, Williams and Clarkson are capable at the PG spot and Kobe can even slide in over there too. There is versatility on the team.

  • Kobe has guarded them before. They aren’t as quick as PG’s and many SG’s. Kobe can keep up with them. Kobe may not be completely what he was but he is still capable of doing the job against those guys. LeBron is still scared of Kobe.

  • Someone here who actually has a brain about the SF slot.

    Our SF’s:

  • This is without question the best move the FO has made so far in free agency.

  • I did. Once. Was convinced that was just a urban legend. It’s not :/

    I’d sure like Byron tryin’ with Kobe, though. Just to see the result…

  • If Kobe plays i guess he can guard in spots but he won’t be able to do it well consistently. IF he plays a good part of the season.

  • I know he wasn’t the best and was inconsistent but he did have moments. Just off of memory:

    1) Game winning steal and dunk against the Rockets.
    2) Game winning alley-oop against the Blazers last year.

    I just hope the front office has someone in mind cause guys that can make those kinds of plays don’t just grow on trees.

  • Why Chandler? He’s a bigger, more inconsistent version of jr Smith. He can’t guard 3s and he definitely can’t guard 4s

  • Lol

    Idiot clippers announcers be like:
    *wes lobs it to himself! What a play!!!!…refs call it a travel!?!? How can that be??? They should just count it since it was so impressive*

  • Sadly, i think A.Brown may be an upgrade to Johnson from day 1.
    His defense should be “as good” and his ability to catch-and-shoot is far superior. The only difference I see is experience, and a slight decrease in attacking the basket. But otherwise, defense, speed, and shooting make them relative equals with consistency being the difference maker.

    RE: More Experienced SF –
    I spent some time thinking…. Between Randle, Kobe, Brown and Williams I think Scott has enough options that he can manage and actually maintain a high level of contribution. If the team takes a “by committee” method and always looks to exploit the opponent’s defender and matchups, it should be ok.

    A.Brown – I think the starting job is his to lose. As long as he can maintain his well established defense through TC and his ability as a spot up shooter, he wins. <– Think stereotypical "3 and D."

    Randle – I think he's a very serious part of the equation. He was coy in his interview about the SF/PF thing, and said, "In Scott's system, the two positions do the same thing." I think the team is going to give him minutes at both PF and SF to let him grow, experiment, and learn. Also, there's a good chance that on most nights he a matchup issue for EITHER of the opponent's PF or SF. <— Keep in mind "Interchangable" between the 3 and 4 and "Tweener."

    Kobe / Williams – Rotationally and in key situations both Kobe and Williams savvy might excel. The team would lose a bit on Defense, but having a solid swingman shooter might be a valuable key on some nights. I suspect that Kobe is going to go back to his post skills where he's probably STILL a top 3 guy and Williams is a capable "3rd Shooter" if needed. <- Think Swingman and Vet Savvy.

  • I kinda wish we could keep Swaggy , our 3 spot is thin and you can never get enough back up scoring from the bench , sent Sacre and R Kelly especially R Kelly before he urinates on some one again .

  • Not a good one either.
    The 3 typically RUNS and cuts in the offense. They are typically non-stop. And, the SF position, while we want to think “wing”, it’s also an attacker and runs the defender through a lot of screens.

    While I think Kobe could do it, I am not sure that the more physical and athletic nature of the position suites him as anything more than a deep rotational player. if Kobe is the starting SF he’ll be on the injured reserve list by February.

    — We need to think about preserving Kobe. Letting him defend the SG, running less, and minimizing the fact that he’s a liability on defense.

  • It says a lot if the Clippers lost DJ and their biggest free agent upgrade is Johnson.

    I am sure that Doc thinks he can “fix” Johnson, but the truth is that he will never be anything more than Matt Barnes in his best year.

  • Great, we are cleaning the trash can, now young is next, we the lakers don’t need this out of talent and heart, in clippers are in the right place with the famous loser Chris Paul

  • I feel like he might have some sort of resurgence with the Clips. He’s been playing with losing teams his whole career I’m actually interested to see how he’d do for a playoff team

  • He’s the Crappers problem now and that’s one less suitor for Gerald Green, here’s hoping the Lakers can realize they desperately need a wing and he’s the best UFA available.

  • To be fair to guys like Wesley and Young, with the injuries and bad play the past couple seasons weve asked these guys to step into starting roles where they are ineffective. Opposing teams knew they were our main source of offense they were concentrated on more. If bad play and inconsistency is the case then swap out the whole team because nobody played well. Get rid of them im cool, keep them im cool, im just thinking if we could bring these type of players off the bench at 8, 9 or even 10 spot where theyre effective that’d be deep bench come playoff time

  • Check yo tone fool. You must not have read the prior post’s for the last few days. Shot term they don’t have a shot to compete with this FO at the helm. But 4+ years from now it’s a different story with the Lakers future youth. Pessimistic with this FO, but overall optimistic about the long-term prognosis. In the end that just buys Jim Bust a ticket out of basketball operations.

    Let’s not forget that Jerry West in part of that SUCCESSFUL organization blockhead lol. Anything’s possible, just pointing out possible scenarios. Agree, team ball and a faster pace of tempo is what they’ll be pushing as JC6 ‘s brought up. In the end it’ll likely be players like D’R1 that will help to attract top talent 3-4 years from now once they get more acclimated to the league.

  • That one clip was from an NBA game….not the Korea league that Brooks is playing in. That one clip>Brooks entire career! HA!

  • Three guys at the three point line fighting over who gets to shoot, meanwhile Kobe steals the ball and takes the shot!

  • Young deserves to be back.
    He’s a better scorer and is actually a better defender according to stats. People seem to forget nick bleeds purple and gold

  • You don’t know that. The kid said it best himself, he’s a basketball player.

  • Well….. D’Antoni used him as center for some games too. So the jokes also on the Lakers.

  • No problem Leb-wrong will be coming to the Lakers. Now they’ll have their SF.

  • True, young can play sf too. I guess everyone wants us to sign some defensive stopper sf. But if signing a defensive small forward means putting kobe at shooting guard defending quick guards, you haven’t exactly improvement defensively. And again, if we sign a sf and it benches clarkson, that’s terrible for our future. I could have understood benching clarkson if you had him backing up both kobe and russell at both guard spots getting 30 minutes a game doing it, but when we signed lou williams it became impossible to bring Clarkson off the bench, because there’s just not enough minutes to go around now, clarkson must start.

  • Can someone explain to me this protected top 3 draft pick for next year and how that works? And how the f*ck is cleveland still adding players and maxing out all these players and way way over the cap and whats the punishment they’ll receive for this?

  • Protected means that if the pick lands in the top three the Lakers get to keep it, if not, the pick goes to the Sixers.

    Cleveland is able to add players because most of their players were free agents. They can add players under the cap and then exceed the cap to resign existing players. There is essentially no cap for resigning players, just luxury tax. The Cavs will be paying a lot of luxury tax, but can resign any player that played for them the last two years I believe.

  • 🙂 Yeah, there’s a difference tho’. Both Magic players (well, one of them) came here as the better option.

    When Lakers leave and go to the Clips, it’s usually for the worse for the player. 😀

  • “Check your tone fool” LOL. Young fella u can’t be acting hard on comment sections lol at least now I know you’re Mexican. Whatever tho keep being pessimistic, FO don’t have to do shit other then give him the paper work to sign. Russ, clarkson, Randle and upshaw/Hibbert will attract KD. Also I think you’re underestimating the fact he’s a major weed smoker and can’t live without his meds and u already know who got the best selection hahahahaha right fool?? Ese?

  • Highlights from Brooks 2012-13 season lol. As opposed to Young’s all time defensive play. LOLOLLOL#checkmate
    Seriously post his best defensive play?Ha!

  • Good for Wes. He workin wit Doc now instead of Byrun. Doc a real NBA koach. Byrun a fool who shood be fryin chicken at Popeyes if it was not for Kome. IMO Byrun dident use Wes propurlee. He had nuttin to teech Wes. Nuttin to teech anywone.

  • Anthony Brown.
    He’s a natural defender, and spot up shooter.

    Johnson didn’t set the bar high. In 29 minutes his contributions were:
    9.9pts — 4.2rpg — 1.2ast — .351 3pt%. — 112 DRtg.
    A.Brown (4 year college stats) – per 26 minutes:
    8.5pts — 4.8rpg — 2.2 ast — .403 3pt% — 101 Drtg.

    I know it’s college vs NBA, but overall the numbers are (sadly) very similar. And if Brown is a dead-eye spot up 3-point guy, more consistent, and moves the ball better then it could be addition by subtraction.

    I’m not saying he’ll be amazing, I’m just saying that I don’t think he’ll be worse than Johnson. As a contributor in rotation, on a short leash, and in the certain situations, he isn’t as bad as he seems (as a rookie).

    But most importantly, with Randle, Brown, Kobe, and Williams the coach has enough options and tools to overcome the weakness at SF.

  • But Clipps still git to axe Kome how they azz taste. Same thang Shaq say to Kome. How my azz taste?

  • Another FAIL! I can’t even see what’s going on. Where is Brooks best defensive play? Haven’t seen it!

    You so full of hate but Nick is blessed and plays in the best league in the world…

  • Nonsense replying to your irrelevant posts. Waste of time. NOthing to add to the argument. Wipe after ha!

  • Haha tell me about it. Very one sided, bias commentating. Constantly bash on the Lakers or Kobe. I remember they brought up JC scoring and his good #s. Then they came to the conclusion that it’s a bad team so someone has to score

  • Rivers shouldn’t be playing the role of gm. He sucks and has huge favoritism towards many players

  • Clippers do what they do best take former Laker players…uh yaa you can take our seconds

  • Oh that sucks a little. See ya WJ, too bad you lack a bigger-picture perspective on things…

  • They’re Laker tenants, that’s all they are. A sad, pathetic bunch…

    If Ballmer actually gave a shit for the team he’d build his team an arena instead of redecorating the Lakers home 41 times a year and going the route of appealing towards the dysfunctional Angelenos that don’t realize they’re rooting on a losing team named after San Diego boats.

  • Yup. I did some research and I found that in the last 20 years the Lakers signed about 8 players that played for the Magic in the previous year.

  • Poor Wes, you will miss a championship season with Kobe and Lakers. We will beat you and your new team with Kobe taking 40 shots a game. Suck it up!!!!!

  • why do you want to trade nance jr and not nick young? i mean cmon nance jr has good defense and rebounding give him a chance. if he sucks like wes then next year hes outta here. simple 1 chance is more than enough for anybody

  • after last year pathetic loss and then they all had the audacity to celebrate that 1 game laughing and joking about it. all those guys lin young boozer are gone now. says alot about the respect this Laker has or should have. Kobe is a serious guy and like him or hate him. hes not here to be your buddy hes here to win for us fans! if he rubs you the wrong way or something why not just say hey Kobe im willing to do this but we both have to compromise. its almost like a marriage you join any team. you adapt to their style how they rotate defense and on offense how they pass shoot set screens outlet passes half court d or press ect. the game is all about your team so it takes alot of commitment. Kobe sometimes does go overboard but see why he is doing it and actually listen. the guy knows his s*it.

  • he is gifted athletically but mentally and basketball IQ wise? forget it the dude dont know how to use his body and tools to his advantage. he has the body to take on bigger guys like KD lebron harden but he doesnt use his tools available. these are the things Kobe probably fights with them about. if you have the tools why not freaking use them!? i got Kobe’s back anyday anytime. i understand him and i dont even know the dude.

  • Lakers are sweeping the garbage away from the curb. About time. Nick Young should be next.

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