NBA Suspends World Peace & Bad Luck for Lakers Small Forwards


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7 games is the suspension for Metta World Peace, more injuries for the Lakers, and
the purple & gold helping kids get fit – today on LNTV.

So the hammer finally came down on Metta yesterday afternoon when the NBA
Communications department tweeted that MWP would be out for seven games,
for the elbow to James Harden. A harsh suspension that barring a seven game first
round series, would see the forward missing the entire first round. We caught up
with Lakers power forward Pau Gasol in El Segundo Tuesday and got his reaction.

Reactions on twitter were also a bit comical over the last day or so. Kim Jong
Number Un said, “You will know when I am about to launch a nuclear attack because
first I will change my name to Metta World Peace”. P W N Team tweeted, “When
Metta World Peace returns to Lakers practice, I would advise Kobe Bryant to wear
the mask again”. And finally, my personal favorite coming from Not Bill Walton who
tweeted, “BREAKING: OKC has announced that James Harden will now wear the
Anti-Metta World Peace Defense System, pictured here.

No Lakers basketball since Sunday but the injury list is beginning to grow. First the
Lakers announced that Matt Barnes would have to miss this Thursday’s matchup
against the Kings due to a microscopic tear of a ligament in his ankle, in which
he suffered after rolling his ankle during Sunday’s game. Moments later, it was
announced that Devin Ebanks bruised his ring and middle fingers of his left hand
due to a weightlifting accident. That may put the Lakers without their three small
forwards as they look to lock the number THREE seed on Thursday night. The
answer may come from Christian Eyenga from the D-league, who was acquired in
the Ramon Sessions deal.

And how do you like this story, according to ESPN, Derek Fisher is calling for an
independent review of the unions financial practices under the unions executive
director, Billy Hunter. This comes on the heels of the NBPA exec committee asking
for Fish to resign as president. A report by Bloomberg says that public records
show that Hunter’s family members and their businesses have been paid almost
4.8 million dollars by the union since 2001 and holding jobs within the union. You
might say, it all smells a little fishy…

Finally, our own Derek Opina was out in El Segundo on Tuesday, for the Lakers
annual “Fit for Life” event, where the team and Anthem Blue Cross hosted
elementary students from around L.A. County, in an effort to fight childhood obesity.
Lakers Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill were in attendance. Look Derek’s report to go up
here on LNTV.

That’s all for now, Lakers Nation, don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on twitter
@jaybarquero. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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