News From Around the League- July 3rd, 2010

News from around the league on July 3, 2010

Free agency has started and teams are making their pitches to sign the big stars; the Lakers may not want to add LeBron, but they are eyeing other names.   The Lakers are now solely focused on free agents, as Phil Jackson said he would not retire.  We are only a few days into free agency, but there are a lot of rumors and news flying around.

The links include the latest news on the Lakers.

The Lakers have signed veteran guard Steve Blake to a 4-year, $16 million dollar deal. [Slam Magazine]

The Lakers have signed Steve Blake for some back-court help, and to possibly replace Jordan Farmar. [LA Times]

After weeks and weeks of stress and nervousness, all Lakers fans can breathe; Phil Jackson will return to the Los Angeles Lakers. [LA Times]

Here is the link to the Lakers’ 2010 Summer League roster and schedule. []

The past week has created a lot of rumors regarding Mike Miller and the Lakers, and some of it is true.  The Lakers have reported interest in the former rookie of the year. [ESPN Los Angeles]

Derek Fisher wants to return to the Lakers, so why hasn’t the deal been done yet?  Both parties are still talking and the Lakers want Fisher to take a pay cut next year.  If Derek does not return, who knows where the Lakers will be next year. []

The links include the latest news on the rest of the NBA.

The Cavs will try to keep LeBron by telling him, “There is no place like home.” []

Forward David Lee will meet with the Timberwolves about a possible contract. [Yahoo Sports]

Joe Johnson got offered a max contract by the Hawks, but is hesitant to sign it. [Slam Magazine]

Wade will meet with the Chicago Bulls for the second time. [Slam Magazine]

The Mavs have offered Dirk a four-year $96 million dollar deal.  [Pro Basketball Talk]

John Salmons and the Bucks have agreed to a 5-year, $39 million dollar deal. [Pro Basketball Talk]

The New York Knicks are close to signing all-star Amare Stoudemire. [ESPN New York]

Dwayne Wade said he was “intrigued” and in a “New York State of Mind” after his meeting with the Knicks. [New York Post]

Chris Bosh tweeted something very interesting during his meeting with Wade in Miami. [CBS Sports]

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“ButTheGameIsOn” said this on the post, “Dangling Lamar Odom for a Chance at CP3”

“To think that Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujacic for Chris Paul is a fair deal without considering the salary cap is ludicrous on several levels. Despite what the media has been pushing for the past three months, Chris Paul is the best point guard in the league and you’ll see next year why its not close. Lamar is 30 years old and the cliche that “once he puts it all together he will be an all-star” is no longer worth the time it takes to convince yourself its true.

New Orleans is in a terrible situation financially and they are probably the only team in the league with worse contracts than the Lakers. So tell me why they would trade their best player and the best personality in the entire league (camps for kids, the relationship with the community after Katrina, his loveable personality) for a 30-year old that has never been able to play five good games in a row when Paul gives them 82 fantastic games a year? Plus, Odom is going to demand $8 million for the next two seasons and the Hornets cannot afford that with $11 million committed to Emeka Okafor and $8 million to David West already.

If you’re convinced Chris Paul is going to be or wants to be traded, certainly the Lakers aren’t even in the conversation to get him. For starters, if they wanted to get him, the only serious offer they could make would be Lamar and Andrew Bynum and that’s simply not going to happen. Trading those two would take away the Lakers’ biggest strength which is their size and length. Also, if the Hornets are trading Chris Paul they aren’t doing it without attaching Emeka Okafor’s $11 million deal that lasts until 2014, and I’m sure every Lakers fan knows there is no chance of that.

Lamar Odom’s not going to be as valuable to any other team in the league as he is to the Lakers. Because of his short comings and inconsistent performance, the Lakers are perfect for him because A) he doesn’t have to start and B) there are plenty of guys that can pick up the slack if he isn’t on his game. So you’re not going to get an all-star in a deal with Lamar Odom. The only valuable trade asset the Lakers have that their front office is willing to consider dealing is Bynum, not Lamar.”

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