News From Around the League – June 22, 2010

The Finals are over and the parade was wrapped up yesterday.  The Lakers have celebrated their 16th championship and now must focus on the summer of 2010.  The players are ready for a long summer vacation, but the front office is just getting to work.  All around the NBA, the owners and GMs are ready for the draft and the massive free agent market.  Dr. Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak are getting the stats together for their upcoming rookies, but also have the duty to re-sign players and coaches.  However, there is some “exciting” news for all Lakers fans, as a former all-star wants to join the purple and gold.

The following links include Laker news and all the updates from the 2010 Draft to any Free Agent headlines.

The Lakers have ended another season on top of the basketball world, and this time they have a lot of offseason issues; they are looking to re-sign Fish and Phil Jackson.  With a high possibility that the front office will accomplish their goals, the Lakers’ ability to three-peat looks very strong. [Yahoo Sports]

Remember that burning car we all saw after the Lakers won? Well, it was actually a taxi and the owner of that car got a great big apology by AEG. [Slam Magazine]

Ron Artest behaved quite well during his first season with the Lakers; he prided himself on his ability to avoid alcohol.  However, the celebration got to him and Ron Ron had a couple of drinks before the victory parade. [OC Register]

The Lakers are obviously a great team and are very capable of winning another title, but changes can and should be made.  The Lakers’ front office is looking to replace some of their bench players and possibly add more stars to the lineup. [OC Register]

Every Laker fan was happy to see their team win another championship, but some people took the celebration a little overboard. The LAPD reported that they arrested 45 people after the Lakers captured the title. [LA Times]

For the Los Angeles Lakers,  yesterday’s championship parade was just another gathering in late June.  They have had plenty of parades in this decade, but for some reason it never gets old. [LA Times]

The victory parade for the 2010 Champion Los Angeles Lakers was very exciting, and here are some pictures from the eyes of the fans.  [Silver Screen and Roll]

Aside from the festivities, the Lakers are looking to improve their team this offseason.

Tracy McGrady is facing the end of his career and wants to win, now.  He has expressed interest in the Lakers and wants to help them win their third straight title. [Bleacher Report]

The entire NBA is gearing up for an exciting draft and most importantly a hectic free agency market.

The Knicks and Nets are looking to trade for NBA all-star Chris Paul.  He would be a great fit for both teams and will help lure in other free agents. [Pro Basketball Talk]

The New Jersey Nets are considering two options, DeMarcus Cousins or Derrick Favors. []

Forward Tyrus Thomas is seeking a long-term contract with the Charlotte Bobcats. []

The 2010 NBA Finals featuring the Lakers and Celtics was the most watched Finals since 1998. []

Ron Artest Locker Room Interview

Luke Walton Locker Room Interview

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