Nike Kobe X Elite ‘Opening Night’ (PHOTO)
Photo Credit: Nike
Photo Credit: Nike

The new Nike Kobe X Elite ‘Opening Night’ will be released as part of Nike’s ‘Opening Night Pack’ alongside Kevin Durant’s and LeBron James’ Nike opening night launch! According to, Kobe Bryant’s latest shoe features groundbreaking innovation and vibrant color:

A saturated yellow Flyknit upper distinguishes the KOBE X that Bryant will wear when Los Angeles begins its season at home, on Wednesday. Groundbreaking innovation and vibrant color have been the KOBE X trademark since its unveiling and this shoe, which debuts against Minnesota, is no different.

Which one will you choose this new season? The Nike Kobe X Elite Low ‘Draft Pick’ along with this new Nike Kobe X Elite ‘Opening Night’ make a great duo for a new season, one that could be Kobe’s final year in his legendary career.

Throughout the years, Nike has marked each stage of Kobe’s historic run with each new release, and this year is no different. The new Nike Kobe X Elite ‘Opening Night’ will be available on November 11, 2015 in limited quantities.


Any shoe named for Kobe these days should include crutches and a body cast.

  • Your mum should be on crutches and a body cast after the pounding I gave her last night

  • Your mum should be on crutches and a body cast after the pounding I gave her last night

  • The future has a lot to live up to because the past has been “great.”

    And from what we have witnessed thus far the future will have its hands full. Just as the Lakers are working hard to put together a good team so are about 28 other clubs.

    Times have changed. The difference is because the Lakers have been so successful many have been envious. The CP3 veto proves their not necessarily playing fair. And notice many in the media look for opportunities to trash the Lakers and enjoys seeing them down.

    Just look at how they are trying to make Huertas as the laughing stock of the NBA. And of course Kobe is always under the highest of scrutiny.
    Not everyone out there is a big Laker’s fan.

    And although I agree the Lakers have a few talented young players, I personally don’t see the next Magic, Kareem, Baylor, West, Shaq,Kobe, or Chamberlain.

    There are several teams that have a few studs of their own, especially out West. And the Toronto Raptors will present some very tough matchup problems. It sounds like you will get the chance to see that up close and personal. Enjoy the game.

    Go Lakers, vets and youngsters !


  • MWP has been playing his heart out thus far. My hat off to the big fella!

  • He sure came out blazin hot to set the tone. This team has to figure out how to pace themselves to close out a game in the 4th quarter, especially on the road.

    We all know MWP has a lot of heart and fire.


  • MWP looks like he’s picking up right were he left off with the Lakers. He’s not the Ron Artest of old, he wasn’t with his first stint with the Lakers either, but he still has plenty left in the tank. Sad when the second oldest player on the team is the most active as well.

  • That will be a tough game even with a rested Kobe. They just have too much experience and chemistry for our young guys. Just as Phoenix had the experience edge. Kyle Lowry, Compton High schools own Demar Derozen, Carroll, Valanciunas, Biyombo, cory Joseph, etc… We have to hope Lou Williams can give us a bit of insight on the best way to slow them down.

    We are at home and are 1 and 1 in our last two games with a 1 game home winning streak going…..? Hey I will definitely be pulling for the Lakers who I believe are much better than their 2-9 record.

    But we have to close games out in the 4th quarter.

    Go Lakers !


  • Lou said that raptors system is heavy ISO(this offseason when Lakers sign him), lots of 1 on 1 matchup, gotta stop their backcourt and demarre will guard Kobe

  • Not sure we can stop their back court. That is why I wanted Rondo. He can play both sides of the ball and has played against all of the elite guards in the league. Who do you think is our best defensive guard?


  • out of all the young Lakers i think Randle and Clarkson have at least a chance to become all stars.
    maybe even superstars like lebron or russell westbrook.
    can they do it? anyone can paytc.
    but will they do it is the only question and only time will tell buddy! 🙂

  • thing is were losing so winning and playing veterans is out the window now…..its too late.
    now we need to allow Kobe to rest and come back slow.
    we also need to bench MWP, lou williams, nick young too..
    play russell,clarkson,anthony brown ,nance jr and tariq black.
    these guys are our future and they aint gonna get better just sitting on the bench watching nick young and lou will.
    vets out rooks in…….
    playoffs are out the window now.
    we screwed up…………

  • hey buddy i think our playoff hopes and dreams are slipping right through our fingers as we speak…….
    if we keep losing all we can worry about is rookies.
    we gotta get over losing and learn to deal with it.
    the only thing that can save our season and byron scotts job.
    is developing these young guys and giving them ALOT more playing time……

  • i told people MWP will change the game.
    nobody ever listens man.
    but MWP alone cant make us win.
    and its sad to see the guys who are trying their best.
    you can see their expression and frustration when they talk to the cameras.
    but it is what it is ya know?
    were a young team and were still growing together.
    these are those growing pains everyone keeps talking about.
    i hope in 6 months we forget all about this and are on another topic.
    like dangelo and his progress and Randle too….
    both are rookies really.

  • best defensive guard right now IMHO is either JC(athletic and still young) or SwagP(been doin good lately)…nevertheless Id like it if MWP or nance jr can guard Lowry and Derozan, but doubt it since they are better used to guard forwards like lbj,kd,pg13,etc

  • There is a big part of the problem because if JC and Swaggy P neither of whom I consider to be elite defenders are the best, the chances of slowing down elite guards in this league are slim. That is why I wanted Rondo or even Nate Robinson. Someone who would really get after it attacking on both sides of the ball. Because we don’t have the offensive fire power to out score the better teams in the league. Even if we did we can’t just rely on out scoring teams every night.

    So the only chance based on what we have is a lot of team defense. And a lot of hustle. We have to get every loose ball and win the battle on the glass on both sides of the ball. And we have to hope we shoot a decent percentage as a team.

    Then should we be within reasonable striking distance in the 4th quarter (hopefully we even have the lead) we do not play the disappearing act down the stretch.

    Go Lakers !


  • Well Jordan Clarkson has been playing pretty well but is hardly an elite defender. Not yet anyway. So we have to use better team defense. And out hustle them for every loose ball, rebound, jump passes etc….

    Take a few chances early in hopes to set the tone that we came to play

    And of course stop dis appearing in the 4th quarter of each game.


  • I dis agree. We have to continue to be real with ourselves. First we have to accept the fact that unlike most teams in the league the Lakers have 5 different starters than they did a season ago. Not to mention several new faces on the bench. So figuring the best starting lineups and rotations was task number one. I think it took Byron about 5 games longer than it should have to figure those things out and it still needs a tweek or two IMO. (It’s hard to figure rotations and lineups out in preseason) because you can’t simulate regular season intensity or what playing on the road will do to some players effort wise. It takes a little time to find out who the road dogs are with so many new players.

    Next we have to realize there will be some growing pains with so many players who have never played together before. Not to mention we are trying to do some on the job training with our young players and still present a respectable product which can be a task when your still building trust and team chemistry.

    So the early struggles are to be expected. Obvoiusly we should and could have won 3 or 4 of the games we loss thus far. And we are not as bad as our 2-9 record IMO.

    Finally we have to take on a pro bowl defensive backs mind set. We can’t linger on the last play, the last game, or how the season has been going. Our focus needs to be on the fact that we are 1 and 1 in our last two games. We have a home win streak going of one win that we need to try to build on.

    We have to find a way to win some of the games we are suppose to lose to make up for losing some of the games we were suppose to win. Effort, Effort, Effort, Effort……….

    We have to have a chip on our shoulders so large we look like the hunchback of Norte dame.

    Will it be easy? No ! But should we ever just throw a towel in 11 games into a season with 71 games remaining? We were 2-8 the first ten games. We need to aim to go 5-5 or 6-4 the next ten and hopefully beat that, and go on from there.

    The world is really in need of the book and philosophy “Win Anyway”

    Go Lakers !


  • Metta is my favorite Laker. Still, why are we letting this faded star of yester-year eat up minutes that need to go into Nance, Randle or Brown’s development? Why are we letting Randle flounder, game after game, like we are?

    Why does anyone think we can run the BS modified-HorsePoop offense with two certified non-shooters like Kobe and Randle in the corners and expect it to work? No one fears Kobe or Randle from the corner, do they? So poor Russell has to dribble into the teeth of a packed-paint defense game after game. A lot more of the crap Russell has to eat from the fans is due to Kobe and Randle’s failures than anything else you can think of.

    How are you doing, Romain?

  • I would disagree with your call on Young. Nick does a good job at the 3. Letting Nance and Brown develop off the bench is not entirely a bad thing. We ought to be doing that with Randle, too, and letting these young guys cut their teeth against the other team’s scrubs.

  • Kelly or Nance needs to be playing and let Randle develop a little more, too. I think the pressure has frozen him in time.

  • Perhaps so, but with young players it’s hard to say. Many times they will appear to take 3 steps backwards right before they make a giant leap forward. Because they are often times either processing it all in or learning lessons the hard way by being taken to school by savvy veteran players. I think you develop each player at a pace that fits their skill and maturity. You don’t just throw them all in the fire or pool to sink, burn, or swim IMO.

    Where I definitely agree with you is that the young players should not all just be rushed into the mix. Some will do fine that way and others will not.

    I also agree Nance Jr. should be given more responsibility.

    Kelly I’m not quite as sold on because I don’t think he has the all
    around skill to cause problems on both offense and defense as Nance does because of his defense, length, and athletic ability. Kelly could probably score and rebound well though. His size may even block or alter a few shots too.

    And Kelly probably would not be quite as inconsistant as Randle because he has a bit more experience.

    Kelly looked great in the preseason but once things got real he struggled IMO. Players that can play physical and tough defense is what the Lakers need most because they don’t have enough fire power to consistently win shoot outs with most teams in the NBA IMO.


  • You know, Paytc, we actually do have some shooters on this team. What we don’t have is a system that emphasizes that. In a week that saw Kevin McHale get flushed down the toilet for the excrement he always was, it would be nice to see Scott circle the drain once or twice and follow him down. Could we bring MDA back for the rest of the year? Anything to make better use of what we have.

    Randle is really an undersized rookie PF with no J but who still ought to be afforded the chance to develop into whoever he can become at the NBA level—a player who will be much different than he was in college. I would have chosen Levine instead of Randle at that spot, if anyone cares.

    Scott is a loser, left behind by the game in the 80’s. He will never catch up because he doesn’t believe in Analytics or Small-Ball. He understands only a few fundamentals of the game—which he teaches, but which are not in themselves, enough to make winners out of anybody. I hope Steve Kerr recovers so that we can have a chance at luring Luke Walton back to LA. Otherwise, let’s pursue Steve Kerr for next year, if GSW keeps Walton. One or the other.

    Think about this: Across the whole league, there was not one single guy cut by any of our competitors that we could have used. Do you believe that? I don’t.

  • You make some good points none more interesting than the fact no one cut that we could use. And I agree we have a few shooters not sure any young scorers better than Jabari Brown would have been. The problem though is being able to stop others from scoring. We can’t just keep giving up 110 plus a game. I personally don’t like to play shuffle coaches every year or two. I don’t think it helps with the revolving players that are also coming and going. We will never develop chemistry until we keep a coach and a core group of players long enough. I don’t think any coach would have found a quick fix for the situation the Lakers have been in since breaking up our championship team. I usually just support whatever coach we have and put a bit more on the people who are actually on the court to figure it out and give madd effort until they get the desired results.

    I was cool with Mike Brown thought he was fired too soon at least he had the team playing defense.
    I was cool with MDA though I was skeptical about revolving the offense around Howard and putting Gasol as a third option. And I am cool with Byron Scott, atleast until he has a good run with this years players. I am sure I will be supportive of whatever coach the Lakers go with if a change is what is decided as well.

    I just want to see us get more out of this years team because it is better than 2-9. I expected it to take some time. But think we let a few games get away from us. Hopefully we can now go out and win a few we are suppose to lose.

    Go Lakers !


  • Kobe and Young were out a good part of the year last season. It’s basically a whole new team. And three of the starters have not played much in the NBA. Kobe has not played much the past three seasons. And Hibbert was sent to the Lakers to see if he could ask the wizard for a heart so he could return to playing like an all star.
    So it’s definitely not a lineup with a bunch of confidence or chemistry. Neither is the 2nd unit. We have to expect to experience some growing pains and to struggle against NBA teams with players who have played together several years and have the confidence, trust , and chemistry edge.


  • I can agree with that. I even liked Anthony Brown because he was a good outside shooter, young legs, and played defense. But they sent him to the Defenders. It is hard to do much of anything without having the time to gel and get to doing things well. Bottom line is whatever is done it will take time to perfect on it. And we need to have a bit of consistency with the same coaching and core players for that to happen no matter what coach and what players.


  • He too spent a good deal of time in the D league and was pulled up later in the season after we were already in tank mode. He did gain a good deal of confidence in his play time while the team was focused on tanking.


  • Then the coach has to simplify on both ends and slowly add on the layers. Knowing this in advance, usually “the Princeton” is not the offense of choice, either. This is Scott’s shortcoming of all his shortcomings.

    If you never get the basic offense laid on, it’s pretty hard to game plan anything.

  • It kind of reminds one of the NFL. Some head coaches would make better offensive or defensive coordinators. Especially if they don’t have good assistant coaches around to assist them with areas they need assistance. But they have to be humble enough to ask for the help.


  • Humility is always in too short a supply everywhere, have you noticed?

    I had a boss who used to liken fixing business problems to repairing a train while it is still moving. The only thing you are not allowed to do is stop the train.

    There is an art to this. This is where the Lakers could really use having Dr. Buss coming back from the dead and getting Jimbo off our backs. The Lakers would have been such a different franchise, had he lived.

  • Something I hope we don’t go into this season. But if things don’t change what other choice is there?

    It’s still early.

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