Numbers and Statistics That Can Provide a Clear Picture for Lakers
June 17, 2010 - Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - epa02208487 Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant celebrates after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics 83-79 to win their 16th NBA Championship at the Staples Center in Los Angeles California, USA 17 June 2010.

While no Phil Jackson championship team have lost 4 in a row, they have had bad stretches:

  • The 1990-91 Chicago Bulls team started off the season 5-6, but still found a way to turn things around to finish at 61-21 and win the NBA championship.
  • Both the 2001 and 2002 Laker Championship teams, coached by Phil, had a stretch where they lost 4 out of 5 games.
  • It was just last year that the soon to be 2 x champ Lakers had a stretch of losing 4 out of 5 and 5 out of 7.

Each season takes on a storyline and life of its own which can differ greatly from those before them. Looking back at history can only provide information of how teams of the past have faired in a similar situation that the Lakers find themselves in now, but it can’t predict the outcome of the current path. What I think we learned is that losing 4 or more in row is not a death knell of championship aspirations for an NBA team as it has been done before; but it’s definitely not ideal.

Another thing we can get from the past is some peace of mind and trust if we look at the stellar history of those most responsible for the success of the current day Lakers.

We can be comforted by Phil Jackson and his record 11 championships coaching.

We should be set at ease by Kobe Bryant with his 5 rings and undeniable will.

We can sleep better at night with Derek Fisher and his well chronicled past of championship heroics which help the Lakers to 5 championships.

They are the guardians of the Lakers’ legacy right now and are steering the ship that has its destination set for their 3rd straight championship. I personally don’t think you could select anyone more qualified to watch over and protect it. That thought in it self should relieve the Laker fan’s feelings of dejection and quash the anticipation of a bleak outcome for this season.

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