Odom and Blake Griffin Battle it Out for Final All Star Spot


Lamar Odom, forward, Lakers: Odom has put together one of the best seasons of his career and definitely the most consistent. Coaches love his versatility and size at the position. Another thing he has going for him is he is playing for the defending champs who currently sit at a very respectable #2 overall in the Western Conference. This might be Odom’s best chance to ever make the All Star team and it will really come down to the coaches assessment of value on either winning or raw production. If the coaches find more value in winning over the absurd numbers that the other forwards in the West are putting up then Odom is in. I don’t see that happening this year and I predict Odom will unfortunately miss out again. I say he is OUT.


Blake Griffin, forward, Clippers: You’ve seen him nightly on highlight reels flying over opponents and throwing down rim shattering dunks. Posterization doesn’t quite explain what he did to 7 foot 1 inch center Timofey Mozgov and shortly after Danilo Gallinari of the Knicks (see video above) as posters are usually of flash in the pan pop stars like Justin Bieber and made of flimsy material, that eventually wilts away. This was more like a great oil painting on canvas from a renowned artist like Picasso in which future generations can admire and cherish.

Outside of amazing highlights, Blake Griffin is putting up unbelievable numbers for a guy that is in his first year and coming off knee surgery that kept him out an entire season. Actually, at 23 ppg, almost 13 rebounds per game and being 2nd in the league with 39 double doubles he is producing well for a guy at any point in their career.

If the coaches don’t vote him in, David Stern will not be able to resist taking this opportunity to show off his flashy new toy in the NBA’s showcase game in front of the home L.A. crowd. Stern and NBA fans are drooling at the mouth at the big play possibilities that Blake can bring in a game where defense is optional and the pace of the game is frenetic. I say he is IN.

What I can state most confidently is that regardless if Blake makes the team this year or not, he will be a perennial all star going forward. As for Odom, this might be his last and best chance to reach this feat. While I doubt that he will make it, I wish Odom luck on making the team.

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