On The Lowly Utah Jazz Fans

Speaking of Carlos Boozer, did you know that, before coming to Utah, he backed out of an agreement he had with Gordon Gund, a blind man? And that you embrace this con artist now? Oh, it’s true. From Wikipedia:

After the 2003–04 NBA season, the Cavaliers had the option of allowing him to become a restricted free agent, or keeping him under contract for one more year at a $695,000 salary. The Cavaliers claim to have reached an understanding with Boozer and his agent on a deal for approximately $39 million over 6 years, which he would sign if they let him out of his current deal.

Cleveland then proceeded to release him from his contract making him a Restricted Free Agent. During this period, a few teams were also interested in signing Boozer, and Utah ended up offering a 6 year $70 million dollar contract that Cleveland chose not to match, since it would take them far over the salary cap.


In addition, the former Cavaliers owner Gordon Gund has said, “In the final analysis, I decided to trust Carlos and show him the respect he asked for. He did not show that trust and respect in return.”

Re-read that again, Jazz fans. And he didn’t have his daughter’s eye cancer to “hide behind.” Boozer didn’t leave under a mutually-agreed contract termination. He reneged on a deal to get paid, plain and simple. He’s going to do the same thing this summer. He’s going where-ever somebody wants to over-pay for an undersized power-forward that has consistently and continually struggled against taller, more athletic forwards. After being basically non-existent in what was probably his last game in a Jazz uniform (10 points, 14 rebounds, 6 fouls), his Escalade got crunched by the Lakers’ media bus. The Utah Jazz fans deserve to cheer for a guy like Carlos Boozer.

Come to think of it, the Utah Jazz fans deserve the basketball purgatory that they will forever be stuck in. They will be perennially good, winning much more than losing, but when the chips come down in the play-offs, they will be forever pulling up short. I think that’s the worst team in the world to cheer for. A team that gives you hope (true hope) only to kick you in the stomach every single year. Like a guy who stays with his psychotic, moderately attractive, shady girlfriend. You guys deserve everything you’re getting from the Jazz.
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