Possible Trade Scenarios For Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers

Steve Nash
The last scenario for today involves another rumor that recently surfaced on the web. Could the Lakers be interested in bringing in 2-time Most Valuable Player Steve Nash? People commonly complain about the Lakers’ supposed point guard issues. Could Nash be the answer?

Personally I think this is one that can go straight back to the garbage pile where it came from. Much like Randolph and Jamison above, the salaries aren’t going to match up for Phoenix and the Lakers in this trade. In addition, Phoenix isn’t going to trade their most coveted possession to their hated division rivals.

The biggest problem in this scenario is the Lakers style of play. While people commonly criticize their guard play, it’s important to realize that a top notch guard wouldn’t work in their current offensive rotation. Bryant is a free range shooting guard that handles the ball as much as the point guards. If you inserted a guard who always wants the ball in his hands to make plays, such as Steve Nash, the offensive rhythm would immediately be interrupted.

A top point guard isn’t going to save the Lakers, and will most likely not even be considered by Kupchak and the Los Angeles front office.

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