Power Rankings: Bulls Claim No. 1 Spot, But Lakers Maintain Dominance

20. Milwaukee Bucks (22): There’s no doubt that Brandon Jennings is going to become one of the league’s oxymoronic “little giants,” however, if he wants to be in the class of the Allen Iverson’s and Tiny Archibald’s, he’s going to have to learn how to put a team on his back and carry them for a good portion of the season.

19. Charlotte Bobcats (18): With how close they came to stealing away the eighth-seed from the Pacers, maybe it would have been a smart move to keep Gerald Wallace instead of trading him for pennies on the dollar.


18. Phoenix Suns (16): A loss to the Spurs all but ended the Suns’ playoff hopes; however, they put up a strong fight to end the season, and saw a ton of potential from newcomers such as Marcin Gortat, who is primed to become the Suns’ replacement for Amar’e.

17. New York Knicks (21): I wouldn’t call the Knicks’ problems a form of an identity crisis, but it’s definitely a case of not having the right personnel. Billups, Anthony and Amar’e is a great big three, but its not similar to Miami’s trio, which is capable of essentially winning games while playing three (sometimes two) on five.

16. Indiana Pacers (19): The Pacers have started to build a considerable cushion between them and the ninth-place Bobcats. However, that only means that the Pacers will play four, maybe five more games than if they were lottery-bound. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, but they definitely shouldn’t have high-expectations for the postseason.

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