Power Rankings: Spurs Start To Struggle, Lakers Continue Rise

25. Detroit Pistons (25): Richard Hamilton and Head Coach John Keuster have apparently settled their differences, but if they think that is going to salvage the Pistons’ season, they are highly mistaken.

24. Sacramento Kings (28): Marcus Thornton might have been the biggest trade-deadline steal that no one is talking about, as he’s putting up 23 PPG on 47 percent shooting in 39 MPG in his last 10 games.

23. Los Angeles Clippers (22): The combination of Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon is likely the NBAs next great big/little dynamic duo, and although the Clips have struggled in the last third of the NBA season, they are growing as a unit every day, and will definitely be one of the most hyped teams heading into next season.

22. Milwaukee Bucks (21): The Bucks were simply a short-lived NBA fad. They had one great single, they looked good on people for a little while – but then everyone realized (including themselves) that they actually weren’t that great and that maybe their style isn’t the next trend-setter.

21. New York Knicks (17): The Knicks are lucky they play in the East, because if they were in the West, they would have fallen so much harder on their face than they have. The Eastern Conference is like childhood/adolescence, because even though teams might make horrible mistakes, life is still so easy that they don’t have any repercussions for their actions.

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