Practice Report: Nash & Gasol Injuries, D’Antoni on Kobe

Pau Gasol Practice Shooting

3. Gasol won’t be getting more touches in the post early

When ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne asked head coach Mike D’Antoni if Pau Gasol would be seeing more touches in the post early, D’Antoni had a simple answer, “No.”

“We can’t put 15 guys down there in the post. It doesn’t work.”

Coach also reiterated that their offense thrives on sharing the ball and scoring within the first 16 seconds. After those 16 seconds, the offense will rely more on the post.

“We play Lakers basketball…we’ll score in the first 16 seconds, then after that we’ll post people up…”

4. Don’t expect Kobe to rest during the game (he can do that at practice)

Bryant played another 40 minute game in the Lakers win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday evening. The fourth quarter seemed like a perfect time for Kobe to rest, but Bryant waved off wanting to come out of the game. After 17 seasons, Bryant has somewhat earned the right to decide if he wants to stay in the game, although head coach D’Antoni did say there will be times when he will be making the decision for Bryant to rest.

“We have to win. We have to use his more minutes. The more people that come back the more rest we can give him.”

D’Antoni told Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters that having Kobe rest at practice is more important than allowing adequate rest for Kobe Bryant during the game.

“I’d rather him rest on Monday, than rest on Tuesday, that’s kind of the philosophy I’ve always had.”

Thus, don’t be expecting Kobe to be spending too much time on the bench Tuesday night, even if the Lakers take a hefty lead against the Charlotte Bobcats. Tip-off is set for 7:30pm at Staples Center.


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