Reggie Miller Believes Kobe Bryant Will Play Past Season, Possibly Overseas

Kobe Reggie

As he enters his 20th NBA season, the constant question surrounding Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is whether this be his final season in the league. With nearly 47,000 regular season minutes and over 8,000 more in the playoffs, even Kobe acknowledges that he doesn’t have much time left.

What will Kobe Bryant make this season? Find out here!

Even though Kobe has said that it is likely he will retire after this year, many don’t believe he will be able to walk away from the game. Someone who subscribes to that thinking is TNT Analyst Reggie Miller who doesn’t believe Kobe will retire after this year, and could even see him playing overseas.

Miller made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday and said the following about Bryant’s future, via

I cannot see Kobe Bryant, as we all know, as competitive as he is, stopping after next season. But on the flip side, it depends on that conversation he has with Mitch Kupchak, and that dollar amount. Because, is he going to hold the Lakers hostage? … I see him perhaps even playing overseas.”

Kobe has acknowledged the possibility of ending his career overseas. It is well known that Kobe grew up in Italy and is comfortable in Europe, so the chances of him playing there are likely higher than most other players. Dominique Wilkins is one example of a star player who played overseas during his later years.

At this point, it is unknown whether Kobe will really call it quits after this season. Once April rolls around and the Lakers season comes to a close (if they don’t make the playoffs), everyone will have more of an idea of if Kobe will stay around for next year.


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Can’t we just get through THIS season first?

  1. I wish I could relive Kobes prime years. What magnificent performances we took for granted.


  • Everyone pressuring Kobe to retire needs to shut up. The guy basically sat out the last 3 seasons, he can play another 2-3 seasons if he wants to. And he’s not THAT old. Let’s remember MJ won a ring at 36

    1. Those people pushing Kobe out (media) are people that don’t really like Kobe. A lot of people at ESPN hate on Kobe, which is why the only coverage they do on Lakers/Kobe is negative. Reggie Miller is also a well known Kobe hater, but who cares let him dust off Kobe’s rings.

      1. Wait, since when? Last couple of years, all I’ve heard is Reggie having Kobe’s back. This article certainly doesn’t throw any shade on him at any rate.

        1. A few months ago, Reggie Miller said something like “Michael Jordan on his worst day, is 10 times better than Kobe” which is funny because in Michael’s Wizards years Kobe dropped 55 on MJ and when Kobe was younger (rocking the fro) he still gave Jordan a run for his money. Kobe can hang with MJ any day, it’s Reggie who can’t. Seriously, fuck that guy. I used to like him, but making such a ridiculous comment, I won’t back peddle into anything positive he has to say about Kobe or the Lakers since we know how he really feels. He was also talking crap about our Summer League core too, so fuck him

          1. I used to like Reggie too. Now I just don’t care or think much about him or his suck face kiss ass opinions. Anything to make a buck and join the hater’s club. I guess the paychecks and money is hard to come by these days? Perhaps he’s desperate?

            Being a decent player once upon a time you would think he would have a bit more love and respect for Kobe(and all great players) than he does. Sellout for the money? There is a little paycheck waiting for a hater. But hate won’t change great.

            Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


      1. how is it a joke??? :D. Have you not seen their roster??? They arguably have the best front court in the NBA in WCS and Cousins!!!. And they have one of the best PG rotations in the NBA in Rondo we all know what he can do with a team and Darren Collison one of the most unappreciated PG’s in the NBA. People forget him cuz the depth at PG is so loaded but hes big time thats for sure. Literally every position they have can defend which is amazing to believe, and lets not forget that they have one of the best coaches in nba history. I would be utterly surprised if they didn’t make the playoffs. unless rondo did what he did in dallas.

        1. Front court isn’t better then memphis, every team rudy gay has left got better without him.

          1. ya Toronto thats every team lol. rudy gay is not a tumor buddy and he most certainly aint no joke so cut the bullshit. Memphis does not have a better front court than the clippers or the kings have Period. Cousins was playing that Jordan role for the Kings until WCS came in to town. now hes gonna be playing that Blake Griffin role now and WCS will be the jordan. Is cousins better than Griffin and Randolph ??? uhhh…. Absolutely. Is WCS better than Jordan??? uhhh… There pretty much the same expect WCS is an overall better defender since he can guard literally any position out there. There both exceptional athletes but WCS is amazing and is younger. So i just explained it to you in the easiest most factual way. WCS and Jordan are pretty much the same but what makes the kings front court superior is Cousins over blake!!!

          2. your so stupid the grizz got better with out gay and the raptors got better with out gay

          3. trust me the guy is big time. just because ur young doesn’t mean your not as good as a more experienced player. age is only a number. wcs is a beast already and will only get better by the year. hes gonna be one of those guys u look back on 5 years from now as one of the best centers in the nba as far as being a defensive anchor he already is elite in my opinion on that end is what i mean. jordan cant even hit a free throw and has 0 offensive game and hes considered one of the top big man in the game with out having those 2 criterias. as far as im concerned WCS is already leaps ahead of jordan at his age hes already an outstanding defender and can literally guard any player at any position which jordan can not and has already those 2 criteria that jordan does not. no disrespect to jordan but WCS is as good as jordan today i would say and is only gonna get better by the year thats all. hes the more advanced version of jordan i would say cuz hes got some skill and can hit his FT’s

          4. ok dumbass keep telling Urself that. his ceiling is jordan but better :D. tyson chandler is a terrible comparison. chandler is no way near the athlete WCS is and his versatility is no where near as well. chandler cant guard all 5 positions and is relativity slow. WCS is a special kind of talent. hes gonna be a more polished version of jordan. and yes he does have some skill on offense dumbass. the fact that u said he has zero offense tells me how much of a troll u are. if you want zero offense by all means go look at jordan

          5. if he couldn’t then why when he was in college thats what all they saying about him and he showed it

          6. so he can guard curry, Westbrook , rose, harden Thompson, wall , Lebron, KD ect.

    1. The Lakers are arguably more talented than the Kings





      Hibbert < Cousins

      Kings basically have a better center and that's it. But Hibberts defense is better than Cousins so that kinda doesn't really matter

      1. seek medical attention as soon as possible boy. im a laker fan and i even know thats crazy talk ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. How is that crazy talk?

          Clarkson and Russell are better than Rondo and Collison

          Young and Lou are
          Better than any SGs the Kings have

          Kobe is better than Gay

          Randle is better than WCS

          Bass is better than Evans

          Cousins is better than Hibbert

          The Lakers are more talented at every position except center, which is the position that is becoming less useful every season

          1. lol thats your fan boy crazy little delusional head talking ๐Ÿ˜€

            Clarkson and Russel are not even better than Payton – Dipo and ur saying there better than rondo,collison???!!!! damn ur high as fuck :D. WCS and Cousins are both 10 x better than both hibbert and randle/bass combined ๐Ÿ˜€ thats a fact. Kobe better than Gay??? Kobe is 37 buddy he can still score on gay but thats pretty much it. Rudy can do the same to him. and FYI kid Cousins wont be plating center WCS will. learn ur positions before u start sayin crazy shit

          2. You’re obviously watching a different NBA than I am. Did you not see rondo play last season? *hint* HE SUUUUCKED. Even Kobe played better. Clarkson is a better PG at this point. Russell also has more potential than Collison and can be a great back up PG for now. Collison is not that great a player honestly

            WCS has the defense but his offensive game is weak. Randle would shit on WCS trust. And Hibbert can guard Cousins easily. He’s every big mans nightmare. Hibbert has the potential to be DPOTY

            Rudy Gay has never even made an All Star game, he’s not as good as you think kid

            Cousins at PF wouldn’t be smart with the way the league is fast paced nowadays. Kings would be way too slow in transition D with Cousins at PF.

      2. bryant is not better than Rudy Gay, please kid. first of all, bryant can only last about 30 games before he starts limping off the court

  • If Kobe plays 56 games or more this season, I see him playing another 3 years. Contract will be like 3 years $25M.

    But if he has another injury, I think he’s done.

    I don’t think he will play overseas, his wife is too fine. Chinese pussies may be too small for him.

          1. How can he be a stalker when everybody can see your stupid ass comments on every article? It’s kind of inevitable except if you’re blind.

  • Yes but his body was resting while he was injured. Aside from the Achilles tear his injuries were not THAT bad. Kobe has been one of the most consistent players in NBA history, But good luck can’t last forever. His injuries were all just bad luck. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Kobe is a TOUGH dude, I don’t know if you’ve been watching the NBA for that long, but Kobe won an NBA championship on a fucked ip knee and played in the playoffs SEVERAL times with a broken finger. He still dominated.

    Quit being a Kobe hater. He alone has more rings than your Clippers. He is greater than your franchise will ever be. And if you were REALLY from LA, you would know that Lakers run this city, everybody hates the clippers here

      1. Players have came back from worse and still dominated.
        A partially torn rotator cuff won’t slow Kobe down, upper body injuries are not that big a deal in basketball. Especially on the arms. Those are the most manageable injuries

        And Kobe said he had been playing on it torn for a while, he just decided to rest since last season was a wash

        1. Young Kobe,

          You don’t have to waste your time explaining anything to Kobe haters. They have shit for lives and feel important sitting behind a computer pecking on a keyboard knocking someone who is still having a major impact in the NBA.

          They know just as you and everyone else Kobe is still the best player on the Lakers and one of the very best if not best in the NBA.

          But they know there is know one better to discuss than Kobe. That is why most of the media who are dieing for ratings and advertisements try to stir up Kobe conversations.

          I just hope things all fall in place for Kobe and the Lakers. Meanwhile we can just expect an improvement from the past three tough seasons for Laker fans. But as tough as it has been only 3 teams have won a championship in that time, the Heat, Spurs, and Warriors. And they each only won one.

          It has been just as tough for everyone who hasn’t won a championship.

          Kobe has 5 (should have more) and the Lakers have 16 that’s better than most. I say Kobe will keep playing in the NBA after next season and Reggie Miller will be kissing ass somewhere looking for another job.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


        2. he shot 1-15 on last shots of the game last year. lakers were 10-20 or something with bryant in lineup. he sucks

          1. Kobe played something like 41 games in the past 2 seasons and you expect him to just hop back in and average 50% with 27 PPG with the shitty ass team he was given? If they went 10-20 with kobe, they went 11-41 without him. If it weren’t for Kobe, the lakers would’ve ended up dead last

  • If he went to china, he’d rake in so much dough. But I cannot even fathom the thought of him being anything else but a laker

  • If Kobe makes it through the season healthy and we have a relatively successful season, I can see him coming back another 2-3 years- pending how much Lakers offer. At least over $5 mill per year. Which I think he’ll take just to show its not about the money. Then hopefully we can land a couple free agents next year and send Kobe off the right way.

    1. if he comes back a 5 year 25-30m deal would look great for him and the lakers. kobe at around 5 to 6m a season is great for the lakers and kobe signing for 5 years would only play for about 2 to 3 so he would really be getting 3 years 25-30m

  • you think his haters dont “build up his ego”? you guys give him just as much attention as his fans do? hating on kobe is also a way of admiring his greatness.

    1. He’s jealous for stating his opinion? Kobe has said he would love to play overseas when his career is done. You think Marbury is big in China, just imagine the red carpet they would roll out for Kobe.

      1. I dont think his gonna tarnish his reputation as future hof for moneys sake, than its already have. As we’ve known he wanted to retire in modest way.. I believe he have many business plans related to bball to divert his attention. I think he already drawn his retirement activities, and so any mediocre signing playing abroad will only turn disadvantegous in his part, as a player and a businesman.

        1. MJ went and played semi pro baseball and retired 3 times, is he not still the best player ever and one of the richest…SMH KB can do whatever he wants nothing will tarnish his HOF or his businesses bro. Players like this can do whatever.

          1. For speculation, i wanted to be more realistic. His aging w/ healing achiles and is heavily dependent on ice, you know all the articles that come out of his quotes from these.. Other than basketball, soccer is a no no for his body is breaking down. And so hes currently expounding his business endeavours now.. I think hes managing his image more going forward..

            Dont get me wrong, i can relate to the man. Thou not same field, i started from scratch, gathered the knowhows & experiences to earn my ways..

          2. Continuing to play basketball either in the NBA or overseas seems realistic to me…As long as hes able and willing to.

  • The Kings Starting Lineup can compete with anybody out West. Rondo/Ben/Gay/Cous/WCS. Its there supporting cast thats the real question? are they gonna show up? We all know Collison when healthy is big time its up to the rest of the bench to show up

  • im not believing anything from reggie miller we took his title hopes away and named horrible marijuana after him. wait to hear kobes decision next summer

  • I think Kings can win the west. I really do. Rondo, Gay, and Cousins is a nice trio. This team is underrated. They have a mixture of veterans and young legs.

    If the Kings don’t make the playoffs, I will suck Rudy Gay’s dick and swallow his rotten cum.

  • I think, based on recent history, that Kobe will go down with a season ending injury some time before seasons end. He will have a tearful press conference shortly after that announcing he’s hanging them up. Remember I said this, I can see the future yo.

    1. Doubt it. This season he would’ve played a majority of the season (if he didn’t have to rest). The rotator cuff was just a lingering injury Kobe said had been bothering him before the season. If he was aware beforehand, no concern

  • Espn is trying to promote Lebron James but their Problem is Kobe’s Mass appeal….Therefore taking the Shine they are trying to give Lebron…Kobe is Box Office still and Espn have a Problem with that…Now the Lakers FO problem will be if Kobe comes back playing like a renewed Kobe and they decide to cut tides after next season….and if some of those young players are not performing as expected….Some of the Fanbase might take up residence with the Clippers….Mutiny.

  • I think a year overseas is definitely possible. He has talked about it before and he grew up in Italy for the most part because of his father playing there. I don’t think it will happen as soon as next year though, I think it will probably be more like a few years from now. I think, if he is healthy that he will play another year or two in the NBA. He still has some records to go after and would love a 6th ring. Would he play on a team like Cleveland to get that 6th ring? I don’t know, hard to say. I wouldn’t hold it against him and if he was actually successful in doing so I would be very happy for him.

  • Every Teams Projected Front Court this Season

    Gasol – Noah
    Randolph – Gasol
    Blake – Jordan
    Favors – Gorbet
    Morris – Chandler
    Noel – Okafor
    Green – Bogut
    Randle/Bass – Hibbert
    Jones – Howard
    Aldridge – Duncan
    Davis – Asik
    Bosh – Whiteside
    Porzingis – Lopez
    Patterson – Valanciunas
    Cousins – WCS
    Millsap – Horford
    Nene – Gortat
    Ibaka – Adams
    Kaminsky – Jefferson
    Towns – Pekovic
    Ilyasova – Drummond
    Dirk – Zaza
    Robinson – Lopez
    Gordon – Vucevic
    Faried – Nurkic
    Lee – Zeller
    George/Turner – Hill/ Turner
    Giannis – Monroe
    Davis – Kaman
    Love – Varejao

    The reason the Kings have the Best Frontcourt is because of Cousins. Cousins is the best big man in the game. Period. Cousins has always been missing thaat guy next to him like everyone has. He was always the man with no help on his side. You can virtually put anybody whos good on defense next to Cousins and your automatically the best front court in the NBA. Luckily for the Kings they didn’t just get any random big that defend (Jason Thompson ;D) ๐Ÿ˜€ they got the best defender in the entire draft and is gonna be a monster in this league.

    1. Were talking about Kobe playing overseas not front courts… go outside and play in traffic Joshhh.

    2. I like the Kings front court a lot. But we will see how they work out. They don’t have many shooters on the floor. Offensively it could be a struggle.

      1. You really cant get any better than Cousins and WCS. u just cant. There as deadly as they come. These up and coming front courts as well will be really good as well

        Noel – Okafor

        bosh an whiteside is top 5 front court in the nba hands down. maybe even top 3

        1. I thought it was 1 mill., but honestly Mamba’s wife is smoking hot and she seems like a good mother. Respect to the Mamba

  • Who cares about Reggie Miller and Kobe Bryant. Both of them are HISTORY! Two has beens trying to stay in the news!!!!! LMAO LMAO.

  • To all you delusional Laker fan idiots! Kobe Bryant has been irrelevant for about 5 or 6 years. And the Lakers have been biting the dust. And they will continue to do so. LMAO. Nothing like delusional Laker fanboys in the NBA. You are the laughingstock!!!!!!!! Accept it!!

    1. Laughingstock, but yet you’re HERE. Yea, laughingstock don’t get attention, or Christmas day games

    2. You are irrelevant. How can you say that about a great player. Even though he was injured these past few years he was still one of the top scores. Laker fans are not delusional we just love to win hence 16 championships while all these other teams get the left over wins. Think about it other teams have to go through 14-10 years to catch up to our championships. You should just stop trolling.

  • Lakers are crazy to not sign Upshaw. his upside is through the roof at being a dominate big man in the league. If they do sign him which they i still dont understand why they wouldn’t be playing him over black an undersized PF in all honesty. it just makes no sense. if you want to develop a future beast you have to turn him into that beast, not by benching him. he cant turn into a beast sitting on the bench. a player will never have upside until and unless hes plays to show his upside. makes sense.

    Just to the logical thing Mitch with what u have and get rid of these jokes that are Sacre and Kelly, And Sign Upshaw, Wright and Buycks

      1. lol. that makes no sense. ๐Ÿ˜€ no one is an nba player until they play in the nba :D. all he needs is to get in better shape which im sure hes doing. u make no sense “not nba player right now” ๐Ÿ˜€ that doesn’t even make sense :D!!!

    1. Upshaw needs to go down to the D league and prove himself he is worthy of a NBA roster. Right now, he is not worth it.

      1. worth it? so i guess randle and russel, brown and nance must go as well considering what u just said it makes sense ;D. you just said “Upshaw needs to go down to the D league and prove himself he is worthy of a NBA roster” what exactly has randle and russel done to be worthy???? its funny how some people look at credibility and hype of the player coming in and not the player alone ;D. As far as im concerned Bruce there all in the same situation Bruce. it doesn’t matter where ur drafted 1 or 60th essentially there all rookies in fact upshaw may have the most upside out of all the lakers rookies so ur assessment on upshaw is based off pure credibility and how much hype he has coming in which is ridiculous and not his actual game. saying upshaw needs to go to the d league is like saying every rookie should be going to the d league.

  • The Lakers will get swept by the Clippers, Golden State, and Sacramento. The lakers are D-league quality now. Face it! They are DONE. 16 championships and NO MORE! They will remain at 16 till the end of time!!!!!!!

  • I’m not so sure about Kobe playing overseas, but if he’s healthy and the team is competitive he’ll likely play at least another year or two.

  • If the team somehow sneaks into the 8th seed, then I see Kobe maybe playing another year or two on a cheaper contract. If this team fell into the stinkers early on, then I think it’s over for Kobe.

    1. its impossible for them to get that 8th spot. the lower ranked teams like Pels,Suns,Jazz,Kings,Minny are all getting better by the year and are becoming more legit. Some people think that the west this year has slightly gotten weaker depth wise from being 8-9 deep to 6 deep now. but i disagree i think its still very loaded as it was last year with those teams. I still think Portland and Dallas are respectable teams as well. obviously portland lost alot of players and clearly are the biggest losers on free agency but they did pick up ed davis and Aminu, 2 very good defenders for thier position plus they still have thier future PG in Lillard. Kaman now will finally get that starting gig now that lopez is gone. hes more than capable of starting for them. and davis will replace Aldrige obviously no one can replace aldrige lol but the trail blazers secretly have gotten alot better defensively than last year with adding these 2 guys.

  • Russel – Clarkson – Buycks
    Kobe – Williams – Brown
    Wright – Young – Brown
    Bass – Randle – Nance
    Hibbert – Upshaw – Black

    Alot of fire power off the bench

    What you need in a starting lineup to Contend

    a pg
    a sg
    a 3 and D SF (perimeter defender)
    a PF
    and most importantly a Rim Protector

    with that lineup you have that. You can bash Wright all you want calling him garbage bla bla bla but he fits that 3rd point and kobe does not

    1. A PG (Russell fits that for the next 10 years hopefully)
      A SG (Clarkson fits that for the next 10 ten years hopefully; Kobe doesn’t)
      A 3 and D SF (Neither Kobe nor any sign right now will fill this the next 5 years)
      A PF (Hopefully Randle earns his spot for the next 10 years)
      Rim Protector (Hibbert hopefully next 5 years)
      So I got 4 out of 5…all except the 3 spot. Fix the problem permanently in FA the next two years.
      By starting Kobe and Wright you are starting TWO players who will not be starting in 3 years and vacating two of your 5 needed spots. Even if you say you’ll replace Kobe with Clarkson in two years, you won’t know for sure if Clarkson can do it. By starting Clarkson this year you’ll have a good idea of what he can do/be. Worse comes to worse sign a SG (if Clarkson doesn’t show promise as a starter) and not keeping your fingers crossed for Clarkson to replace Kobe.

      1. u make it sound like wright is 37 years old :D. hes the same age as nick young i think but 1 year younger so u fucked up. You dont seem to understand how to construct a team in the nba. ur willing to give up defense for clarkson. ur pathetic.wright helps on the wings. wright is a 3 and D sf dumbo. hibbert is not god he needs some help dumbass everyone does. clarkson will replace kobe but it should not be this year it should be when kobe retires. you need at least one off the ball player that defends in ur lineup for it to function properly. dont u know that by now???? ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Clarkson hasn’t show much defensively, however he hasn’t been asked to really fill that role as of yet. Who is to say that Clarkson doesn’t turn out to be a wing defender just as good as some scrub who barely played 15 minutes a game (against shitty second units and even then was hardly that good)? There is one thing you are absolutely right about – and that is that finding defensive wing guys is hard to come by and they get snapped up real damn quick. One needs only look at Tony Allen as an example, the guy basically offers almost nothing offensively but what he does on the other end more than makes up for that. Now these defensive wing guys are hard to come by and get snapped up real quick (See Aminu and even 35yo John Salmons) while Dorell ‘scrub’ Wright is still more unemployed than Luke Ridnour. If your answer to the Lakers defensive wing option is Dorell Wright or Luc Power Forward Mbah a Moute, even rookie Anthony Brown is a better option. Grow a fucking brain cell you god damned retarded child.

          1. doesn’t matter if he does improve. its not the 2 thats important if you have someone at the 2 that can defend good for you thats a bonus but its the 3 thats the most important and crucial to have.

          2. Here’s the other problem you have, which comes from a lack of actually watching basketball. Tony Allen is 6’4″, yet he is the guy who gets assigned to guard LeBron James and Kevin Durant etc. because height doesn’t matter and nor does the so called SG or SF position. Being a “lockdown defender” is about effort, focus and the ability to read the game, it has absolutely nothing to do with a guys height or physical tools, it may help but in the long run it is what is up top (you don’t possess this) that makes a good defender. In the NBA in this day and age the 2 and the 3 are almost completely interchangable, Wayne Ellington played the 3, Clarkson played the 3, Klay Thompson played the 3 etc. SG and SF are both wing players, their roles are incredibly similar on the defensive end – being tasked with guarding BOTH wing positions. As far as I’m concerned Clarkson is already a better defender than Dorell fucking Wright and there is no reason why he can’t make the step up and take on the better wing guys next season. I’d rather see Clarkson guarding LeBron than Dorell fucking Wright..

        2. Wright is not our SF if you want to win a championship. He isn’t and wouldn’t start for this team for more than two lousy seasons. Once again you keep your finger crossed that Clarkson can replace kobe and can transition from backup PG. We’ll start him this year and have less question marks for the next two years. Once again if you think that Kobe and Wright are your 2/3 3 years from now youre delusional.

        3. so you think Wright is the best 3 we can get in the next two offseason. I’m not saying Durant but others. Batum or MKG or any other solid players?

  • I don’t want Kobe to retire after this year, I just want him to stop eating up max-plus contract dollars. He’s made so much from the Lakers and endorsements that he should cut the Lakers a break after this year.

  • Reggie Miler is such a dunce. There is no chance Kobe is going to hold Mitch hostage for more money. Also I don’t see him playing overseas. There is nothing of value there for him and as upset as he was about his parents uprooting him I doubt he does the same to his daughters. Maybe if it were during the summer and just for fun.

  • I don’t mind if kobe plays a couple more years as long as Mitch n the buss family don’t offer him 20+ mill a year.. If he give us 66-68 games this year cuz I assume he won’t play back to backs and some games he will play 30+ n sit out the next game cuz of soarness ..If kobe can do that and give us 24ppg 5reb 5asst at the SF spot..then offer him 1yr 13mill if he wants to come back one more year

    1. I can’t picture that for some reason. Kobe doesn’t seem like the type that would want much of a reduced role/workload. I think he’s going into this season just like others, planning to drive it until the wheels fall off, lol.

  • Kobe should not play over seas Kobe should retire after next season and that’s it, if you wanna go out playing at the highest level then retire after next season because if he plays over seas he’s not gonna be retiring at the highest level, he’s gonna be one of these players that didn’t know when to call it quits and keep playing well past his prime. Players wanna play at the highest levels and that’s the NBA.

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