Fancap: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Purple and Gold

Kobe got hot as well, which contributed to the Lakers’ offensive firepower to close the game.  I’m always impressed by Kobe, but I was particularly impressed with his game last night for a few reasons. He only took 17 shots, which meant he stayed within the offense.  He commanded his troops with aggressiveness and efficiency, but still took his own shots when he needed to, and made them. It was the perfect balance of scorer and facilitator.

20 of Kobe’s 23 points came after the break, and 8 of them were in the last five minutes of the game! For the most part   he said in his midrange game, but was able to switch into Mamba Mode and get feisty in the paint.  It was funny; I thought his leg kick when he shoots his fadeaway jumper was more pronounced than usual. Kobe’s leg kicked up almost comically high, like a cheerleader, and I loved it.  It is still a gorgeous shot, and was a masterful performance overall by Mr. Bryant.

Poor Lamar, by the way: 8 stitches from running into his own teammate! The bar I watched at made the loudest collective “ohhh” I’ve ever heard when they kept replaying that moment.  It looked so painful, and I was glad it wasn’t too serious of an injury to L.O or Pau.

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