Serving the Clippers with a 60 day notice to vacate

PhotobucketViolation #2: Donald T. Sterling not paying his staff per the terms of their contracts.

Another great Yahoo! Sports writer, Adrian  Wojnarowski, exposes Sterling in a March 15th article of how he has habitually stopped paying his employees despite owing them money under the terms of the contract and daring them to sue to obtain the money that they were entitled to from the outset.

You can read the article for yourself with the link above but in short; he has screwed over coaches and scouts of money owed to them, forcing them to take him to court to obtain the remaining amount owed on their contracts. Many of these employees were making salaries closer to the middle class than the millions that players are paid. It didn’t matter to Sterling as he was an equal opportunity employer who was willing to short change anyone.

There is a mention of a story where former Clipper assistant coach Kim Hughes needed prostate cancer surgery and instead of Sterling, his employer, paying the bill, the players had to pitch in and help out to cover the $70k cost.

In business contracts there are usually stipulations that provide the employers the opportunity to claim a breach of contract which can enable the employer to deny the rest of the money owed. We can see some cases where this does occur and the employer merely exercises their right under that contract. Sterling has seemed to conveniently find a way to do so on most occasions.

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