Serving the Clippers with a 60 day notice to vacate

PhotobucketViolation #3: Marketing campaigns

If you pick up a newspaper in any city that has an NBA team you are likely to see advertisements showing promotional ticket packages for the NBA team in that city. The Clippers are no different as they have done the same over the years. Prior to them getting a legitimate star like Blake Griffin, the Clippers used a similar marketing strategy that many teams employed by using NBA stars to attract people to their games. Except the Clippers wouldn’t use their stars as they were in short supply or nonexistent.

In these advertisements you would see the Sacramento Kings showcase Chris Webber, the Golden State Warriors highlight Run TMC and Orlando Magic center it all on Shaquille O’ Neal.

The Clippers at that same time, would use those same players like the Kings’ Webber, Warriors Run-TMC and the Magic’s O’Neal in their marketing campaign.

The message being sent out to the Clippers fan base and all to see is that our team stinks; we weren’t able to acquire any marketable stars, but come watch all the other teams’ stars stomp on our players for 48 minutes of one-sided basketball.

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