Serving the Clippers with a 60 day notice to vacate

PhotobucketWhere do the four violations fall under in this supposed lease agreement that I believe the Lakers should enforce?

How about under the Not becoming of an NBA franchise stipulation. While teams can’t win every year, or be as successful as the Lakers, they are expected to compete and make a run at some point of their existence.

While NBA owners are under no obligation to spend their profits solely on the betterment of the team, they are expected to operate in a way that represents the team and NBA in a favorable light. The Clippers’ owner has failed at this and done so miserably.

The Clippers futility is a product of the owner’s team mismanagement and flagrant business practices.

Forget not becoming of an NBA franchise, but what about not worthy of bearing the city name of Los Angeles?

As I soon work to serve my squatters with the required 60 day notice to vacate, I call for the Lakers to do the same to their squatters, the Clippers.

These deplorable acts should be penalized to the maximum extent allowed by the laws of the State and the Lakers as the de facto landlords of L.A and Staples should serve the notice of eviction.

Once the 60 days have expired, the Sheriffs should storm the Staples Centers and remove any remnants of the Clippers futile existence in the building. The building should be tented, fumigated then thoroughly cleaned to remove the stench of losing that has filled the air during their use.

Where the Clippers go after that is really of no concern to the Lakers but we would hope it lies somewhere outside of the L.A. borders, like Dubai.

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