Some Believe Sides Could Strike Deal Before Deadline

Although no new collective bargaining agreement was signed after Tuesday’s labor meeting, many close to the situation still believe the sides made major progress. The session focuses solely on solving the financial issues, and analysts have commented on the closure of the once large monetary gap.  The owners and union have nearly closed their $8 billion gap, are only about $80 million separate.

Ken Berger from CBS Sports wrote: “With each percentage point of BRI worth about $40 million, the two sides — who were at one time $8 billion apart over 10 years — are now a mere $80 million apart in the first year of a new deal. So you can see what the two sides saw Tuesday — the road to a deal that, in its final form will be better than the alternative of missing a substantial portion of the regular season.

The two sides have repeated often during these weeks of excruciating negotiations that the calendar is not their friend. But with a deal potentially within reach, they could well be on speaking terms with the calendar by Sunday.”

Now that the sides have closed their gap substantially, a deal could be struck prior to Monday. The fact that the sides are very close to agreeing on economic terms, the cancellation of regular season games will be pathetic. A new CBA is in site, and and only two-three percents stand in the way of saving a full NBA season.

Chris Sheridan Hoops: It is now Players: 53, Owners 50, in terms of the split of revenues.

In other words, they were separated by eight percentage points at the beginning of the day; three percentage points by the end of the day (although the players argued that the proposed 50/50 split was a mischaracterization, something Stern vehemently disputed).

I’ll repeat that: From eight to three.

Are we really supposed to believe they won’t be able to find a way to meet in the middle on the financial issue — as well as the remaining systemic issues — between now and the end of the weekend? C’mon.

Although many people do not share this type of optimism, all signs point to a potential deal before Monday. If the sides put their egos aside and focus on saving the season, they could sign a new deal. Meetings may not have been scheduled, but you can expect communication between the parties if they are indeed only two percents apart. Ken Berger later wrote that two people close to the situation said a session could actually be set for Thursday, a good sign for all NBA fans.

“But it’s a far cry from the many billions that separated the two sides initially, and it’s a gap so small that it would seem ludicrous for the sides to ditch a full season — or any of the season, really — over it,” said Chris Mannix.


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