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LeBron James was a real star during the Western Conference Finals. Together with Anthony Davis, they scored 24 out of 37 points for the Lakers in the first quarter. Did you predict that? Sports analytics experts might have.

Currently, LeBron James third on amongst all-time scoring leaders in the NBA, trailing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone (and ahead of Michael Jordan). He passed Kobe Bryant on the list in January 2020, when he scored 29 points against the Philadelphia 76ers. Karl Malone is over 2000 points ahead at the moment, but if James stays in shape and continues the trend, he has a chance to move up the top list.

Are these just stats or are they telling us something more about the games ahead?

To sports bettors, the numbers say a lot. They can be used to predict future trends, but they are also valuable for analyzing the things that just happened in the NBA.

The Importance of Statistics in Determining Betting Odds

Have you noticed that most sportsbooks set similar odds when predicting the outcome of games? They base these odds on diligent analytics, which is based on statistical data from previous games. The sportsbook has a goal to set realistic odds, which would keep it profitable after paying out the winners.

Statistics are complex, up to the level of science. It’s not just a lecture you’d learn at university and use that knowledge further on. In fact, statistics projects are among the most commonly requested assignments from a writing service for students. Analyzing a particular case and predicting outcomes will take not only knowledge but passion (and a lot of time) as well. The statisticians, who set the odds for each game, are experts. They set odds as a probability for any given outcome, based on mathematical formulas. The outcome is influenced by numerous unexpected factors, so it cannot be certain. But bookmakers aren’t trying to predict accurate results; they just predict probability in a way that would keep their organization profitable.

Statistical Elements that Help You Predict the Game Outcome

Can you just follow the hints from bookmakers and place your bets on the team that’s expected to win? This is what a Lakers fan would say: “I will never bet against the Lakers, even if they show up as an underdog.” In the best-case scenario, you should do your own statistical analysis and compare the bookmaker’s expectations to your own predictions.

Regression analysis is the most important method that assists sports fans during sports betting. Winning is the dependent variable, and all statistics recorded for the competition can take the role of independent variables. Yes; the concept is not easy to understand, so you might need to try EduBirdie to get used to it. This service connects you with expert statisticians, who can analyze the odds for you and recommend bets of good value. Through regression analysis, they will determine the connection between winning and one or more of the independent variables. They will start by identifying the factors that are strongly connected to a winning outcome. Most of the bettors can’t immediately notice these factors. When you seriously approach the process, you consider a larger volume of data.

Important Lakers Stats from the Past

If you’re looking for a collection of stats and facts that could help you elevate your betting strategy, Statista offers great resources. The complete Los Angeles Lakers 2019 dossier is prepared by Statista’s experts. It costs $495, but that’s an amount that sports fans can easily earn by placing the right bet at the right time.

Let’s list a few brief stats on the LA Lakers, so we can think if they can help us predict outcomes.

  • The list of all-time scoring leaders doesn’t consider results in the playoffs; it’s only focused on the points that players earn during the games in the regular season. If we look only at playoff scores, LeBron James climbs all the way to the top. With 6,911 points earned in playoffs, he is the leading scorer in the history of the NBA.
  • The LA Lakers franchise value can tell us a lot about the team as well. In 2010, the value of the franchise was $607 million. In 2020, the value is $4400 million. That’s a huge growth over a decade. At the moment, only the New York Knicks has a higher value ($4600 million). This detail tells us something important: this is an extremely valuable team at the moment. Money may mean nothing in different areas of life. But when it comes to NBA teams, money reflects potential.
  • There’s advanced math behind the way the Lakers play. Sure; coaches rely on their own strategies and instincts when instructing the players. However, when they implement physics, math, and statistics behind the shot selection, they can achieve better results. Researchers from the University of Minnesota proved that the most successful teams pass twice as much as other teams.

Admit it: you started appreciating statistics a lot more after reading this article. It’s not as boring as it seems to an outsider.

Contributed by: Vendy Adams is what most people would call a nerd. She loves math, statistics, and all things science. Vendy finds a way to incorporate her knowledge in daily activities. Sports analytics are definitely cool.             


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