Standing Up for Kobe: Cooling Off Yahoo’s Over-Heated Miami Fan

First of all, can I even pick on a Heat fan? Isn’t that like picking on a Bald Eagle? Endangered species are federally protected, no? Oh, Heat fans aren’t on the list yet? Good, good. I feel like I’m slaying a unicorn here at the very least, but whatever.

Walk with me, as we descend into this valley of madness in attempt to bring light to the region which apparently is devoid of actual basketball knowledge.

“In an interview to promote his involvement with the video game NBA 2K11, Michael Jordan ranked Kobe Bryant as a top 10 guard of all time. Many thought this was a defensive and arrogant slight on Kobe, but it’s actually a reasonable assessment. In light of the criticism Jordan has endured recently, and the upcoming Heat-Lakers game tomorrow night on TNT, I’d like to take to take this opportunity to side with MJ, and dethrone Kobe Bryant as the best player in the NBA and a top five player of all time, and suggest that those are distinctions he never deserved.”

See, I agree with Jordan on Kobe Bryant. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the Top 10 guards to ever play the game of basketball. What Jordan said was a factual statement, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, if you were going to tell me: Kobe Bryant is the 8th best guard of all time; I’d obviously love to take you up on that opinion.

Personally, I think Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan. I believed that Kobe would be everything Michael Jordan became. MJ was simply the right person at the right time for the league.

I’d also love to see Jordan in today’s NBA, because I promise you—he’d be remembered much differently.

These are arguments for another time; however, what guards are you going to put over Kobe Bean Bryant? I mean, all personal beef aside, who has his repertoire and skill-set? If you’re talking strictly shooting guards—it’s hard for me to think of THREE people I’d POTENTIALLY take over Kobe Bryant.

If you honestly believe Kobe Bryant isn’t a top four shooting guard in NBA history, well, our schools of thought are way too far apart to ever be reconciled.

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