Super Bowl Party Planning for Lakers Fans

It’s safe to say the eyes of Lakers Nation will drift away (at least momentarily) from the hardwood on Sunday, instead squarely focusing in on the match up between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants as they battle for football supremacy in the world’s most watched sporting event.

With kickoff rapidly approaching we thought we’d take a diversion from our normal hoops talk to prep for the big game and share a few insights for those of you planning on throwing or attending a Super Bowl party this weekend.

But we didn’t just want to spout off our own opinions on the matter. No, we wanted expert advice.But who do you turn to for such input? Well, fortunately, I was lucky enough to sit down with Ky Henderson, editor-in-chief over at

At Modern Man they’re always doing their best to provide keen insights into the male lifestyle, gadgets, fitness, sports and pretty much anything else you can think of that guys might be into. Basically, if anyone was going to be able to lay down the law concerning Super Bowl party etiquette, set up, issues of man cave, snacks and other frequently asked questions, it would be Ky.

Here’s a few insights he shared that we’d like to pass along to Lakers fans getting ready for Super Sunday.

Hope you enjoy.

If people are coming over to your house to watch the Super Bowl they’re going to expect one thing above all others: That they get to watch the game! What’s the minimum size/specs for a TV that the host should possess or rent if he plans on throwing a Super Bowl shindig?

It’s all about the size of your room. Prevailing wisdom is that you shouldn’t sit much farther away from the TV than twice the screen’s size. But as long as people can see the TV (you of course need to have a decent LCD, LED, plasma, or projection TV) you’re probably fine. What’s arguably more important is to have multiple TVs. Chances are people will be milling around in the kitchen — that always tends to happen at parties — so you should have a TV set up in there as well.

There is a classic Super Bowl viewing party dilemma: Do you extend invites to only the most die hard football fans in your peer group or is it a social event where any Joe and his girlfriend will be allotted an invitation? Put another way, what’s more important, watching the game or having a party?

Whether you make it a hard-core viewing party or a casual viewing party is totally up to you. Just make it clear to the people you invite what the vibe will be — a hardcore party, a casual party, or somewhere in between. Chances are your potential guests have multiple party options, so let them make an educated choice. Plus, that way, you won’t have anyone whining about it and annoying you.

What makes for the best Super Bowl party setting (man cave style basement, open air living room, etc…)?

Unless you’re just having a few buddies over, you should ideally have a couple of different environments set up. For instance…

(continue reading Super Bowl Party 101 over at Touchdown L.A.)

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