Teams Lakers would Love to Meet on their Way to a Ring

Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose

PhotobucketIt seems that the votes for MVP were mailed in long ago as I barely hear anyone speak of there even being a race at this point. Except for a last second rush of rationale, Derrick Rose will be your 2010-2011 NBA regular season MVP. Kobe will again be over looked for the award despite having slightly more impressive numbers, a similar team record and being the same unquestionable leader of his team. Kobe being in the league 15 years and having been routinely overlooked before despite him putting together some of the greatest individual regular season performances in NBA history will apparently not garner any additional consideration with the MVP voters.

In meeting up with the Bulls in the finals, Kobe and the Lakers would get a chance to invalidate the significance of the regular season award by stifling Rose and the Bulls on the biggest stage.

Rose has shown his worth by leading his team to the best record in the Eastern conference but it is quite another story to do the same against the best teams in the league for a pressure packed 7 game series that are presented in the playoffs.

Rose hasn’t experienced the playoffs outside of the first round or played as a favorite to win a series. Getting out of the East will be a tall task for a team being led by a 3rd year player, so if they can get to the Finals they will be facing a monumental task against the veteran laden 2 time defending champs (If the Lakers get there as well). The stage might prove to be too big for Rose and the Bulls.

It would be like taking your kid out of the kiddy pool, removing their floaters and throwing them in the ocean with strong currents expecting him to swim to shore. Rose and the Bulls will be placed in a similar situation and the Lakers would likely be the big wave to crash down and wash away the Bulls.

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